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Let me begin this post by saying that I get why this woman was upset.  It's disappointing for you when your child is disappointed, because he/she doesn't make a team.  I've been there.  Why do you think I started this blog?  Writing is soooo much cheaper than therapy and court fees.

That being said, this chick is NUTS and I am nothing like her.

I went to my kid's baseball game last night and I got pissed while I was at the game.  I was irritated because I felt like my kid's team was slighted.  My kid plays on a Bad News Bears type of team (before they were good, that is) and they get their asses handed to them regularly.  The kids don't care though.  In fact, they don't even realize that the other teams are much better than them.  Our boys go out there and they have a great time.  What they love the most about a game is being up to bat (what kid doesn't, right?).  So when they play another team, they finally get a chance to get up to bat and play against another team.  They love that.

Last night our rag tag group of 7 (we only have 12 or so total and I don't think we're ever had a complete team yet - our group, myself included, really doesn't take the whole "schedule" thing too seriously) played against a 15 player "machine team" with fancy uniforms right down to their striped socks.  (Side note, my kid's cheapo looking baseball uniform cost me 55 bucks, so I can only IMAGINE what these parents shelled out for their fancy duds.  Probably as much as these parents.)  Someone (the coaches, I assume) decided we wouldn't play 3 outs, we'd go through the entire batting line up to give everyone a chance to bat.  The same genius decided the coaches could give the kids 5-7 tries to hit the ball.  We have one hour and fifteen minutes to play.  You do the math.  The larger team got up 3 times to bat and our team got up twice (if they'd held it to 3 tries to hit the ball, we would have all had 3 times up to bat).  Our team spent three quarters of that game watching the other team's batting practice and sliding into home plate practice (they all slide, even if it is not necessary).  I felt bad for my kid standing out there chasing balls.  The parents in our stands were grumbling a bit, but no one said anything.  You could tell we all decided that as long as the kids were having fun, who cares.

The game ended and every single mother asked her son, "Did you have fun??"  And every single boy replied, "Yeah!"  We all smiled at each other and left...biting our tongues all the way to the car.

THAT'S how it's supposed to be done, Janet!  You don't threaten the coach and his KID!  You moron.  You don't make up accusations that the coach is molesting kids!  You stupid skank.  What did you think was going to happen?  Did you think anyone would believe your load of horse shit?  I thought I had some rage issues, but you really take the cake, lady.

WTF is wrong with these mothers?  It seems like every year or so it crops up that some classy broad (or gentleman, let's not forget the doting dads) attends her kid's pee wee football game and ends up dropping the F-bomb all over the field or brawling with the other team.  What rock do these people live under?!?  I think behavior like this stems from immaturity.  We took the 4 year old girl to the boy's baseball game a few weeks ago.  He struck out and my princess yelled, "Come on!  You can do better than that!!"  If she knew to say "you idiot" she probably would have added that in too - the tone was there.  She's 4. That's how a 4 year old reacts - not a 44 year old.

Don't get me wrong, I can drop the F-bomb as well as anyone else, I just choose not to do it at children's soccer games.  ("Move your fucking ass, Kayleigh!  You guys suck.")  Kids play sports to learn how to get along with one another, to take turns, to have a good attitude when you're winning or losing and to learn a healthy lifestyle.  The kids do a better job than the parents.  The kids are out there encouraging one another and supporting one another, maybe the parents could learn a lesson from THEM.

This just makes me hope and pray that my kids end up on the Math Team and the Chess Club, because you never hear about those parents duking it out.

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pj said...

I'm soooo with you on the parents at games! My girl is on the 4/5 soccer team, and it amazes me when there's always that ONE parent freaking out. They're FOUR! Of course they're more interested in jumping into the mud puddle than in winning!

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