Kerry Campbell/Sheena Upton

What is wrong with our world?  Why would ANYONE agree to go on national television and lie to the world about subjecting your child to painful Botox treatments?  Why would you force your child to lie as well?  All for $200??!!  AYFKM??

I was mad when I heard the story the first time and now I'm furious.  I was totally duped.  I believed that crazy woman and her crazy story.  How stupid am I?  I was a little suspicious because the little girl didn't quite fit the pageant bill, but I thought No wonder she's struggling, she's not your typical pageant type. I was a little suspicious of the mom's creds and how she managed to get her hands on the Botox.  But again, I figured, I don't really run in black market circles and I'm sure you can find all kinds of crazy stuff if you know who to ask.  I still believe there is a seedy underbelly to the whole kiddie pageant world and my guess is you can get all kinds of crap you wouldn't believe.  I'm pretty sure Brittanie's mom is looking into Botox as we speak.

I'm curious how this even happened.  How did a British tabloid find an American patsy who would do this for $200?  Why did the tabloid even want to do this?  It's just such a bizarre story all around.

No wonder the little girl needed so much coaching from her mom as to why she wanted Botox!  The little girl was lying through her teeth because mommy told her to.  Unfreakingbelievable.

I was mad at Kerry Campbell for being a terrible mother, injecting her daughter with Botox and letting her talk to the press about wanting boobs and an acting career.  Now I'm mad at Sheena Upton for being an idiot, forcing her child to lie on national television, losing custody of her daughter and now saying she didn't even KNOW what Botox was until she was approached by the Sun.  Yeah, she's still a terrible mother.

It's really making me think the tabloids lie.  I believe that Dracula Boy exists and Oprah and Gail are secret lovers.  I might have to get a second opinion on both of those now.

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