Wrap Up 6.4.12

Lots here, so let's get to it.

Top Read Posts This Week:

I Hear You, Tina, Loud and Clear - For Valentine's Day I wrote a letter to Tina Fey letting her know that I think we could be BFFs and I offered to buy her lunch. Surprisingly, she has not yet responded. Or so I thought! She's been communicating with me and I just finally opened my eyes so I could see it. After getting her message, I wrote this post letting her know that I know that she knows who I am. If you haven't seen the "update" take a look.  Lucky for me, Judah Friedlander (he's Frank on "30 Rock") wasn't too busy the other day and tweeted me about Tina.  My friends at Huffington Post also saw the post and they picked it as one of the best reads for the week.

Dog Pedicures - Wow, there is nothing like a bunch of dog lovers attacking one another's parenting skills. Oh wait, yeah there is, it's called Mommy Boards. I made an observation about how dumb I think nail "pawlish" for dogs is and I started a war between dog owners. Chill, people, dog pedicures and sweaters are not abusive, they're just silly.  Remember, we're laughing at ourselves here.

Exciting News - A Couple People Like Me - This was big news for me this week. I planned on attending BlogHer '12 this year in NYC and now I really have a reason to go. I was selected to be one of BlogHer's Voices of the Year. I'm super honored and excited. I'm really excited, because they DIDN'T pick Elf on the Shelf and they realized I have other funny pieces too. 

There has been a question about how I will maintain my anonymity and still accept an award. I don't think there's an actual award to be accepted. I'm not a Reader, I'm just an Honoree. Either way, I planned on attending BlogHer and I wasn't going to wear a bag over my head. If you're going, you'll get to see me in all my cargo pant and Crocs glory if you want. 

Oh and that reminds me. Apparently there are invitation-only sponsored parties at this shingdig. Of course there are. Sigh. So...hey Sponsors, I'd like to be invited to your parties (preferably the ones who will let me in the door in my Crocs). I'm interested in meeting sponsors who like my style and aren't afraid to to team up with me. Yes, I'm a tad unorthodox, but check out my stats, I will rock your brand. 

Inside MY Closet - Winner, winner, chicken dinner. This is the winner of the BlogHer Voices of the Year. BTW, I wish I would have known this when I wrote it, but apparently the Chanel bag this chick carries is affectionately called an "In the Butt Bag." I am so sheltered and naive I did not understand what that meant when my friend told me. She replied, "Duh, Jen. It's a $3,500 purse. Husbands don't just buy those for birthdays. If you want one, you've got to be prepared to take it...in the butt." Fuuuccck. I will stick with my Coach outlet purses, thank you very much. 

New Posts at Babble.com This Week:

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What Would You Do if Your Child Brought Home the "Catastrophe Award"?

Most Popular Product in the PIWTPITT Store:

The Little Bag of Crap
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The Hubs Blogged This Week:

Costco vs. Sam's Club

Zombie Apocalypse

Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Reply if Necessary):

I laughed at this post...and then it reminded me of something that happened when my oldest was about three years old...and I laughed some more. Just tell me you won't be angry that our dog was treated to tingly lip and nipple cream in strawberry flavor. Children are sneaky. on Dog Pedicures

I am sooo with you! I don't even like when people put clothes on their dogs! But my newest wtf are they thinking moment came a week or so ago as my MALE friend has been going on and on and on about the Spa package he bought his dog, Beau for his birthday including doggy massage and doggy Facial! Really? That damn dog had a better birthday than me! on Dog Pedicures

I have a feeling this is going to lead to an increase in the pawstitution rate. on Dog Pedicures

Why would someone money for something so trashy?? It reminds me of that Dolly Parton quote, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." on Dog Pedicures

OMG! I would NEVER paint my dog's nails! It would get all over the fur lining of his Uggs... duh. :) on Dog Pedicures

Thanks Jen......now I have to cancel me and my dog's joint butt-hole bleaching appointment. We were totally looking forward to it as a great bonding experience (not to mention the super cute new sphincter) LOL on Dog Pedicures

My PUNCH - People who are just realizing that your kids names are made up...really?? You were "wondering" about GOMER and ADOLPHA? If those were your real kids names, Jen...YOU would deserve a punch! LOL on Got a Punch?

Reading is fundamental.  It's like I always say, their real names are worse and I just don't want to be judged.

What in the hell are you doing wasting your time writing this?!?!?! It's obvious...get your ass on a plane and get over there. A no carb dinner and ALOT of adult beverages with Tina aren't gonna wait forever. Just make sure you wear the overalls so the doorman knows who you are, and doesn't think you're some crazy woman stalker he might have to punch in the throat. Lemme know how it goes! Muah! on I Hear You, Tina, Loud and Clear 

My wife wore coveralls on our first date... which happened to be in NYC. on I Hear You, Tina, Loud and Clear

Damn, if a McDonald's worker took notice I'm in... gotta get me some of that magic inside a bottle on Stuff I Will Pimp Out 

I know, right?  Amazeballs.

Yay! Well deserved, Jenn. Are you planning to get vajazzled for the occasion?? on Exciting News - A Couple People Like Me 

You know I will!  Already scheduled for me and my chihuahua that I'm going to rent for the event.  We'll match.  


Spirit of Hope and Kindness Awards said...

I love that the little bag of crap is a top seller! Woohoo!
Can't believe there are private invites at BlogHer. I'll wait outside for you when you've had enough I'll take you for a much needed drink.
Congrats on a great week. Soo happy for you!
Cheers - DG xo

Jaclyn Hartley said...

I'm soooo excited that I made the comments list!!! BUT, I am still pissed the damn dog had a better birthday than me!!! Also, think I need to order about 287897589 "little bag of crap" bags for my 4 year old hoarder daughter!

Cynthia said...

An "In the Butt" bag? WTF? Seriously? Because if I'm taking it up the butt, I better be getting a Mercedes or something, not a damn $3500 handbag. Don't sell yourself cheap, ladies!

RachRiot said...

Yes, I am not down with earning the "In The Butt" bag either. Negatory. I guess that's why I have the "Half-Hearted Hand Job during Letterman" bag from Marshall's. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Seriously just about crapped my pants with the "half hearted hand job during letterman bag" comment!! That has to be the winner of the week!! So freaking funny!!

Anonymous said...

Funny! This one better make next weeks list!

Anonymous said...

I think I may have just tinkled a little! That was f***ing brilliant!

ApryleM said...

Epic! I must find a way to use that tonight...

RachRiot said...

Aw, thanks guys! You can read more about my half-hearted hand jobs in my Feb. blog post entitled: How To Get V.D. (it's about fucking up Valentine's Day, guys..) Thanks again! xoxo

Jen- sorry to hijack your thread- don't punch me.. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck! Can't type, laughing too hard, tears blurring keyboard.

That Uncomfortable Itch said...

Congrats on the BH Voices! Yay for you!

If I were to let my significant other in the backdoor I'd want a whole lot more than a $3,500 bag. I'd want a manservant, a masseur and a live-in chef. To start.

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