This is a repost in honor of the SNOW that is coming for most of the country.

If you've been following my Facebook page, then you'll know that I'm in the midst of snOMG II. snOMG I hit us last week just after the kids had a five freaking day weekend. Now snOMG II hit us last night. Although the kids managed to make it to school yesterday, today we are home and who knows what tomorrow will bring? At this rate, we'll be heading back to school in time to get a week off for Spring Break!

Daddies Don't Deserve Medals

There is another awesome parent out there doing awesome parenting things on the internet and I'm giving this parent the slowest clap I can muster.

Have you seen this guy? I bet you have. There's a viral picture going around of a blogger dad doing his daughter's hair while holding another baby in a carrier. Ring a bell? That's because this picture is on fire.

No doubt, it's an adorable snap of a dad who is multi-tasking and getting the job done for his kids.

HOWEVER, the world is lining up to give this guy a fucking medal for the ah-may-zing task of brushing a head of hair while another kid is strapped to his chest. He may not have "asked" for it or he might not "want" it, but the internet is vomiting on themselves to be the first to congratulate him and give him kudos for going above and beyond or whatever it is that they think he's done.

I am not hating on this guy in particular. I've got nothing against him and his picture. I'm irritated with the way we're acting about his picture. I am hating on the fact that we put dads on pedestals for doing ordinary things. This is just something I've been thinking for a while and this picture is just what finally made me react.

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