Weekly Wrap Up 8.31.12

This week I was a bit MIA.  Remember last week I told you that I've been decorating my mom's house for a top secret project?  Well, let's just say we've put close to 80 man hours in and we're still not finished yet.  On top of that, I've been working hard on my book.  I've given myself a deadline and I'm going to kill myself to meet it.  So, I'll be a little MIA here and there from now until the book is done, but be patient with me, the end result will be well worth it.  I promise.

Top Read Posts This Week:

Adolpha on the Lunch Line - Adolpha went on a spending spree in the cafeteria.  Actually, after hearing all of your stories, I realized I got off easy.  Did you see the comment about the kid who bought ice cream for 40 of his closest friends??

Abusive Men - This was a repost from a few months ago.  It was really cool to read the comments and I saw several links to others who shared their stories about abuse.  I recommend checking them out.

It was brought to my attention that men also suffer abuse.  When I wrote this post I had one friend in mind and that's why I wrote about women.  Personally, I have never met a man who was abused, so I didn't include men.  Let me just say that ANY abuse is wrong and should be prevented and stopped if anyone knows about it.

People Who Text and Drive - This was another one that was a personal rant for me that prompted many people to share their stories too.  One in particular that I received was from my friend Sharon.  She wrote about her teenage son's close call with a texting driver.  Very scary!

I'm guilty of checking my phone every now and again, but after reading all these comments and additional posts, I will be putting my phone down and checking it when I arrive at my destination.  I hope you guys will too.  Nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of those around you.

Bic for Her Pens - Ahh...back in my groove again.  After a couple serious rants I have to always go back to the funny and lighten up again.  Like many of you, I found the reviews of this hilarious pen on Amazon and had to add my two cents.

CLARIFICATION:  I was actually accused by someone of this being a sneaky sponsored post for Bic because I offered to give one away to the best tweet (that's still going on, so be sure to tweet me).  My response is:  You are mistaken.  I will be spending my own hard-earned $5.49 on a two pack.  I will send ONE to the winner and keep the other for myself.  I like pretty things too, y'know.  I think it's funny that anyone thinks Bic would pay me for this post.  Obviously you don't understand sponsors.  They like sunshine blown up their product's ass.  

If anything, this giveaway was a shameless SELF-promotion to get more people to follow and interact with me on Twitter.  Duh.

Message Boards Update:

Do you follow me on Pinterest?  Do I follow you?  I'm a bit obsessed.  I like to find shit I'll never cook or make, funny pictures and blogs.  Yup, there are blogs on there too.  In fact, this week I got a lot of action from Pinterest on my Rules for Girls post.  Here is a great place to find some people to follow on Pinterest and leave a link to your account.  If you don't like Pinterest, there are lots of other good topics on the board too or you can start your own.  Did you know that when you comment on the message boards a link to your newest blog post shows up?  That is a great way to find new readers for your blog and new blogs for you to read, so join the message boards today.  It's easy and fun. 

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Love PIWTPITT, but hate the ads?  Subscribe on your Kindle and enjoy all the punches without any distraction.  While you're there, why don't you leave a review for the blog?  Even if you don't subscribe, just come by and leave a funny review.  Something that includes the words "life changing" and/or "amazeballs" would be great.  It would make my day.

Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Replies if Necessary):  

Adolpha will probably be asking for a credit card by the end of the year. You know to get an outfit or other things she may need. :) on Adolpha on the Lunch Line

I fixed the middle school problem. I give my kid $50 every 5 weeks ($2/day). She can use it up as fast as she wants, but once it is gone it is gone. she has to wait the full 5 weeks to get more money. She can also pack her lunch and pocket the $50. She finally figured out that deal in 7th grade and made a ton of money. Needless to say, she packs her lunch almost everyday now. on Adolpha on the Lunch Line

I was informed my son was saving us money this year by eating off the extras table. "Don't worry, it's all healthy fruit and stuff that no one but me likes". Can you roll your eyes and be mortified too? onAdolpha on the Lunch Line

My son was in junior high and I kept getting letters sent home from the lunch staff about free lunch program. My sons friend told me that he would stand at the leftover table and wait for people to put food up there and eat it all. I was amazed since I packed him lunch. Lol! Apparently not enough. I was mortified btw. on Adolpha on the Lunch Line

My nephew kept blowing his lunch account. Come to find out, he was getting the whole lunch every day, eating only the corn, dumping the rest of the tray and getting back in line again for more corn! onAdolpha on the Lunch Line

Jen, Three years ago, my parents died from injuries sustained in a highway accident...that was due to the carelessness of a 32-year-old woman who was texting. I could go into the horrific details, but my parents lived for 11 days before dying 7 hours apart because someone was texting for hours on the highway and did not see someone pull into her lane. My mom and dad were only in their 60's and were the best grandparents ever to my kids. They were my best friends and there is a huge whole in my life because someone felt they could handle texting and driving. She was the 80 mph texter who killed my parents. You don't want to meet one of them ever. And, she lived. on People Who Text and Drive

I just spit out my coffee... When I went to college, my dad gave me the "Do It Herself" tool kit. With "smaller grips for delicate female hands." Seriously. Because nothing says "I'm a confident, strong woman" like a pink hammer. on Bic for Her Pens

If it's just for her, shouldn't it be ribbed? Maybe then I'll buy it. on Bic for Her Pens

Golly gee! My very own pen?! Glory be, I can throw away my rock and stone tablet and finally start that novel. Is it for me just because its pink? Does it clean house, take care of the kids, change diapers, make dinner? Cause that would really be the pen for me. on Bic for Her Pens

"hopefully a range of "for her" paperclips is on the horizon" " available in 50 shades of grey" The responses are all brilliant, some had me laughing out loud. A pen for women .. when I read that, I thought I was still dreaming I was back in the 50s and going to have to look for a new split level with a yard for the 1.2 children and pet. on Bic for Her Pens


Anonymous said...

I read your blog on my kindle all the time and don't ever notice any ads. Since you keep pushing the kindle subscription, I decided to look for the ads...don't you know there were 2 of them. (1 at the top and 1 at the end. Both very small.) Anyway, they were both for pens! Not lady pens but Papermate and Amsterdam.

This Is Fifty With Lil said...

"If anything, this giveaway was a shameless SELF-promotion to get more people to follow and interact with me on Twitter. Duh." LOL Duh? ;)

Sharon Greenthal said...

Thanks for the mention in your weekly wrap-up - let's keep reminding people not to text and drive! So glad we met at Blogher.

Delfin Joaquin Paris III said...

I was one of the peeps that posted a review for BIC. Here was mine...

Wait - chicks can read AND write?

Okay, I just went to Google and confirmed - yes women have learned how to spell out letters on paper! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having problems with th piwtpitt app? Mine has stopped working.

Kelly and Sne said...

Oh man - I was looking for the "Got a Punch?" section, you must have take it down. In any case, we flew to DC over the weekend and I have a punch for "people who hate it when you inconvenience them but don't have a problem doing it back to you". When we got on with our two kids - ages 5 and 3 - the old fart sitting in the seat in front of me audibly and repeatedly groaned "oh no!" Now I kind of sympathized but my kids are actually really good fliers and he had no evidence to rant and groan. I lost that sympathy really fast when he leaned his chair back into my lap before we even got to cruising altitude and left it there the entire flight (even while he was leaning up doing the crossword). I came very close to switching places with my 5 year old and encouraging him to kick the seat in front of him! Grrrr....

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