Harold Camping

Wow.  I'm kinda pissed.  I really could have used a break today and the rapture could have provided that break for me.

Just think:

No more mortgage.
My debts would be wiped out.  (I managed to max out the AmEx yesterday thinking I'd never have to pay it.)
No more whiny kids.
No more vacuuming.  (I'm glad I went ahead and had the cleaning lady come yesterday.  Better safe than sorry.)
No more laundry!!  (My own personal hell.)
No more $4.00/gal gasoline.
No more worrying about my job and the housing market.
No more early mornings.  (In Heaven I get to sleep in every day - and take a nap on Sunday afternoons.)
I could have missed the birthday party today at the gymnasium that smelled like feet.  (What is the deal with those gyms?  Can they not crack a window and get a breeze through there?  There is nothing more disgusting than watching your kid eat birthday cake while you inhale the funk of foot.)

Instead 6 PM just rolled on by with little or no drama - although, it did sound like an earthquake in my backseat when my kids started fighting over the loot from the birthday party.  Looks like Harold Camping made another mathematical error!

Lucky for me not much will change with this news.  I'm not like a lot of Camping's followers who sold or gave away all their Earthly possessions; who quit jobs and congregated in California outside his radio studio and waited for Jesus.  I feel sorry for these people and the ones who gave millions of dollars to Family Radio to pay for billboards and RVs to spread the word about Doomsday.  I'd punch these people too, but I truly feel sorry for them.  They put their belief into a false prophet and now they're out of luck.  Many of them will have to start over and pick up the pieces of their lives.  Many of them are doubting their faith and wondering what went wrong.  I wonder what Camping will use as his excuse this time.

How Camping can sleep at night?  Does he truly believe the nonsense that he spouts or does he know he's duping people and he's laughing all the way to the bank?  (Family Radio has over $100 million in assets.  I guess they thought they could take it with them.)  So many times you see these charlatans who prey on the weak-minded.  They spout fire and brimstone and tell them the end is near.  (Do you know how long people have been predicting the End Times??)  These guys promise salvation for 4 easy payments of $19.95 and fools line up and pay.

Well, tomorrow I'll need to pay my mortgage and sweep my floor and referee my kids - all while keeping an eye on the calendar...2012 is coming and we all know THAT is for real!

If I made you laugh, do me a favor and share my blog with a friend or two!  I won't punch you if you do!


BNM said...

haha yes you crack me up!!! I feel sorry for those people too but if they were that deep in their faith the bible says not even the son hisself knows the end days and fuck the mayans and their stupid calender i had to learn their stupid number system last semester and its all fucked up no wonder they couldn't finish their damn calender

XLMIC said...

As my friend said earlier... damn, guess I'd better get going on that laundry.

End of the world... nah. But I did feel an earthquake tonight!

Jones Family said...

LOL especially to the earthquake comment!

But seriously, if people were truly stupid enough to follow fools like this then I too feel sorry for them.

Michelle said...

I just read an article where he said he was off by the date by 5 months-- it is actually October 21. What an idiot!

Love your blog! Found it through a facebook friend.

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