Weekly Wrap Up 9.22.212

September is flying by.  I have been working furiously on my book and it looks like it might be ready for October.  Wahoo!!

You might have heard that there's more drama with Feedburner this week.  There are rumors it will be shut down at some point in the near future, but I'm not convinced.  For now mine is working and I am sticking with Feedburner.  If a week goes by and you don't get a new post delivered to you, please go looking for me.  I'm still here, it's just your feed that's jacked up.

I also heard from a couple of people this week asking if they could "link" to me.  I know I seem really mean and scary and you might think I'll bite your head off it you link to me, but it's just the opposite.  I LOVE links.  PLEASE link to me.  You do no need my permission to add me to your blog roll, give me a quote in your newest post, tell your 5 friends about me, etc.  Do not be afraid to spread the word about me.  I will be indebted to you and I will love you forever if you spread me like the plague.

Top Read Posts This Week:

Peaches Geldof - Peaches dropped her baby, but thank God her iPhone was OK.

Preschool vs. Kindergarten - What to Take, What to Ditch - Adolpha rocks knee socks even if no one else does.

Farmer Jeanne and the Apple Orchard - We went to the orchard and met a delightful bitch.

People Who Work With Children, But Don't Like Them - I don't understand people who work with kids, but don't like them.

Huffington Post mentioned me this week in an article about how sexy little girls' clothes are becoming.

Message Board Update:

A reader named Tanya started a new thread this week that I thought was interesting.  It's about bans on gender specific events - like Father/Daughter dances or Mother/Son events.  I haven't really thought about it before, so I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks.  If you don't want to talk about this topic, there are lots of other good topics on the board too or you can start your own.  Did you know that when you comment on the message boards a link to your newest blog post shows up?  That is a great way to find new readers for your blog and new blogs for you to read, so join the message boards today.  It's easy and fun.  

Most Popular Item in the PIWTPITT Store:

Everyone loves a good list and everyone needs a good pad of paper to make a good list.  Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way since the most popular item this week was the People I Want to Punch in the Throat Notepad.  Perfect for grocery lists or PTO meetings.

Read Me Ad-FREE on Your Kindle:

Love PIWTPITT, but hate the ads?  Subscribe on your Kindle and enjoy all the punches without any distraction.  While you're there, why don't you leave a review for the blog?  Even if you don't subscribe, just come by and leave a funny review.  Something that includes the words "life changing" and/or "amazeballs" would be great.  It would make my day.  I actually got a few reviews!  Thank you!!!!  

My Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Response if Necessary):

Great post! I finally understand why my son called it the "apple tortured" when he was in kindergarten. on Farmer Jeanne and the Apple Orchard

So there are a lot of sad things about this post, but are you kidding me that the teachers didn't get any friggen apples b/c they didn't pay???? Unreal. It's an apple. Teachers, apples, they kinda go together, right? Sheesh. on Farmer Jeanne and the Apple Orchard

You don't think having an Elf on the Shelf at all makes you a little bit of an OAM? :-) on Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies

I think you're someone that should be punched in the throat. on Preschool vs. Kindergarten - What to Take, What to Ditch

Wow.  What brought that on?  A post about light up shoes and Legos?  You're a bit oversensitive aren't you?  This post wasn't even that abrasive.  If this one offended you, then you should probably go fuck yourself and never come back.

It's funny, but I think that the cartoon animals and other preschool silliness come back when they enter high school. My daughter (a high school sophomore) insisted on having “My Little Pony” on her backpack. on Preschool vs. Kindergarten - What to Take, What to Ditch

So, I should start saving all of our "My Little Pony" stuff for when it's ironically cool for high schoolers?  Good to know.

My daughter just started High School - man, I just dream of the days when I had to worry about backpacks, light up shoes and lunchboxes! :) on Preschool vs. Kindergarten - What to Take, What to Ditch

Those stuffed animals are called beanie boos and my 5th grader and her friends have to have them. on Preschool vs. Kindergarten - What to Take, What to Ditch

Oooh, sounds like those little guys have staying power if 5th graders still like them.  I might invest in one if Adolpha can guarantee me she will still play with it in 5th grade.

What do ya'll expect from someone named "Peaches"? Personally, I think she should have been more concerned about her shoe choice than about the phone.... on Peaches Geldof

When I look at these pictures I can picture her conversation: 1st pic- You have the address to the new club?? I need it, hold on let me get a pen. I gave it to the baby to chew on. 2nd pic- Hmm where did that pen go?? Let me dump the stroller out to find it cause I know its in here. 3rd pin- There it is! It was under the baby, geez. Ok let me me know what it is... 4th pic Actually just text it to me cause this child is crying how since I took the pen away I guess. on Peaches Geldof 

Where the hell was the nanny?!! She should totally get fired!!! on Peaches Geldof

Babies are free. iPhones are, like, $600. Priorities. ;) on Peaches Geldof

It was the single most terrifying day of my life. I was a freshman in college, I got up early that morning to go to the health center to get a pregnancy test, I went to class and our teacher dismissed us, this was before the plane crashed in Pennsylvania and all they knew was that a hijacked plane was heading west, living relatively near Chicago we were all scared and unsure if Chicago was the next target. I returned to my dorm and got a phone call that I was indeed pregnant. I sat in my dorm room, staring at my 13 inch television scared out of my mind, not only was my country being attacked but I was about to bring a life into it. on My Visit to the 9/11 Memorial

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