Kerry Campbell AKA "Mom of the Year"

By now you've probably heard all about Kerry Campbell, the mom who gives Botox to her 8 year old daughter because she has "wrinkles" and needs to stay ultra competitive in the high stakes world of children's beauty pageants.  WTF is wrong with this woman?

You know how I feel about the pageant kids and parents who name their kids Britney and parents who let their kids call all the shots, so it's probably no surprise this dumbass is getting the punch today.

So let's break this down.  Britney is competing in beauty pageants and realizes that she isn't winning because she has wrinkles?  (BTW, those are called dimples, sweetie, and you're supposed to have them.)  She complains to Kerry and tells her she doesn't look pretty with all these wrinkles.  Does Kerry tell her she's beautiful and she shouldn't worry so much about her looks and rather should focus on being a kind person who BEHAVES beautifully?  Does Kerry tell her that obviously the pageant world is affecting Britney's self esteem and maybe she should take a break and focus on being a little girl where her biggest worry should be if she should play with Rainbow Dash or her dollhouse today?

Nope.  Not at all.

Instead, Kerry laments to the other moms that she needs a secret weapon of some kind and the more seasoned pageant moms suggest Botox.  Kerry thinks to herself, Of course!  Botox!  Why didn't I think of that?  It's perfect for an 8 year old with borderline low self esteem who is already demanding a boob job and a nose job!  Let's do it!  And while we're at it, let's put hot wax on her body and rip all that unsightly hair out by its roots - it's so unladylike!  

I don't know who is more to blame here - Kerry or Britney.

Kerry is SUPPOSED to be the parent.  She is SUPPOSED to be voice of reason.  She turns around and blames it all on Britney.  "Well, Britney, wanted to do it."  Blah, blah, blah.  Of course Britney wanted to do it!  She's a spoiled rotten brat who obviously gets whatever she wants.

Kids want to do (and own) all kinds of asinine things and it's the parent's job to say NOOOOOO, over my dead body will you inject botulism into your face.  NOOOO, a four year old girl does not need Sketchers Shape Ups that tone and firm your butt and thighs!  (Yup, my kid wants those.)  NOOOO, a six year old boy does not need his own ITouch.  (Yup, the other one wants that.)

My other question is where the hell does Kerry get her stash of Botox and is she legally able to administer it??  I always thought you had to be doctor or a nurse supervised by a doctor to inject someone.  Who is supplying her and who trained her?  This stuff is dangerous if done improperly and for some reason I don't think Kerry is qualified to inject a monkey, let alone a human being.

Do you remember growing up when your mother would say "If so and so jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"  Now I feel like asking PARENTS "Hey Mom, if Amaryllis jumps off a bridge, does that mean Jaxon should too?  It sounds a bit dangerous don't you think?"

People like this should not be allowed to reproduce.  You have to jump through more hoops to adopt a damn dog than you do to have a kid.  There should be some kind of idiot test you must take before you're allowed to get pregnant.  Kerry would have failed.

It's Botox and body waxing now.  What will it be when my daughter is eight?  Clitoris and nipple piercings?  A skull tattoo inked on my son's scrawny bicep?  You think I'm joking, but just you wait.  The Shape Ups and iTouch will seem quaint.


Selena said...


I swear you should need a license to have kids. Granted, I would not have gotten one but they DO screen people who want to adopt dogs and yet any retarded asshole like this can be charged with shaping a young mind. Its pathetic.

I hope Britney loses ALL her pageants and mom has to sell her own ass to eat.

Leslie said...

lmao! Good one Selena!

Anonymous said...

This has little to do with the Botox thing and more to do with over-privileged children, which you definitely touched on, and is something I will be addressing on my own blog in the near future, but A-fucking-men. It's in every child's nature to say "I want I want I want." They see something shiny and reach for it. Does that mean they need it? No. A little kid doesn't need their own cell phone/iPad/laptop/whatever. And the parents/grandparents who insist that this kid needs everything that crosses into their minds need to be bitch slapped. It's no wonder kids grow up to be little asshole when you've got people enabling them all the time.

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