Some People I DON'T Want to Punch in the Throat

I'm pretty excited this week because my little blog is starting to gain some ground.  It started yesterday when I was at a child's birthday party.  I was hanging out with a group of moms and one of them spoke up and said, "You guys need to read this blog I just found.  It's hilarious.  It's called People I Want to Punch or something like that."

I said, "It's called People I Want to Punch in the Throat."

She said, "Yes!  That's it!  It's so funny."

"Thanks," I said.  "I write it."

"YOU do??"  She was shocked.  You can tell she's someone who never thought I was funny in real life.  That's OK, I get that a lot.  I take a while to warm up in person.

This was the first time I've ever heard a stranger talking about ANYTHING I've ever written (positive or negative) and I was pretty pleased.  I even blushed.  (I hate being so damn pale!)

Then today, I was looking at my blog stats (I'm a tad obsessed with those suckers) and I noticed I was getting a lot of traffic from Annette FunnyJello's blog.  I had not had a chance to read Annette's post yesterday so I didn't realize that she'd told her followers that she'd like to invite me to a picnic and be BFFs - read the post, it's really funny.

This is the first time I've ever been mentioned on anyone's blog, so I'm really psyched about that too.

I feel a little bit like Sally Field right now.  I know, I know.  I'm an idiot.  I'm a conceited idiot who likes to be validated by strangers.  I own it.  You can punch me for it.  I'm OK with that.  When I started this blog a couple of months ago I was sure that only my mother and the Hubs would read it.  I knew my mom would like it (what DOESN'T she like that I do?) and I figured the Hubs would give "constructive criticism" and we'd end up fighting (NOOO, I don't want to punch Julian Schnabel.  I don't care that he's an ugly whore!)

OK, now I gotta get back to work and punch someone - NOT punching people isn't very fun!


BNM said...

your blog needs to be out there you are hilarious :D

Sandra said...

Oh gosh we all love ourselves some validation! Congrats on your success! Much more to come!

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