Weekly Wrap Up 9.15.12

What a week!  Last week I freaked out and went to Defcon 1 because of the whole scraping thing and then this week I have been plagued by shit not working and so now I'm holding at a solid Defcon 3.

First, GoDaddy got hacked or broke down or whatever their excuse is and that disrupted my service and I was offline and then once I got back on I discovered a problem with Blogger not working properly.  Even though the GoDaddy thing was resolved, lots of readers were still having trouble getting on and then the entire comments section was gone.  I'm sure you've noticed that service has been more than a little spotty and I can say we are working on it.  Well, really, the Hubs is.  I was just curled up in a ball in the corner crying mostly while he patched and fixed and finagled everything to work.  We are still in a precarious position and have no idea when (or if) the problems will be resolved, so we are in the process of making a back up plan.  At the end of the day, Blogger is a free site and I am at their mercy.  I hope they get their shit together, but I have no idea if they will.  There are a lot of other bloggers out there right now who can't do anything to their Blogger site, so I'm one of the lucky ones even with all of my outages.  Thanks for your patience this week.  Hopefully next week will be a better one!

Top Read Posts This Week:

The Hubs Has Become THAT Parent - This was a guest post by the Hubs.  If you read this post you will understand why I love the Hubs even when he nags me to turn off some lights or thinks date night at Sam's Club is acceptable.  The Hubs is always so good about constantly trying to better himself even if it means admitting that he's not perfect.

Parents Who Hire Rush Week Consultants - Apparently parents are willing to shell out big bucks i the hopes that Mikynlee (actual spelling I saw at soccer practice this week) won't have her life ruined because she can't get into the right sorority.

My Visit to the 9/11 Memorial - I wrote this on 9/11 and my site was a mess that day.  If you haven't read it yet, please check it out.  The Memorial is such a beautiful tribute.

Terrorists - I actually wrote this one last year - the 10th anniversary.  I published it on the site, but I never publicized it until this week so it hadn't been read by many people.  I originally wrote it for myself and my kids, but I decided to link to it in my Memorial post and share it with you.

Message Board Update:

I feel like I do all the talking on this blog.  You know how I met the Hubs, you know that my kids can drive me crazy, you know what pisses me off and what makes me laugh.  I don't know many of you.  I love when you tell me about you.  If you don't want to tell me what makes you tick, there are lots of other good topics on the board too or you can start your own.  Did you know that when you comment on the message boards a link to your newest blog post shows up?  That is a great way to find new readers for your blog and new blogs for you to read, so join the message boards today.  It's easy and fun.  

Most Popular Item in the PIWTPITT Store:

If you follow me on Facebook, then I think you have a good idea of what the most popular item was this week.  Yup, the "0.0 I Don't Run" sticker.  I kept seeing all these minivans and SUVs around town with 13.1 and 26.2 stickers in their back windows and I had no idea what that meant.  I honestly thought it was something to do with the Bible.  I finally Googled it and found out that it means you ran half a marathon (13.1) or a full on (26.2).  Then I found this sticker and it summed me up perfectly.  If I'm running it's only because someone is chasing me with an ax.

Read Me Ad-FREE on Your Kindle:

Love PIWTPITT, but hate the ads?  Subscribe on your Kindle and enjoy all the punches without any distraction.  While you're there, why don't you leave a review for the blog?  Even if you don't subscribe, just come by and leave a funny review.  Something that includes the words "life changing" and/or "amazeballs" would be great.  It would make my day.  I actually got a review this week!  I know it wasn't my mom, because she has no idea how to do that, so it must be a real person.  Thank you!!!!  I also had some who tried it while I was in Defcon 1.  That has settled down and you should be able to read the ENTIRE post on your Kindle.  Email me if you're still having trouble.

My Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Response if Necessary):

Since the comments section is still jacked up this week, I'm going to skip this section.  I will say that WHEN it does come back, be sure to read the comments on the 9/11 Memorial piece, they were all really excellent.


Anonymous said...

Love all the top posts!!! You make me excited for next week already, and more people that need a punch in the throat. Hopefully never me. Have a great weekend!

RainbowChazer's Reviews said...

Just editing an article on commenting, and it's funny that you should have had the same idea today. I'll come back to this one in due course (read later, over a glass of wine) but I'm on deadline with this editing and then have some housework to do.

This Is Fifty With Lil said...

What a week! Hope it lifts your spirits to know that when I come over to PIWTPITT and finish reading a post, I often think "More, more!" then I'm grateful for the strings of comments on your posts. =)

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

May your tech woes be behind you! Maybe this is a sign to move to self-hosted WordPress? Sometimes you have to spelunk for that silver lining. :) Ellen

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

liz smith said...

I do run. I have stickers for Ragnar, The Color Run and Kiss me Dirty on the back of my van (and I am damn proud of them). I don't have nor will I likely ever have a 13.1 or a 26.2 because I'm getting older and i have an injury. But I find the 0.0 I don't run sticker hysterical.

It is akin to the Prius I saw recently mocking the vans with all the family stick figures (very popular here in Utah with our big love for families) These bold and fun loving folks had two guys holding hands and a cat. You go boys! is all I have to say. Rock your gay lifestyle here in Zion.

Unknown said...

Great post. And it's more often than not the case that the waiters can't have enough money to eat at the organization! Message Boards

Unknown said...

You are absolutely making me want to ensure this out for myself! I'm with you about the complexity of planning and going to the grocery stock up- it's one of my most dreaded everyday jobs!
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