Politicians and Their Love Children

Today it's Ahnold.  Or as my friend calls him:  The Sperminator.  A couple years ago it was John Edwards.  And remember Strom Thurmonds mixed-race love child?  There are even more that I can't remember right now, but it's nauseating.

What a bunch of douches  Why can't these guys keep it in their pants?  What is so dificult about zipping it up?  Why can the women do it, but the men can't?  I doubt Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton have love children out there.  I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin's and I think she's done a lot of stupid things, but I'd bet anything that all her kids are Todd's (even the littlest who people like to speculate is Bristol's).

I think the women who have children with these men and keep it quiet are idiots as well.  Who has a child with a married man and then agrees to keep it quiet because they don't want to hurt his political career?  I realize there is the idea that if Daddy doesn't stay Governor, Mommy doesn't get her hush money, but still!  Come one, these days a dog can get a book deal if his story is salacious enough.  I'm sure there are a ton of publishers (not to mention the execs at Lifetime who are ready to make this into a TV movie) who would pay the mother well to tell the story of how Arnold seduced her in the linen closet (or wherever their trysts took place).

I truly think there is nothing worse than an asshole with a love child.  Especially one who is a hypocrite.  Yes, yes, all men with love children are hypocrites, but I feel like some are more hypocritical than others.  Strom Thurmond was a racist for God's sake!  He was a proponent of segregation and he had a mixed-race child love child with the family maid.  John Edward's wife was DYING.  She'd have chemo treatments in the morning and then stand by his side and help him campaign in the afternoon.  He played the heartstrings on that one and meanwhile he was playing house with one of his staffers.  Ugh.

And now there is Arnold.  There have always been rumors about Arnold and his behavior towards women and he always acted so hurt and betrayed that people would make up such stories about him.  He touted what a family man he was - how he and Maria had such a strong bond.  Total and utter B.S.!  For over 10 years (reports are now saying the kid is 14) this asshat hid his relationship and child in the OPEN!  The mother worked for the family for 20 years and retired earlier this year with a nice severance package!  

Poor Maria.  Do you think Maria ever suspected?  Do you think the kid ever once made her stop for a second and think, "Hmm...that baby looks a lot like Patrick did when he was that age.  I wonder if....No.  I will not go there.  Arnie is faithful to me.  He loves me.  He would never do that to me."  Ha.

Forget plane crashes and assassinations.  THIS is the "Kennedy Curse"!  For generations the Kennedy women have had to put up with disrespectful behavior from those power-hungry, tail chasing, pathetic excuses of men that they call husbands.


Anonymous said...

The fact that this post doesn't have a single comment seems a bit criminal to me. I was going to comment on your previous dog post (not to flame; I found I actually agreed with a good portion of what you said, though my dog is actually part of the family, and when my other dog died--in my arms, no less--two years ago, it took a long time to get through it, but I digress), but then I read this one and felt that it deserved attention.

But I agree with you completely. I don't understand affairs in general, anyway. Typically, it's the guy who does the proposing, so he's the one who is showing he's ready for marriage. Cool. Then, you find out he's got a few chicks on the side. WTF? If you don't actually want to be married, don't fucking get married then. Though, most of these bastards just want to have their cake and eat it, too. Someone who takes care of shit at home, and someone to do nasty stuff with in a hotel. But the women who keep it a secret...yeah, they're pathetic. First, to agree to a long-term affair with someone is just SAD (I suppose a one night drunken fling is one thing--accidents happen, though it doesn't make it right). He totally loves you, but he just can't leave his wife right now, it's not a good time, she needs him, but you're the only one he really wants to be with, just don't ever tell anyone about it. That's got to make a girl feel special. But to then have a CHILD with this bastard, and to keep it a secret...to not tell the child any of his lineage...wow.

These people shake my already rocky faith in humanity.

Anonymous said...

first off dog is mans best friend and just because u dont like them doesnt meen the rest of the world doesnt. u shud move to china go eat some dogs :) hey you would enjoy it.. honestly this is just an opinion of yours so i dont care but i have a dog and i dont have a kid. because im young and fyi children are problematic as hell. you wanted a dog person to burn u there it is. dare you to sock me.

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