Random Companies That Emphasize the Fact That They're Christian Companies

A few weeks ago our area was hit by a major hail storm.  We've got tons of roofs that need to be replaced and everyone is getting bids from all the roofers coming out of the woodwork.  Many roofers are offering discounts of some kind if you allow them to put a sign in your yard.  I've been paying close attention to the signs because we need a new roof (Hail Yeah!).

I've noticed there are about 3 or 4 major players in town who are doing the bulk of the work, but there are also the occasional random roofer/contractor I've never heard of.  The bulk of the random companies's signs are sporting Christian fish or a "T" turned into a cross.

Am I supposed to think that because you have a fish on your business card I should trust you more than the guy who doesn't?  Is there a secret handshake I need to know to get the Jesus Discount?  Or, are you just assuming that as a good Christian, I will choose to ONLY patronize Christian businesses?  

It's not just roofers.  I'm in real estate and I see it cropping up in a lot of businesses like pest control and home inspectors.  The name Alpha & Omega (fill in the business type) is very popular around these parts.

What is the deal with this trend??  And why don't any other religions do this?  My pediatrician doesn't have a Star of David on his office door.  He might have a discount for the Chosen People - there definitely isn't one for the Jesus Lovers (I've asked).

I'm actually so turned off by the people who put their little crosses and fish on their signs that I choose right then and there to never call them and get a bid.  It just seems so phony to me.  And it actually puts me on edge and makes me think maybe they're scammers who are using the Christian thing as a front so you'll tend to trust them more.  I will say, I might trust them a BIT more than the guy I saw today going door to door driving a minivan with a ladder on top and an Arizona license plate said BIGHAIL.  (We're in Kansas.  This guy drove pretty far to "come and help ya'll out" as he put it.).  That guy was so sleazy he was sliding door to door!  BTW, what respectable roofer drives a Dodge minivan??

I'm a big believer of separation of Church and State.  I don't want prayer in my public school and even though there isn't a call for a legal separation, I still don't want a Bible verse on a business card from a termite guy.

Maybe I'm just jealous.  I consider myself a Christian.  I go to church every Sunday.  I teach my kids how to pray and about the Bible, but you will NEVER catch me proselytizing.  You will never hear me invite anyone to join us at church on Sunday.  You will never hear me give my testimony to a stranger.  That is just not who I am and maybe I'm jealous because Roofers for Christ isn't afraid to tell the world what he believes.

My thing is, I try to respect everyone's beliefs and I try not impose mine as "THE ONLY" way.  For me, Christianity is the way.  I was raised that way and I chose it a long time ago.  That being said, I have family members who have chosen other paths and I'm not about to tell them they're wrong.  Who am I to tell them that?

My other thought is, who HASN'T heard of Christianity and needs me to tell them about it and will a fish on my business card open that discussion?  Honestly, I'm not ready for that discussion - ironically, it's way too personal for me.  I can tell you my horrible birthing story where I shat on the table and I can tell you I want a boob reduction, but I'm uncomfortable talking to you about my religious beliefs and why you should believe what I believe.

Eh, what can I do?  I think I'll just put an anarchy symbol on my business card and see what kind of people I attract then - I doubt they'll want to talk about salvation.


Erin said...

I saw the Arizona BIGHAIL minivan! We also had a guy come by without a ladder and tell us as well as several of our neighbors that our roofs were totaled and he didn't even need to climb up to see.

Jen Piwtpitt said...

So many shysters out there right now, Erin. Beware!!!

JEDI Mom said...

You might want to check out this post about door-to-door salespeople on the BBB's blog. http://kcbbb.blogspot.com/search?q=roofers

I once had a creepy experience with an electrician who advertised himself as Christian. That was the last time I paid much attention to the fish logo. Our Jewish Dr. is great, too!

Hey Mon! said...

Crazy, but I saw a lawyer whose website was lawyersforchrist or something like that. Seriously.

krogers1977 said...

Not to sound at all crass, Jen, but I was honestly shocked when you revealed that you were a Christian.

Unknown said...

Jen rely a good post.
It’s sad that most people use religion to attain a job offer and to do a paid services. Whether they are believers or a business people who use religion as their tag to increase their business. Even God doesn’t permit to use His name in vain.
In the Christian history we find most Christian had done good and bad using the name of religion.
Jesus commanded His disciples to preach the gospel of the kingdom to the whole world. He just want to inform the People of his redemption that he paid in the cross just to rescue the everlasting life which was lost by Adam and Eve.
The most important thing He expect from us is to just to believe. We as Christians should not doubt to believe Him, as His words are true and it has power in it. He was not just a preacher but He had lived the life that He had taught not just life but until death and resurrection.
If we believe and lead the prefect life we are entitled for the everlasting life, it’s true, if we disbelieve and lead a lost life and proclaim ourselves there is no paradise it’s also true. For all who believe and live for the paradise are rewarded with the everlasting gift. For disbelief also has the compensation “no paradise.”
When Jesus was asked how much time to forgive a repenting brother, he proclaimed seven seventy fold. The Same Jesus wanted a millstone to be tied in the neck of the person, who led a believer to disbelief. For the doubting human soul can’t understand all plans of God. For its written it shall be so that we believe lead a believing life to inherit the kingdom.

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