Wrap Up 2.3.12

Top Read Posts This Week:

Rules for Parents of Daughters - This one went viral a couple of weeks ago and is still hanging on to the top spot for this week.  Thanks for continuing to share!

Newt Gingrich AKA "King of the Douche Canoes" - This one was my take on the nauseating idea that at least 3 women climbed into Newt's crumb-filled bed.  I tried not to get political in this one, but commenters decided to make it political anyway.  Lost a few people in the process.  Eh.  Silly ninnies who can't read clearly.  Either that or they find Newt hot.

Sh*t Kids Say - This is a list of funny shit my kids and other kids have said to me.  The comments are hilarious on this one and really deserve a read.

Me - In the Carpool Lane - Yeah I wore jammies to school.  Not the drop off line - but to the afternoon pick up.  You got a problem with that?

The Fam at an All You Care to Ea Salad Bar  - The proprietor lost money that day.

The Hubs went Someecard crazy this week and made a bunch of cards.  Did you see them?

Oh yeah, Gabrielle got a boat magazine.  Of course!!

My Favorite Comments (and my reply, if any):

My hubby makes me take an empty purse stuffed with Ziploc bags in it when we got to the all you can eat buffets! He not only wants to gorge himself there but he wants us to eat from it for the next couple days!!! on The Fam at an All You Care to Eat Salad Bar

Lol, All of these are great! When my daughter was in Kindergarten, her teacher said something about being happy that Valentines day was coming up, because she LOVES chocolate. My then 5 year old looked at her and replied, "Yeah, we can tell you love chocolate. Maybe you should not eat so much, you are getting kind of chunky." The teacher decided then was a good time to announce to the class that she is expecting a baby.....story over, right? Then my child yells out "You know that baby's gonna come out of your vagina, right?!" Call home. on Sh*t Kids Say

I knew it was time to lose weight when my best friend's six year old walked up to me and patted me on the stomach and said, "you're gonna have a baby!"... I'm a guy.  Time to lose weight. on Sh*t Kids Say 

My 4 year old son was swinging, and every time he went up, he spread his legs out really wide. Grandma asked why he was doing this. He replied, "Because I like my penis flapping in the wind." Grandma was horrified. 

This is one of my all time favorites from my son. Mom, you look really cute in that outfit. Kinda like a chubby teenager. Um,thanks? on Sh*t Kids Say

as someone who doesn't have kids, one of the greatest joys in my life are stories about shit that my friends kids say. my top two fave are: mom, while giving her 4 year old daughter a bath - "okay stand up so I can wash your hiney." daughter stands up while mom looks away - "mom, don't forget to wash my balls." mom looks at daughter to see her holding two bouncy ball toys. mom is driving around the city looking for a parking spot for apparently too long. 6 year old daughter from the back seat - "mom. can you just park this fucking car already?" I live for that shit. oh and p.s. your blog ROCKS! on Sh*t Kids Say

my 2.5 year old is too smart for her own age... we were in the supermarket and some lady bumped into our shopping cart, and my daughter says "mommy, she's a 'Juice Bag' right?" on Sh*t Kids Say

I love your blog, but I would totally have made fun of you if I had seen you... I teach school and most of us school teacher working moms are already bitter & jealous that we can't stay at home, so when moms roll into the school in their pajamas (or better yet their tennis outfits), our eyes roll :)  on Me - In the Carpool Line
I would have made fun of myself if I saw this.  I would have come home and blogged about this woman.

ROFL! You women and your easily bruised egos! Come on now, he was getting straight to the point and not beating around the bush (ha!). Take the hint and get it waxed. on The Place That Waxed My Eyebrows Today
This comment came from a man and really got the ladies riled up.  I believe the best response I saw to him was, "Wax your ass, George!"  That sounds like someone might be giving George a clue and not beating around the bush.

I've had this happen to me and my teen daughter was with me. Her suggestion was next time to look him in the face and say, "No thank you. I'm trying to grow it out." on The Place That Waxed My Eyebrows Today

He is totally disgusting and your description of him coming at you with fish lips and what not - made me pee. LOL. Love you Jen! Devan on Newt Gingrich AKA "King of the Douche Canoes"


Spirit of Hope and Kindness Awards said...

Another awe-inspiring week. The first time I read your blog back in December I said, 'you are my new hero..' fast forward to months later - you are still my hero. You are a brilliant writer, an amazing entertainer, and you deal with the asshats that read you as graciously as you do with the awesome readers that adore you. You make your readers feel like they aren't alone in their crazy thoughts and feelings about regular every day life... Big Hugs and Admiration - DG

maarmie said...

I second that.

This Is Fifty With Lil said...

How do I "LIKE" this comment? ;)

MissMandy said...

Just FYI the link you have in this blog for the "ME-in the carpool" entry takes you to a Yahoo article about the Susan G Komen stuff that was going on this week. I am beginning to wonder if it was intentional? HA HA HA HA But Seriously, I was going to comment on the carpool entry and tell you all about the lovely outfit I wore to pick up yesterday!

perkiwindy said...

I just laughed so hard my drink shot out my nose and now it burns...THANKS! hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

you made my week by featuring my comment! rock on, Jen!

TNMom said...

YAY!!! I comment on every blog and I can finally rest peacefully knowing one of them is in a weekly wrap up / favorite comments! You seriously make me look forward to coming to work each night Jen. :)
Devan (late reader) <3

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