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At this point I have written over 300 posts on this blog.  That's a lot and believe me, not all of them are gems.  People keep asking me for my favorites and so I decided to put together a list of what I consider to be the funniest blog posts I've written (besides the Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies, of course).

If you think something is missing from the list, be sure to let me know in the comments!

In no official order, my 11 favorites are:

1.  Inside MY Closet - This won the BlogHer Voices of the Year (2012).  I get a snooty magazine delivered to my house each month and one of the features is a look inside someone's closet.  It's a label whore's dream and my nightmare.  I imagined what it would be like if the magazine came and interviewed me about my closet.

2.  John Mayer - He dumped Taylor Swift and then she wrote a song about him that kind of hurt his feelings.  He's a baby.

3.  For My Secret Valentine - Although the Hubs is my true love, if Tina called I'd spend Valentine's Day and my anniversary with her.

4.  50 Shades of Grey - the PIWTPITT Review - Before you buy the book (or a necktie) read this review.

5.  Douchey Dads - Over Achieving Moms (OAMs) and Dolce Moms can't have all my ire.  I have to keep it equal between the sexes.

6.  Magic Mike - the PIWTPITT Review - Just shut your pretty mouth, Magic Mike, and dance!

7.  Me at Zen Massage - I am an awkward mess and especially when I'm half naked with a stranger rubbing me down.

8.  Open Letter to Silly Celebrity Moms - Celebrities are not like the rest of us, especially when they give their kids names like Zuma and pre-chew their food for them.

9.  For My Secret Valentine - If you think this is a love letter, you're right. If you think this addressed to the Hubs, you'd be wrong. It's for my REAL Valentine.

10.  Ryan Lochte & His Mom - Jeah, he's a douche.

11.  Ladies, Stop Steaming Your Vagina - Maybe with a side of broccoli?


Ginja said…
My favorite is your "Elf on the Shelf" post. Someone shared it on Facebook, and that was the first post of yours I read. You got me hooked on your blog with that one! Keep up the great writing!
Anonymous said…
I loved the one when you went canoeing with Gomer and Adolpha. That was some funny shit.
Anonymous said…

Looks like ellen's writers liked your "lady pen" blog post...
I agree about the Bic pen post, as well as the Elf on the Shelf. Your list contains all of my favorites, though. Just hilarious stuff!
Tazi Kat said…
What no Elf? lol...I just had to Google search the little guy, and guess what? The link to your column came up several places before Blossom's Bunkhouse! Woot Woot!
Jj Ashton said…
That was also the first post I read and I was also hooked after that. Funny stuff, keep it coming.
that was my first read of yours too.
THANK YOU for so eloquently saying exactly what I'd like to say every time I go inside an establishment, instead of just "I want to punch you in the throat," although that does sum it up. Sometimes I roll my eyes so hard at people and their kids that they get lost in the back of my head.
tina stockett said…
I love your blog!!!! I am actually a blogger and just starting ,i was researching other blogs like mine well what it will be and i came across yours. I love how honest you are,that is actually the idea behind my blog. I mention your blog in mine. If that is not opkay please let me know and i will take it down but i was writing about bloggers i admire and what i hope my blog will become and your blog is 1 of them (thers only 2)I know you are probley really busy but maybe you could give me some advice from when you started and how your blog got to this level,i can only hope to be half as funny as u.oh yeah i am not like a crazy person i swear i am just a new bloggers.
hello, i am new to blog. I found yours. I like the title of your blog. It looks very happy. And then I open it. Your famous. Keep it up. People in our generation loves funny things. I am vann and here is my new blog am more indulge in the problem of the society.
Hi-ya. Yeah, I'm new to your blog. (Looks like I may be the last one to get here...) I popped over from Menopausal Mama's blog. Geez, I dunno. It sounds like ALL your posts are a hoot. Count me in as your newest groupie.
Colleen Landry said…
Hi Jen. I love your blog and I though I know you don't need the publicity, I'm nominating you for a fake/fun award. I hope you can participate (Or at least follow my blog). You're hilarious! Thanks.

I'm nominating you for the Sunshine Award. Check it out:
DELL said…
thank you for a great post. Tights
marleenandlouie said…
Just saw info on your book and came to your blog to get an idea before purchasing. In reading the comments I found nice comments but the one thing that stood out was the extremely poor grammar and spelling of the commentors. What a sad comment to the state of our educational system. One commentor said she had her own blog and could not spell or construct a sentence. This is the state of our Country. I would not know how to make a funny out of this to encourage your reader to better their educations, but I hope that your might try and do this as unfortunately, our country needs better teachers and smarter graduates.

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