Rep. Sean Duffy and his wife Rachel Campos-Duffy

This will give you a clue as to just how old I am!  Who watched The Real World & Road Rules back in the 90s?  Do you remember The Lumberjack guy?  Well, that's Sean Duffy.  All grown up now and a representative from Wisconsin.  He married another Real World alum Rachel Campos.  Do you remember her?  She was the idiot who had the crush on Puck - the guy who blows his nose by snorting on the sidewalk.  She's got excellent taste in men.

Sean was always an ultra-conservative dumb ass who really didn't have a lot of intelligent things to say, but he got a lot of airtime because of his All-American good lucks and the weird fact that he was some sort of lumberjack champion and he was always showing off his mad log-rolling skillz.

Rachel and Sean met on Road Rules and the rest is history.

A few years (& six freaking kids) later, Sean takes his conservative agenda to Washington while Rachel stays home and manages her website/blog where from what I can tell she hawks her book - Stay Home, Stay Happy - and tries to pimp herself out as a "television personality" - whatever the hell that is!

So Sean decides to hold a town hall type meeting where he starts bitching that he can barely make ends meet on $178,000 a year.  He boohoos about having to drive a used minivan and paying too much for healthcare. Of course you have to drive a minivan and pay too much for healthcare - you have 6 frigging kids!  If it were just you and Rachel, you could drive a used Sentra and save money that way.  Hey Sean, I got another idea to make ends meet - why don't you invest in contraception?!  Six kids would drain anybody.  Or you could tell Rachel to get off her ass and get a job that actually pays.  Last time I checked you could get her book on Amazon for two bucks - that's not gonna do it, friend.

This is just another example of politicians who have no idea how the rest of the world lives.  I am soooooo sick of listening to these a-holes complain about how tough it is for them.  I think Sean should consider himself lucky to have the job he has, because I cannot imagine a corporation actually hiring him and paying him $178,000 a year.  Plus, I can't imagine log rolling or Rachel's crappy book would bring in $178,000 a year.  I'm also amazed how, in this economic climate, a politician can get up in front of his/her constituents and tell them they have more problems than the audience has right now.

This ain't The Real World, Sean, people actually have real problems that aren't created just for television drama.  If Wisconsin votes for you in for a second term, I'll punch the whole state in the throat.


Lil Ms Snarky said...

i must be old too b/c i watched both of those seasons. how did rachel end up with a lumberjack? they need to stop screwing.

trocar.trainee said...

It's a uterus, not a clown car.

Marcella said...

haha I was such a Real World junkie back in those days. Puck, dear God...I remember he would stick his nasty not-washed-in-13-days fingers into the communal peanut butter, lick, rinse, repeat, and they had to hold a house meeting to intervene. He was putrid.

Unknown said...

LOL !!!

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