Book Clubs

Heyyyy! Are you in a book club and you're reading one of my books?? First of all, THANK YOU!! Second of all, THANK YOU, AGAIN!

Would you like to me to chat with your book club? Because I would totally do that. But only for YOU and YOUR book club. There are a couple of ways we can do this:

1. I can show up at the door. Seriously. If your book club meets somewhere in a 60 mile radius from Kansas City, I will put on pants and go and visit you. I'll deface your books with my scrawl and I might even bring cookies or something. (Store bought, of course.)

2. I can Skype with you. This one's cool, because you won't know if I'm wearing pants or not. I'll hang out online with you guys and we can chat and whatnot.

3. I can do an online chat room thing with you. Some book clubs have private Facebook or Google+ groups and I can come in there and chat totally pants-less.

4. Hmmm...I don't know if there's a 4th way. If you have an idea, let me know and let's figure it out together.

Contact me at jenthroatpunch at and let's find a date that works!

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