Pow! Pow! Some More Minis

It's Friday.  Wahoo.  The weather sucks again.  Boo.  I'm having a hard time deciding who or what to punch today, so that means it's a mini punch list day!

1.  Misspelled signs.  How sad is this?  NOTHING drives me crazier than misspelled signs, but signs on schools really piss me off.  If I saw this on my school's sign I'd ask for the resignation of the Principal (he's your PAL, that's how you remember to spell it correctly) .

2.  Crappy Kansas weather.  We're having a wonderful spring (not).  It's freezing cold one minute and beautiful the next.  Some days the wind just about knocks you over (usually on those rare sunny days).  Today it's rainy and grey and humid (already??!!).  My sinus' can't take anymore.

3.  Apple slash Big Brother.  It's been a long time coming and really Apple deserves its own post, but I'll have to settle for a mini punch today.  What kind of cult - oops, I mean company - lojacks their customers without their knowledge or consent?  Oh right, a company who has no problem raping their fan base - oops, I mean customers.

4.  The Royal Wedding.  I know, I know, anyone who knows me knows that I'm pretty excited about the royal wedding, but thanks to the media and their obsession I'm completely over it.  I mean, seriously, Yahoo wants us to sign a guest book and give them advice.  As if they could care that Jen from KS says "Never go to bed mad - stay up and fight."

I'm sure I'll watch it and I'm sure it will be a beautiful affair - it better be if they must rehearse their balcony kiss (no church kiss allowed) so that it can be at the best angles for the foreign press!  I'm also a little perturbed with the happy couple.  I had really hoped they'd break with some of the stodgy tradition stuff and have a REAL wedding.  They might actually have a chance of making their marriage work, but what a way to start.  So far, it looks like they're having a miserably boring, scripted wedding that the Queen will love - even if the rest of the world thinks it sucks.

As much as I'd love to rule a nation, I would not want to be called Jennifer my entire life, I would not want to be referred to as Ma'am (rhymes with "ham" - who wants to rhyme with ham??) and I would not want to practice kissing my future King so that it looks spontaneous and romantic from every angle.  Blah!  Honestly, does the Queen even DO anything these days besides live well and hunt with her hounds?  Why do we (I) care so much about this?  Please punch ME (and set the DVR to record)!

5.  Gun Owners.  Did you see the article today about the toddler who fatally shot his mother (allegedly) with a semi automatic weapon that his father had a concealed carry permit for??  How about the story earlier this week about the Kindergartener who brought a loaded gun to school and it accidentally went off and injured him and some of his classmates?

I'm not going to go off on anyone's right to bear arms, blah, blah, blah.  All I'm saying  is gun owners need to do a MUCH better job of keeping their weapons locked up and away from children.  BTW, though, WTF do you need a concealed carry permit for a semi automatic weapon?  Are you in Fallujah?  Nope, just Florida!  Why the hell is it loaded and ANYWHERE NEAR where a two year old can get a hold of it?  (For the record, I think this bastard killed his wife and is trying to blame it on the kid, but we shall see.)

Why is there a loaded weapon where a 5 year old can get it and bring it to school??  And where was this kid's teacher??  My kid brought a Lego to school the other day and I got an email telling me to make sure no more Legos come to school because they're not allowed.  How did the teacher miss a HANDGUN bulging out of the kids' pants??

Gun Owner, I am scared to death of my kid going to YOUR house and YOUR gun is not locked up and MY kid gets killed.  Lock up your damn gun!


Selena said...

I seriously believe that guns should only be sold with giant fire (and child proof) safes. I say, have as many as you want! You want an arsenal, knock yourself out. But every time you buy one, you also have to upgrade your security. These people are assholes.

Jones Family said...

God I love you! I love that you say it like it is...oops.. what WE perceive (i before e except after c or as in neighbor and weigh!) the world to be!


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Did I Just Say That Out Loud? said...

Careful....they are assholes with guns. I am one of those asshole gun owners...mine are not in a safe...but they are not loaded either, and the ammunition is kept locked away where little hands cannot reach it. Why are you not concerned with the parenting skills of these people? My children know what guns are, and that they are dangerous, and we talk about it so that they are not so curious as to go looking when we are not around...granted ours are used for sporting purposes and are not designed for self defense because most people when confronted with that situation are more likely to hurt themselves than the person that is attempting to cause them harm. Have an open mind....it isn't so bad.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jen-wholeheartedly! We are registered gun owners with a toddler at home but we have gun safes & trigger locks!

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