Rep. Anthony Weiner

Wow, this one is just too easy it's pitiful.  The man's name is another word for penis and he sent pics of his penis (in his tight undies, but still) and then lied about it.  Repeatedly.  What a "maroon."

What is the deal with all these politicians and their creepy sex lives?  At least the other guys aren't sending out pictures to Facebook "friends" (i.e., hot chicks who commented on his official FB site) titled "Me and the pussies" (it's a pic him and his cats).  Cute, right?


What do guys like him think?  I'm Anthony Weiner, I'm a big time politician with a stupid name, but chicks dig me, so I'm going to send out crotch pictures to all the ladies on my Facebook list.  What a douche.

And then he lies about it and tells the world he's been "hacked."  Why would ANYONE want to hack Weiner's account and send out pictures of weiners?  Oh yeah, 'cause it's kind of funny.  But it didn't happen.  He did it.  Of course he did.

Why are we surprised?  Why are we surprised that yet another of our elected leaders of our country is going around sending out inappropriate photos to women and claiming that he "did nothing wrong"?  When will this stop?  When will men realize that NO ONE (not even your wife) wants to get an email with a close up of your schlong?  It's NOT HOT.  Women don't work that way, dumbass, besides the fact that it's completely offensive to women in general and Genette Cordova (the intended recipient) in particular.  Keep it in your pants, Weiner!  Don't be such a douche.  It's not funny, it's not sexy, and I'm betting she didn't ask to see it.  And by the way, Weiner, you DID do something wrong.  You LIED about sending the picture.  You spent endless hours telling the world that you couldn't say with "certitude" that was your penis.  B.S.!  Every man knows his own penis.  Men take inventory of their members on a daily basis from all angles.  As soon as you said that, I knew you were lying.  And I think you're still lying.  There is no way that you exchanged over a hundred emails with your FB ladiez and you didn't get ONE of them to have sex with you.  If you couldn't bed even one of them then you really suck, dude.

I'm going to have treat you like I treat my 6 year old:  Just tell us the truth now, Anthony, because the punishment is going to be a lot more severe when the rest of your lies come out.

Think about it.  Right now you've still got your job (barely), but when it comes out that you've had sex with college students and that you have a love child somewhere in Delaware or some other arm pit state, your career is going to go John Edwards style on you.  You will be ruined.

You might want to think about this one, Anthony.

UPDATE: Weiner is running for Mayor of NYC this year.  You have some BALLS Mr. Weiner.


BNM said...

Haha! I saw this on The Soup last night.. and I am with Joel every man knows what his junk looks like!

trocar.trainee said...

Taking the 'douche' factor up a notch is...*drumroll*...the wife is knocked-up when the shit hits the fan.

Sherri Spichiger said...

Guess it's the "Mark Sanford Effect".

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