Weekly Wrap up 2.24.12

Fairly uneventful week this week.  Lots of good comments though, so that's always fun since I'm a comment whore.

Top Read Posts:

Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today - This is just one of my typical keep-your-hands-off-my-uterus-and-I'll-keep-my-hands-off-your-boner-pills rants.  I heard lots of voices on this one and I was interested in reading all of the comments.  It can get pretty nasty out there in the comments section, please try not to attack one another too much, would ya?  We've all got our opinions and we all feel strongly, but we're never going to convince one another if we're calling each other names.  I don't care if you're liberal or conservative, ALL women should sit up and take notice that our rights to choose what's best for us is being infringed upon and we should ALL be nervous about that, because who knows what's next?  

More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook - After the girl power rant I thought this would be a funny, little laugh fest, but of course, a few Debbie Downers got all pissy.  What gives?  It's funny, because it's true.  It's funny, because we are ALL guilty of this stuff.  You gotta laugh at yourselves, people.  Life is too short to be such a sour puss.

The Craziest Conversation I've Had With My Children in a While - Gomer and Adolpha go on a car ride with me and discuss their futures and I try not to drive into the ditch.

The People We Met at the Soccer Game - We went to a really fun soccer game and had a great time people watching.

How Best to Control Your Kids - The Hubs is baaaack.  The Hubs had this idea that he wanted me to write about.  I tried to write it and it turned out terrible.  He read it and tried to fix it and then he started talking about incorporating The Force and Darth Vader and I just said, "You know what?  I think you'd better write this, because I haven't got a clue what you're getting at."  He did a darn good job for his second time at bat - even the Star Wars reference finally made sense to me!  

My Favorite Comments of the Week (and my responses):

I'm with you on this! I couldn't believe the "panel" they lined up to discuss this issue. I'm Catholic and I'm totally embarrassed that this has become basically a fight between my church and the government. Hey, if you are willing to accept federal money, then you have to play by their rules. It's simple. And besides that, every Catholic woman I know who is my age (42) or younger is or has been on birth control at some point. The Catholic church is so out of touch with their congregation. I wish they'd fight for the poor and hungry with as much vigor as they are for this issue that takes away women's rights. Ahhhhhhh! on Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today

You're absolutely right - imagine what they could do for the poor and hungry.

What do you think would happen to the divorce rate if married couples stopped having sex except for the times they were trying to conceive? Don't have sex is the worst argument for this debate I have ever heard!  on Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today

I agree totally, but don't tell the Hubs it's the worst argument I could get a week of uninterrupted reading if he believed this.

Any person, man or woman who would dare try to tell me what to do with MY body would get a punch in the throat. I strongly feel that the government needs to stay out of the health care issue completely. I feel as though all companies needs to be responsible enough to cover the costs of birth control ... there are enough unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. The cost to cover birth control is far less than the cost to cover a birth & hospital stay. Women all over should be outraged & should be opening up their mouths.. & to the moron who said "put an aspirin between our knees".. go f*** off!!!  on Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today

I'm normally a Republican voter as well but I am absolutely horrified by the current pick of candidates. Between this issue, gay marraige and my hate of Obama, I think I'll be staying home on election day because I don't want any of them. on Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today

Why aren't more women upset with GOP candidate Rick Santorum's comments on women, rape, and pregnancy? He has stated that women who become raped should make the best of a bad situation and consider no option other than raising the baby. This douche canoe is giving chucklhead Mitt Romney a serious run for his money in the primaries. If douche canoe becomes the candidate against Obama you would think someone so radical would not win but not unless people's voices are heard. I am a man, but I am husband to a wife, a son to a mother, a brother to 2 sisters and aspirin asshole and sack of shit Santorum pisses me off. So, I know they must piss women off in that deep soulful angry way Adele is always carrying on about! Let's get fired up! Or if Santorum wins this Afghanistan war veteran and his family are going to move to Barbados (let's face it-its a little more original than stomping off to Canada, it is chill without being chilly, and it is actually a different country, not America Lite!) on Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today

 I keep hoping Santorum and his popularity is a nightmare and I'll wake up soon.

