Weekly Wrap Up 7.15.12

Top Read Posts This Week:

"Magic Mike" - the PIWTPITT Review - A friend and I went to see "Magic Mike."  Apparently, I'm more attracted to the strong, naked and SILENT type.  Also, I didn't get the memo: smuggled booze is a necessity for this flick.

My Rules for MOMS at Playdates - For those of you who didn't agree with me on number 2 - we will just have to agree to disagree.

People Who Don't Speak Up for the Innocent - Joe Paterno - This was a repost from January.  When I first wrote it in January I lost well over 300 readers.  This week I lost several again, but not near as many.  I actually had one reader tell me on her way out the door that Joe Pa was "a pawn."  Are you fucking kidding me, lady?  You're an idiot.  

I really appreciated hearing from so many of you who stuck with me after January.  It meant a lot to me.

The Hubs Thinks My Readers are Hot - The Hubs enjoys looking at all my reader's profiles on Twitter - you've been warned.  

Parents Who Steal & Are Disgusting - An oldie but goody from the archives about parents of the year.

Message Board Update:

Stephanie still can't rotate her picture.  Anyone have a clue how to do this?  If you don't, there are still lots of other good topics on the board too or you can start your own.  Did you know that when you comment on the message boards a link to your newest blog post shows up?  That is a great way to find new readers for your blog and new blogs for you to read, so join the message boards today.  It's easy and fun.

New Posts on Babble:

My Kids Have the Best Grandparents in the World - Yeah, I'm Bragging

Happy 70th Birthday to Han Solo

Why Did You Give Your Child the Name That You Did?

I Need a Vacation From My Life

Why I Don't Get Offended When Someone Asks Me if My Kids are Adopted

Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Replies if Necessary):

Tell the Hubs i haven't finished the "full change" but i appreciate the compliment. on The Hubs Thinks My Readers are Hot

*wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH* We're sexy and we know it... on The Hubs Thinks My Readers are Hot

Wil Wheaton, the Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek. on The Hubs Thinks My Readers are Hot

I love this post. We can all imagine it was our pic he stumbled upon. on The Hubs Thinks My Readers are Hot

I'm hot. In flashes. ;-) on The Hubs Thinks My Readers are Hot

I just want to know why they didn't call it "Magic Johnson". I mean, the imagery is all there anyway. Isn't that basically what the movie is all about? ;) on "Magic Mike" - the PIWTPITT Review

Favorite quote in your whole rant: "Sandy and I were hoping the women would get confused and start throwing money at the screen. It would have paid for our popcorn." I litterally spit my coffee out at the screen! I loved "Magic Mike" and I WILL be investing in a copy for home. I do agreee about the whole bromance...WEIRD! Oh, and WE smuggled booze in, too! GREAT girl's night out. Definitely worth the money to see it in the theaters, once! :) on "Magic Mike" - the PIWTPITT Review

I actually really like the Kardashians. I agree with a lot of what you said about them not doing anything special for the world and damn they get paid so freakin much. But i am one of those people that watches the show all the time. Like to the point where I will watch it on demand if i happen to miss an episode. not sure what my obsession is but I like them. I belong to an all womens collective and some of our values are sisterhood, anti racism, restorative justice and I work at a grassroots non profit. I have some issues with their blatent abuse of their privilege but I love them. I cant help it. I love fashion too so part of it is that i love to see what they are wearing. And I love Chloe and lamar. A LOT! Just wanted to put that out there. i did still like your blog and i still love the kardashians and im not afraid to say it onThe Kardashians

I read your post when you originally posted it. I didn't blast you and I kept reading your posts because I was ok with having a difference in opinion (we line up on many of our viewpoints) and because I know that this is a terrible tragedy. Really, it is the worst kind of tragedy. However, I am a Penn State alum. I didn't idolize Joe Paterno, but at the same time, I know that he has done wonders for the school, donated millions back to it and to charities, and has taught many people many good things. Penn State as a university is what it is today because of him. I think I speak for many current and past Penn Staters when I say that we are extremely disappointed in the news from yesterday, and we kind of don't know how to deal with it. I think we wanted to believe that someone who supposedly had strong morals would never have done this, and we wanted evidence to prove otherwise. I think that many people have allegiance to their school and we reserve the right to have that too, on People Who Don't Speak Up for the Innocent - Joe Paterno

I didn't have to respond to this, because a reader was already on it:

Allison, this might be the post thoughtful perspective from a PSU alum that I've seen yet, and I can certainly understand that you're in mourning of the institution you valued so much as student, unknowing of the acts being covered up. I'm not a PSU fan (sorry, Pitt girl all the way), but I certainly don't think the school should be closed or the stadium leveled. That dishonors the students, alumni, faculty and staff who were always in the dark about this and worked very hard for the school to shine outside of just football. There are a lot of tough decisions the school will need to make and the football program has been discredited. But I draw the line at blaming others associated with the school who had no clue. on People Who Don't Speak Up for the Innocent - Joe Paterno

I was a a victim of sex abuse at age 8. As an emotionally healthy adult who was forever changed by abuse and as a parent devoted to protecting my own children I say "Thank you. Thank you for taking a stand even though it was unpopular. Thank you for knowing the difference between what people think is important and what is truly important and truly lasting." on People Who Don't Speak Up for the Innocent - Joe Paterno

I have felt deeply saddened through this entire ordeal. I live in PA and come from a line of Penn State alum and have always loved Penn State football and Joe Pa. I feel hurt, let down, angry, and disappointed. I desperately wanted to still look at all the "good" Penn State and Joe have done without thinking about this scandal, but I can't. As an educator I am ashamed that it wasn't clear to these people and fellow educators that Sandusky's actions needed to be exposed. The fact that this was all covered up over a decade makes this so much worse. So sad. I have difficulty explaining how deeply I feel this sadness. onPeople Who Don't Speak Up for the Innocent - Joe Paterno

That's the thing about opinions. EVERYONE has one. And just because someone doesn't agree with your opinion, they stop reading your blog? Really? Jesus, it's not like you came to their house and took a crap on their lawn. If you did that to me, yes, I would probably stop reading your blog (after rubbing your nose in it). But people seem to agree or at least enjoy reading your opinion about mostly everything else, and if they don't agree with you on this one issue, is it really worth 'leaving you'? It's their loss, not yours, Jen. on People Who Don't Speak Up for the Innocent - Joe Paterno

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Jan Goldfield said...

You were 100% right re Paterno. I can't believe he has any supporters at all. He is a sleeze and should have been arrested years and years ago.

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