Me Because I'm a Crappy Friend

One of my old friends came into town to visit her family and she emailed and asked if I'd have time to see her tonight.  Of course!  I cleared my schedule and went out for a fun night on the town with my good friend.  It was wonderful to see her.  We laughed a lot and traded stories about hubbies and kiddos and made fun of our waitress (who checked on us no fewer than 25 times - Yeah we got everything we need, Sugar/Sweetie/Honey/whatever you want to call me this time around!).

I got home tonight and I kept the Hubs up for an hour regaling him with stories that my friend had told me and going on and on about how good it was to see her again.

Then I logged onto Facebook for one last check to see what everyone was doing at 12:30 am and that's when I saw FB's helpful little blurb on the right hand side reminding me of today's birthdays.  Who do you think was on the list for today??  My friend.  The friend I'd just spent 3 hours with.  The friend who was far too sweet and kind to remind me that I'd forgotten her birthday.  Are you freaking kidding me??

Thanks a lot, Facebook!  All day long I checked FB on my phone and never logged in on my computer!  I never saw it was her birthday.  This doesn't excuse me for being an ass, but I'm still going to blame FB a bit.

FB tailors my advertisements to fit my status updates, don't you think they have the technology where they can read the email from my friend inviting me out tonight and cross reference her name with the names on my birthday list and then send me a text message saying, Hey dummy, it's your friend's birthday tonight, you might want to say something to her!

Nope, they don't have that feature.  Bastards.

OK, I've just been reminded that technically right now is TOMORROW from when we went out and it's her birthday NOW and so I didn't actually miss her birthday.  Apparently, I'm an idiot who can't figure out what time of day the calendar changes.  But still....not cool.

I really need a better system for birthdays.  I forgot the Hubs birthday once too.  The sad thing is, if you forget my birthday I'm a psycho so you'd think I'd make everyone else's a priority.  Nope.  I'm a bastard.

Sorry friend!  It was wonderful to see you and catch up (even if I didn't get to sing Happy Birthday) and I miss you terribly and I wish you still lived close by.

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