This mandate is about more than just getting the Catholic Church to pay for birth control. It's about taking away our freedoms. Everyone should be concerned about this. I am not a crazy conservative, but I am a conservative and I totally support the teachings of the Catholic Church. I live my faith otherwise why call myself a Catholic? on Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today

Jenn, you're losing me with political views and non-lesbian girl crushes.....lesbian girl crushes I understand but non-lesbian girl crushes are just creepy....I read your blog to laugh at your sarcastic humor.....not to hear that you want to force people to do things that go against their religious beliefs and have a crush on Tina Fey on Why it Sucks to be a Woman Today

Don't know what to tell you.  This is who I am.  See ya.

Every time I post about this topic, I lose Facebook and twitter followers. Not that I care as I don't need those people following me, but the point is - people are living in the 1800s. This is a war against women, make no buts about it - anyone who tells you different is blind. But I will say, I speak with my pocketbook. I donate to Planned Parenthood and other related reproductive organizations. I proudly identify myself as feminist and get irritated when other women are like "Oh we have our rights now so why do you keep fighting and complaining". I say shame on any woman who doesn't fight for their rights - esp reproductive. I think many women are brainwashed to aspire to be like Paris Hilton and all those braindead wastes of space on reality tv. WAKE UP people. on Why It Sucks to be a Woman Today

My goal is to find a way that your column can replace my "People" magazine as bathroom reading. That is the highest of compliments! on The People We Met at the Soccer Game

That is high praise indeed.  

Guess "older" 50 year olds can't go to a soccer game without kids? What's with that comment? I'm in my 50's and if I want to go to a scoccer game or any other event I will. Sorry, but that comment want me to PYITT. on The People We Met at the Soccer Game

That's not at all what I said.  I said was she was an older woman at a family-friendly event and she didn't seem to like kids being seated around her and it confused me as to why she was there if she didn't like kids around her.

This is exactly why I avoid the general public. I rarely eat out any more, I watch movies from the comfort of my own home, and I try not to attend ball games (especially football games - the annoyance level is way above what I can handle). Sorry your family fun night was ruined by the self-absorbed. on The People We Met at the Soccer Game

Our night wasn't ruined at all.  We had a great time and we will definitely be back.  If nothing else, I need another souvenir ball and it was great people watching.

Interesting...your kids blog names In my mind match your kids conversation. When I hear Gomer I think of the Andy Griffith show. When I hear Adolpha I think of a super cool independent chick in NYC. I absolutely love your blog and can't wait for a few minutes alone from my three kids to read it and laugh my ass off! on The Craziest Conversation I've Had With My Children in a While

My daughter and son are the same.  MY son asked me when you should have a child and I said "When you have an education, a career, a nice house, 6-9 months of savings and a great marriage" and my daughter blurted out "So a kid can come and ruin all that!"  Touche, Mary, Touche. on The Craziest Conversation I've Had With My Children in a While

How about the people who create Facebook profiles for their animals and/or children and then post status updates in the voice of their said animals/children. Here is an actual example from a dog (who has twice as many friends as I do) profile: "we had a couple hours of winter yesterdays wit da snow blowing just a lil bits. today we back to warm and sunny. tinks me and Macy will hangs out outside all days. dat ok wit youz momma?" Gag me with a spoon. on More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook

Yeah, your friends are crazier than mine.  I have nothing like that.

