PIWTPITT & The Hubs Take Manhattan

Well, it's been close to 7 years since the last time I visited NYC.  It's been 10 years since we lived here and we were pleased to see that the city still smells the same - a combo of B.O., car exhaust, subway steam, ethnic food carts and garbage.  Mmmmmm.  Delish.

The Hubs and I arrived at LaGuardia (after flying over my old apartment building - I really don't miss living in the LGA flight path AND a block away from an extremely active firehouse) and caught the Super Shuttle into the city.

There are a couple of different bus/shuttle services you can grab at the airport, but we opted for the SS since they're the only ones who drop you directly at your hotel and silly us thought that might be faster.

Our SS driver took FOREVER to get us out of the airport.  He picked us up, no problem and went to the next terminal to pick up more people. He hopped out and told us he'd be right back.  Fifteen minutes later he still hadn't appeared again.  That's when I got out my phone and tweeted Super Shuttle:

 i am on the bus waiting. Let's roll. I am ready to hop on the nyc airporter.

Yeah, the NYC Airporter is the competition.  What do you know?  The driver was back in 3 minutes telling us that he was looking for the people who called in a reservation and to please be patient. 

I don't necessarily mean to use Twitter for evil, but come on, Super Shuttle.  We waited 15 minutes for the driver with no word and then we still didn't move for another 12 minutes after I tweeted you.  UN-acceptable.  I understand that people had a reservation (as did we), but if they can't have their asses on the curb waiting, they miss the bus.  It should not be the driver's responsibility to scour the airport looking for these losers.

On top of all our waiting, we were literally the last ones to get dropped off, which made no sense when you look at a map, but whatever.  I just took a scenic ride of Manhattan with the Hubs giving commentary to anyone who would listen.  "I worked in that building!" and  "Ooh, terrible food at that place." and "Cheap pizza!  99 cents a slice!  Do you think it's any good?"

I had a feeling we'd still have some snafus before we got to our hotel.  Sure enough, the people who held us up wanted to pay by credit card (as did we).  I told the Hubs, "Just watch, his credit card machine won't work and they'll have scramble for cash."  As I told him this, I dug in my wallet for cash.  "We are not waiting for him to get his shit together, when he drops us, we're paying in cash."

Sure enough, the driver swiped that couple's credit card easily 5 times.  Finally, they had to go into their hotel and change whatever foreign money they brought with them so that they could pay him.

I know what you're thinking, "Jen, why did you take this crappy Super Shuttle?  You should have taken the NYC Airporter with free on-board wifi."  I know, but the Airporter drops you at Grand Central Station and I'm glad we didn't catch that one, because I'm pretty sure I would have been hit in the head by falling facade debris when this shit for brains decided to try and take his semi truck on a road closed to semis and sent concrete chunks raining down on the sidewalk below.  I have that kind of luck.  Super Shuttle might have actually saved me from a massive brain injury.  Thank you, Super Shuttle??

Anyhoo, we missed the accident at Grand Central, but we did get to see this one outside of Rockefeller Center:

A bus will always win.
What do you think happens when a TLC car goes head to head with a bus?  Yeah, it loses.  Crunch.

This crash made me take a second look around and see where I was.  Outside 30 Rock, of course!  

I hung around for a while hoping Tina might happen by.  I'm guessing she saw me lurking around the door and went out the back.  Don't worry, Tina, tomorrow I'll be at Stage Deli all day.  Come have a sammie with me!

Tina, are you up there?

Waiting for Tina made me and the Hubs hungry so we decided to find some dinner.  We were really in the mood for our favorite pizza joint.

Sometimes the Hubs and I dream about this pizza.  Truly.

 And then we saw it.  

TGI Friday's - the place to woo your lady.

The site of our infamous first date.  TGI Friday's.  The Hubs was totally willing to split the bill with me again, but I forgot my overalls at home so it wouldn't be as classy this time.  

Instead we opted for pizza.  YUM! 

It's great to be back in NYC, but it's even nicer to be a visitor.

The Visitor Center had all kinds of business cards, I thought they might like some PIWTPITT ones too.  I put them in the NBC spot hoping that when Tina comes to replace them, she'll see my cards.


Audra said...

Welcome to the city!!!

suebee0619 said...

Welcome back! And, for the record, the 99 cent pizza ain't bad.

re said...

I want to go NYC. Did not go to BlogHer because I'm a chicken. I'd totally eat some pizza with y'all though!

Lauren said...

Damn you, Audra...Do you know long i've been waiting to be the first commenter on this blog?! Oh well :) Safe trip Jenn and good luck stalking Tina!

Blue Rose Wife said...

My family is from North Jersey, right on the other side of the GW Bridge. I hopped off the East coast and landed in... Ohio? I know what you mean when you say that it's good to be back, but better to be back as a visitor :) Good luck in the City!

Lauren said...

That will teach me to log in to my google account prior to reading your blog!

Alicia @ Naps Happen said...

I've chosen the subway slog from JFK the past few trips, and I'm doing it again Thursday. It has its sucky aspects, but when I lived there (years ago, like you) that connection wasn't there at all, so I try to be grateful. I, too, have had past life experiences with the Super Shuttle I would love to forget!

StephHC said...

I want to go back to NYC. The last time I went I was fresh out of high school...and with my parents!! I did love it though. I wanted to move to the East Coast but was too chicken.
I am jealous and want to hear more about your adventure!!

Ummm, honey?? said...

Awww, on my first (and only) trip to NYC, I had dinner at that TGIF after meeting my cousin at the top of the Empire States building all Breakfast at Tiffany's like and sh*t. Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful (and brief)trip.

Tazi Kat said...

Enjoy your trip - to NYC and down memory lane with The Hubs! Enjoy the conference, too!

Linda Roy said...

I live in Jersey and have lived in New York - from Ohio!

Linda Roy said...

See you there Jen! Looking forward to hearing you speak at Voices of BlogHer!

Debbie Gordenstein said...

and to think you could be home watching the female Bulgarian water polo team....Jealous aren't ya?!
Good Luck!!

Erica said...

uggh I feel your pain. I was in the city today hoping to give my cousins from out of town a nice tour of NYC. The kiddies wanted to try the famous NYC pizza... we walked and walked and couldn't find a good pizza place. (we did see a sign on 48th st between 5th and 6th aves that advertised the .99c pizza! yikes!) We ended up eating at Sbarros (FAIL). My cousins kept asking if that BO, ethnic food carts and urine smell was normal in the city. :-(

Anonymous said...

Definitely opt for car service on the return trip :) worth every penny...

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I have never been to NYC. Someday!


Spirit of Hope and Kindness Awards said...

WOOT! You made it...hope tina meets you at the lunchspot! See you soon! Can't wait to smell the city..!

Blondie McBaffled said...

Big Nick's on 72nd Street in the upper west side is my favorite Manhattan eatery, and while you may not believe any place is affordable in NY, they have both great food AND good prices.

I'm hoping Tina meets you for that sammach!

Siobhan said...

Welcome to NYC. I live here, but am not necessarily a fan. Would love to be here as a visitor and return to some suburban life out in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, woe is me.

Have a great trip, enjoy your NY Pizza, you should get some bagels too. Hope Tina meets up with you soon!

imbogus1 said...

a combo of B.O., car exhaust, subway steam, ethnic food carts and garbage.....do you have a nasal condition? How could you miss the smell of urine in the mix??? WTF !! Give my home town it's proper chops!

AngelaB said...

Oohhh...take cabs as often as possible, try to get on Cash Cab!

Notes From ABroad said...

Our first date was at Serendipity :)
I am looking forward to hearing about your meeting with Tina .. snicker !

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