Kate Gosselin

Readers have been BEGGING for Kate to get punched and I'm finally ready to do it.  Don't get me wrong, she's always bugged the crap out of me, but lately I felt like she's been fairly low-key and really hadn't done anything too offensive.  Until today.

Today I read that Kate is PINING for Jon.

Are you freaking kidding me??  Kate, c'mon!  Who are you kidding?  You can say all you want about missing your best friend/father of your children/blah blah blah.  I'm not buying it.

That guy was a complete waste of space since the first episode of your show.  You have never respected him or taken him seriously.  (I know, I know, how could you?)  He totally deserved your verbal ass-whippings.  Seriously, the guy pretended he didn't know how to even feed his kids half the time (and now that I think about it, I don't recall him ever changing a diaper).

I don't believe you're pining for him, Kate.  Not for a second.  Have you forgotten how he couldn't hold down a job?  Have you forgotten how instead of acting like a dad he always acted like the doofus (and baked) older brother?  He was so pathetic back then, Kate!  And really, who knew what kind of mess he'd finally turn into?  (Who wears that many Ed Hardy t-shirts???)  Please Kate, don't you remember how nauseating he was running around town with the 25 year old daughter of your free plastic surgeon??  (It's little details like that that make me such a huge fan of reality TV - you can't make that crap up!)  Do you remember when he stole $230,000 out of your joint bank account?  Have you forgotten all of this??

Do you know what I think, Kate?  I think YOU'RE pathetic.  I believe you haven't forgotten ONE THING Jon did to you, but you're ready to put it behind you for the "sake of the kids."  B.S.!!!  You bombed on DWTS.  Your new show is tanking.  Half of America hates you and the other half could care less about anything you do.  No one wants to go back to nursing - or whatever your job was before you were a reality star.  So you're scrambling and you're ready to sell out.  You need to recreate the magic that was Jon & Kate + 8.  You have to get Jon back in the mix.  The show is boring without you verbally abusing him on a daily basis.

And that's my problem with you, Kate:  Jon at least owns his doucheyness.  He went out and had an affair with a young thang and made no bones about being a dick.  But, you always play the martyr.  You're the one staying home making organic, free range, made from scratch, dairy free, gluten free meals for your brood.  You claim to only have the kids' best interest at heart.  B.S.!  You don't do it for the kids (if you did, you'd have your kids off the air by now and in serious counseling).

Just own it, Kate.  Say it out loud:  "I do it for the fame and fortune!"  You always have.   Look at you.  You're so motivated by money that even after Jon humiliated you, stole from you, cheated on you and neglected your kids, you're still willing to take that POS back into your life on the off chance the ratings might actually go up and the money will flow again.

That is so effed up, Kate and THAT is the reason you need a punch in the throat.  (PS - hate the new hairdo, I really think it's time to fire your stylist.)


Unknown said...

Ha ha ha! Excellent overview of that trainwreck. I must admit I used to really enjoy the show (way back) now her voice hurts my ears. Great blog. Now following you from the UBP. http://tvstake.blogspot.com

WildIrishRose33 said...

Haha. Totally agree with you!
Love your blog title.
Found you at UBP. :-)

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