OH SHIT. I'm a twitter-er/facebooker (they're connected) AND I'm a hashtagging WHORE. However, I can admit that I have a problem. =) I do not generally post dinner pictures, although I have been known to post pictures of candy or doughnuts!!!! Um AND I check in. Wow, I surely did hit many of the items on your list. Please excuse me while I got stab myself in the temple with a letter opener now. on More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook

Yikes...I'm guilty of most of that to one degree or another...except the Hashtags, sonogram pic and ass kissing...but I've been known to check-in, post scripture AND upload a picture of my dinner all at the same time...guess I'm a bit of an over achiever...:)  on More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook

hate to add to the list... but bloggers who post the link to the same blog at different times of the day... on More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook

You didn't "hate" to add that to the list.  How slow is your feed that I'm clogging it up with 2 posts a day of the same blog post?

I happen to appreciate that one because I am usually a "late-nighter"! on More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook

Bwahahaha. Guilty of a few of these. Happy to give you blog fodder. I can't pretend my life is more interesting than mundane things like the awesome dinner I made or all the errands I managed to get done. Seriously, though, what IS a good FB status? (besides sharing a link to your blog, of course)  on More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook

There are no appropriate FB updates (except links to my blog is correct).  We are all guilty of these things.  I talk about laundry all the time, I don't photograph food, because I don't cook, but I do post a lot of pics of my kids being "cute."  I comment on the weather, I link news stories that interest me, I don't post scripture, but I've been known to post silly inspirational stuff.  The truth is, as much as it "annoys" me, I can't get enough, I am constantly checking people's updates just to see what's going on and what I'm missing.

Here's what confuses me- Facebook asks for a status update. If my current status is doing chores, or hanging out with my daughter, or one of the hundred other things that "annoy" all of you- why shouldn't I post that? If you're so sensitive that you can't handle reading someone's status updates without flying into a rage get the fuck off FB. on More People Who Post More Annoying Things on Facebook

No one's in a rage.  I'm just poking fun.  Chill.

I used bribery last night to get my Kindergartner to do her homework. The "reward" 15 minutes on my elliptical machine.  I only wish something could motivate me to to get on that thing. Oh well, at least it is getting used by someone. on How Best to Control Your Kids


Tiffany said...

I absolutely love that you address your comments, good and bad. I had a FB "friend" absolutely lose her shit because I shared your blog about the Valentines overachievers. I did it because in some capacity, I'm one of them! People need to chill out and realize that most of the time, we're laughing at ourselves too. Keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

I shake my head sometimes when I read posted comments becaus it seems people don't get a joke. Hi, this blog is fun, not serious. I use it to pass time when pumping milk to feed my own Gomer. I need to relax and laugh when I'm doing that, not get all worked up!

BTW - my "favorite" FB status update is when people post that they are so busy... drives me insane: I'm so busy, but I'll take a few minutes to update my FB status. And, the Lin-sane photo... i spit out my water when I read that. Her parents must be very proud! :)

Spirit of Hope and Kindness Awards said...

Thank God we are able to poke fun of ourselves, our world, our lives. Life is tough, laughing helps.
You amaze me at your thick skin. I would be in tears at half of these comments. I love what you do..I appreciate what you do. Thanks for taking up this nonpaying pastime. xo

Becky said...

I happen to know someone who has a blog written from the perspective of their dog. WTF?

My other FB complaint, the one that will make me defriend you? Overuse of LOL. My kid actually used that at the bus stop the other morning and I threatened to disown her, since she's not on FB and I can't defriend her.

Anonymous said...

Beyond everything else the FB status that annoys me tge most is the vague booking drama queens. Stuff like "OMG can it get any worse??" "WTF!!" and "fml". And then the dumbass friends who frantically respond with "what's wrong???" and "you ok girl??" Every. Single. Time. Only to be ignores by the original poster who gives no further details. I want to set these people on fire. But I just unfriend them instead and watch my friends list dwindle away as I get rid of more and more stupid people who I can no longer tolerate. At this point some dog facebookers would be refreshing. I love my dog.

Anonymous said...

Facebook "asks" for a Status Update? Is that some sort of log in requirement? Rule of thumb: Before you VOLUNTARILY update your status (FB will not self-destuct if you keep your thoughts to yourself), ask yourself "WTFC?" If you are the only one that cares, DELETE.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes! I HATE the vague posts!

