Weekly Wrap Up 7.28.12

I am getting ready to head to BlogHer next week.  The Hubs and I are hitting NYC a couple days early.  Woohoo!!  I'm so excited for BlogHer.  It's going to be so much fun!  I'll be posting a bit sporadically on here, so be sure to follow me on Twitter where it's so much easier to update than Blogger or FB.

Top Read Posts This Week:

This Lady Who Thinks I'm Invisible - There were several different angles people took on this lady's behavior, but they boiled down to: bitch (probably), snob (definitely), socially awkward (I don't think so), jealousy (I doubt it) and why do I care (you know me, I can't stand to be ignored).

Kristen Stewart - Kristen cheated on Rob.  I had an opinion about it.

Open Letter to PR Reps Who Write to Me - I really did think about contacting the "Teen Mom" and asking for an interview, but I thought that was even too bitchy for me.  Would have been hilarious though.  Might just make up my own at some point. 

Cuz'n's Trip - Ozark Style - I went "glamping" with my cousin and my kids and we met some skunks.

Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies - Whaaaat?  This little bugger hasn't been in the top posts for months now, what gives?

New Feature on the Blog:  

PIWTPITT is now available for subscription on Amazon Kindle.  This is perfect for people who can't log in on their computers every day, but don't want to miss anything.  Do you read this blog on your Kindle?  Would you like to read this blog without the ads?  Would you like to receive the blog delivered wirelessly to your Kindle?  Then this feature is for you!  You can sign up and get 14 days for free and then if you like it, it's only 99 cents a month to subscribe.  If you sign up, please let me know and give me some feedback about it.

Message Board Update:  

Have you seen The Hubs' message post yet?  He's posting lots of funny pics.  If you're not looking for funny pictures, there are lots of other good topics on the board too or you can start your own.  Did you know that when you comment on the message boards a link to your newest blog post shows up?  That is a great way to find new readers for your blog and new blogs for you to read, so join the message boards today.  It's easy and fun.

New Posts for Babble This Week:

When Did Babysitters Become Nannies?

Best Selling Product at the PIWTPITT Store:

People I Want to Punch in the Throat Notepad.  Make a list and check it twice!

My Favorite Comments (and my Replies if Necessary):

Shared this with my DD who also hates the odd couple...she said she couldn't decide if you should buy the Twilight hair dryer because you're an extreme fan or because Twilight blows... on Kristen Stewart

Maybe that's why they squint so much...they both stink to high Heaven! Ick. That shit is gross. on Kristen Stewart

So is this the blogger version of the OAM? (The brag of being so successful disguised as a complaint?) I think we owe you a punch. on Open Letter to PR Reps Who Write to Me

Uhh...which part was a brag?  The "opportunity" to interview a "Teen Mom?"  Whatever.  You let me know your blog address and I'll be happy to send them over to you.  If I was going to do a brag disguised as a complaint I'd complain that Nordstrom's contacted me and asked me to try out all their shoes this year and I can only pick 10 pairs to keep.  What a pain in the ass!  Believe me, no one is bragging over here.  You'll KNOW when I brag, because I'll tell you.  

I think she is clearly intimidated. She has issues. Forget her. You are Jen from PIWTPITT, muthafucka! on This Lady Who Thinks I'm Invisible


This Is Fifty With Lil said...

Congrats on the Kindle thing, Jen. Hope it brings in a nice chunk of change.

Tazi Kat said...

Um, yeah, I may have mentioned your Elf blog in a recent column...again....but only because it was relevant! You have to admit, this guy's got balls!
Elf on the Shelf is Back...And Causing Mischief for One Family

Tazi Kat said...

P.S. I have a Nook Tab, otherwise I would def subscribe to the Kindle thing!

SnarkfestBlog said...

I'm tagging your awesome blog with a Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you'll accept as I did when it was given to me. I just did a post on it so go to my blog for all the info. Cheers and keep blogging!

Snarkfest: http://teri-b.tumblr.com/post/28307429152/im-versatile-who-knew

Anonymous said...

That's cool that you're going up to BlogHer early. I can only go on Saturday. Hope to see you up there!

Anonymous said...

Aww but not for the Kindle Fire. :( I will subscribe if it ever becomes available for my fire!

Overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies

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