Mini Punch Monday

1.  45 degree weather in May!
2.  6 year molars on a 4 year old.  This child will hit puberty at 7!
3.  People who buy stuff from me on Craigslist and then want to return it.  (This is not effing Nordstrom's, lady!)
4.  Parents who complain that school is taking too much time from their children's extra-curricular activities.  WTF?  Isn't school supposed to be the priority here?
5.  Me - for letting my kid sign up for baseball.  Holy balls, this schedule sucks.
6.  Title companies, lenders, and appraisers who screw up my closings.  Of course, these are not my usual vendors and that's why my deals are getting screwed up.  I have my favorites for a reason!
7.  Me - for being such a control freak about stupid stuff.
8.  Old bitties who won't get out of the real estate business.  This economy has done a good job weeding out a lot of the losers, but the old bitties just keep hanging on and making my life miserable!!
9.  People who send e-card thank you letters...for a wedding present!  This is a reader-submission, so I can't speak from experience, but I can say that's pretty bad.  You can tell me you're going green, you can tell me you're saving trees, blah, blah, blah.  My response will be, Yeah, me too.  For your wedding I planted a tree in my yard in your honor.  I'll email you a picture if you'd like.
10.  Shelton High Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith for reversing her decision and allowing James Tate to go to prom.  Chicken.
11.  James Tate and anyone else who thinks HMU (hit me up) is a romantic way to ask a girl to prom.
12.  Jeff Probst.  This one is for the Hubs.  I'm not sure why he hates him so much.  No one else rocks a safari shirt like Probst.  Maybe the Hubs is jealous because he has the best job in the world.  We LOVE Survivor.

1 comment:

Selena said...

I hate Jeff Probst too. No real reason, I just want to slap him whenever I see him.

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