Let's just start with the name.  WTF??  Who ever thought that was a good name for this group?  What a stupid name.  What does it even mean?

You know how women are accused of having penis envy?  I think this might be birthing envy.  It must just piss those men off that they can send a man to the moon, they can tame wild animals, they can wage war on three continents at once, they can stand to pee, they can cause world economies to rise and fall, but they can't squeeze an 8 pound bowling ball out of their hooha so they called themselves Birthers.

I take offense to that name. If anyone's a "Birther" it's all of us women who have the stretch marks, the episiotomy scars, the c-section scars, the memories of hours of painful labor (medicated and non-medicated), and finally the sensation of bringing life into the world.  The hell YOU'RE a birther, Donald - you pompous, douchebag.

If it were up to me, I'd just name them: Racists.

Because that's what they are.

Plain and simple.

A bunch of sheet-wearing, cross-burning, lynch-mob-lovin' racists.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States.  He won the election fair and square (he didn't even have to have his brother down in Florida help him steal it) so show some fucking respect and stop being such bigots.

He is an American citizen.  He was born in Hawaii.  I realize we're dealing with seriously ignorant people, so maybe they didn't realize that while Hawaii is not a part of the mainland - it is still a part of the United States.

He is not a secret Muslim.  (And BTW, why do we care if he's Christian or not?   The world is changing, people.  There will be a day when we don't have a Christian President so you'd better pull on your big boy pants and get ready because it's gonna rock your world.)

These Birthers hide their racism behind code words and I'm so sick and tired of them speaking in code.

That's why I was glad to hear about Marilyn Davenport.

Finally, a Birther who proves they're a bunch of racists.  When Obama was first elected President, Davenport sent an email showing a picture of the White House lawn planted with watermelons and now she's sent out a "family picture" showing President Obama as a monkey.  Davenport claimed she didn't realize these pictures were racist or offensive - she thought they were funny and that's why she sent them to a few of her friends who would get the joke and never intended for her emails to be made public (she's forming a mob as we speak to smoke out the "coward" who outed her).  Why don't you just burn a cross on the front lawn and call him the N word, Marilyn?

I can't believe she's a former Christian publisher!  Hey Marilyn, did you ever read anything you published?  Do you remember learning about Jesus and the way he treated people who were different than him?  Do you remember learning the little (albeit, annoying) saying:  What Would Jesus Do????  'Cause this ain't it!

I am embarrassed to be an American these days.  We are 1930s Germany!  We have political groups forming that are openly (and privately) hostile to people of color, to people who are non-Christian, to people who are immigrants, to people who are homosexual and to people who are poor.

The rest of us stand by and say, "Yeah, but those guys like Trump, Palin, Bachman, Beck - they're all crazy - surely, no one takes them seriously."  Oh yes they do.  Unfortunately they do and it's up to us - the sane ones - to rein in the cuckoos and put them back in the clock before they do real harm.

Let me tell you about an anonymous text I saw on the day President Obama was sworn into office.  The text read:  "There's a coon in the White House, everyone get your gun!"  That is a racist death threat against the President of the United States.

Davenport's email may not incite violence, but who knows what other emails she's sent out that haven't been made public?  I think she is the tip of the racist, homophobic, xenophobic iceberg that call themselves the Birthers and I want to punch them in the throat.


XLMIC said...

I just learned a whole lot. I thought something entirely different when I read that title. And now that I know who Birthers are... yes, throat punch NOW!

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Hi! I'm here for the Girls' Weekend Network Hop. I'm following you via GFC and hope you'll come follow me too!

Ann Jones said...

Following you from the Girls' Weekend Network Hop. You can find me at

Michelle said...

I will fully join you in the throat punching of these idiots. Can you imagine if the president was white, and he had a white, Christian father who was say, from France or England (instead of Kenya)? Do you think there would be any of this BS about the long-form birth certificate needing to be seen first-hand? No, there is no way that would be the case at all. It is racism and xenophobia, straight up.

Susan W. said...

Hello, new follower from weekend hop. Looking forward to reading your posts. Would love for you to visit Have a great weekend!

Sassafras-Sara said...

I had NO idea who the birthers were, so I google-ed them. Not only are they racist but maybe even a little sexist.

Selena said...

1. Yes. ONLY people who give birth can be called "BIRTHERS".

2. The fact that they don't put it together and see how a fucking WATERMELON patch is connected to racist jokes makes me want to say, "fine, you're not racist. Just stupid".

3. I cannot believe how many people take these assholes seriously and they all deserve a throat punch. And maybe even a figure four leg lock (who doesn't love a good 80's wrestling reference?)

Serena said...

"Unfortunately they do and it's up to us - the sane ones - to rein in the cuckoos and put them back in the clock before they do real harm." love it!

I also learned a lot here. :) so amazed by the racist emails etc. Disgusting!!! Yes, they all deserve a throat punch!

CookieGoddess said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Idiots like the "birthers" are the reason I want a t-shirt that says "Please Lord Jesus, protect me from your followers." I no longer wear my proud to be an American shirt. My minuteman ancestors must be spinning in their graves.

pj said...

Jen: I love you more every damn day. Thanks for saying the shit I only think.

Renae said...

I'm with you on the embarrassed to be an American these days! The blatant racism is astounding and disgusting to me... I'd like to do something a little more extreme than just a punch in the throat ;-)

Anonymous said...

What you detailed is racist & sad. It also gives a bad name to those of us who are still curious about the President's background. I'm very proud we elected someone of color (twice) and I don't care what his faith is. There are inconsistencies in the "story" we've been told about Obama's upbringing & rise to Senator. This is why there are still documents that he won't release or an explanation for his and his wife being disbarred. I just want the truth no matter what that is. I don't see how that is a bad thing.

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