7th Grade Language Arts - Mrs. Clark said...

Sorry, I didn't read all the comments about your "facebook posts" post, so this may have already been pointed out, but it drives me CRAZY when people "post" to their dead relatives/friends. One of my friends posted a little poem about fathers with the comment "miss you Dad" ok.....so there IS fb in heaven???? awesome!

jennie k. diller-daniels said...

how about you just hide those posts? because for some people, it makes them feel better about the loss of their loved one. it might just start a conversation with other people that were touched by that person and share some memories. that is a little in sensitive of you to say. i understand that is your opinion, but there is also a thing called tact, and you have not shown it.

Anonymous said...

It creeps me out more when people post AS the dead people. I've seen FB comments from people that I know died already, so their family is apparently logging on as them and typing as if they're still here. Skeery!!!!

Anonymous said...

I post on a friend's page sometimes and he passed away last year, but my panties aren't in a wad about what Pam said. Chillax.

TNMom said...

Love it Jenn, and I must say I've not been the same on fb since reading your fb shit. LOL. I say "here is my annoying check in and annoying bragging about working out..." Haha! I do most of it, but I take all this as a funny joke. I reposted it and one of my "friends" was complaining about people that post kid stuff. My thing is - that's what I use fb for, I'm not here to entertain people that went to my high school. If you wanna be entertained go read "People I want to punch in the throat!"!!!

XX with 3 XYs said...

I just have to say that I get so frustrated at those who read what you write incorrectly and get pissed... people need to make sure they are comprehending what they are reading before they post nasty responses! And, can those of you who are taking the blog so seriously please get a sense of humor! Most of what Jenn writes is just for fun/ a laugh... if you don't like what she writes, stop reading it!

jennie k. diller-daniels said...

oh yeah, i had one of those last week. my cousin thought i had said something about her and it was to my brother. she deleted me from her fb, called me and left a nasty voice mail. i called her back without listening to my voice mail-i actually hate it-to see whose # i was calling-i didn't have her new #-and she goes off on me saying 'you don't listen to your voice mail do you?' then she goes off on me without getting a word in edge wise. i called her 3 times to find out what the hell she was talking about and finally on the 3d time she calmed down enough to tell me what the hell happened. in the end she read what i read wrong and she apologized for flipping the freak out about what i had said. she added me back onto her list.

Anonymous said...

My favorite FB update to date of my "friends".... "pushing now.". Yes - pushing. Not as in the cart at the grocery store, but as in a baby out of her body! Seriously?! Just let me know when your little Gomer is here and what the stats are...I do NOT need a to the minute play by play!

Marcella said...

I love the weekly wrap-ups! :)

Jenn, you know I love you girl, but you HAVE to get rid of the Capatcha. I promise you, you won't get spammed to death, and you may get a lot more comments. It's such a pain in the ass and I lovingly want to punch you in the throat every time I forget about it and lose my comment...or type it in wrong 3 times. :)

Jenderella said...

I'm so happy to see how many people agreed with us Jens (yes, since we are both named Jen I have made you my bff in my head and we're now known as "The Jens" lol j/k) and are outraged that there are people trying to STOP the government from forcing businesses like the Catholic Church to provide birth control. I'm sorry, but it's long overdue.
And I'm so guilty of so many of the annoying fb things you and others mentioned. Although I hate the animal posts as well. (I know people who have pages for their dogs, I simply chose not to friend the dogs. I also have a friend who has a page for his car. And since his car is a girl, his relationship status says he's "in a relationship" with "her". lol HER I friended. (She rarely posts, and when she does it's not retarded baby talk like the dogs...)How annoying are the couples who do a fb page together though? "Joe & Randi Shmo" Seriously? Gag me with a forklift. Be individuals people.

Unknown said...

You posting are wonderful and informative.

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