2012 Resolution Recap - How Did I Do?

Another year gone just like that. Can you believe it? And of course the Mayans totally got it wrong. I was fairly certain they were wrong, but just in case I read a ton of dystopian novels to prepare myself for the end of the world. I was ready for vampires, zombies, viruses and nuclear attacks. I neglected compiling a homesteading Pinterest board though, so I'm not sure how I thought I'd feed my family or make us clothes.

Last year I wrote a list of resolutions and I thought I'd check in and see how I did keeping them:

1. Lose weight. I'm happy to say that since I started working with my trainer, Kris at Starting Line Fitness I am down several pounds and several inches.

2. Be kinder to the Hubs. I'm sure he would argue with me, but I think I've been fairly agreeable this year.

3. Clean the house for 5 minutes every day. I quickly realized that 5 minutes doesn't do shit and so I stopped.

4. Make enough money to have a cleaning lady come every week. I've got her coming twice a month. I'm halfway there!

5. Be a better mother. I did Yes Day, I took my kids to Disney and a water park where we all learned what "jorts" were, and I had two elves this Christmas to move around! I would say I aced this one this year. I am freaking Mother of the Year.

6. Write a book. Done and already working on the next one.

7. Fold laundry as soon as it's done drying. Yeah, that never happened.

8. Call my friends. I really tried harder this year, but I need to keep working on it.

9. Don't do drugs - recreational or pharmaceutical. I'm still unmedicated, although I'm sure there are many around me who wish I was.

10. Learn something new. This was the easy one I threw in at the last minute so I could say I at least kept one of my resolutions! I learned all sorts of new things this year, but the funniest one was how to shoot a gun and I found my apocalypse buddy.

How about you? How did you do? Did you keep your 2012 resolutions?


Janine Huldie said...

I truly don't try to make resolutions, because I knowI am going to break them or follow through, especially weight and such like that. Sounds like you did a greta job and kudos to you!!

lovetoread600 said...

I usually try to make one, very simple resolution (like 'drink more water' or 'hang up my coat instead of throwing it on the couch') but this year I decided to run 20-12mile runs in 2012. And I did it!! For 2013 I think I will go back to the 'drink more water' kind of resolutions.

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

Looks to me like you did pretty well in the resolution department!

athompson said...

I did OK.
1. Declutter my house. I worked and worked and worked. I only need another year to totally declutter.
2. Finish my $ project and sell on Teachers pay Teachers
3. I threw in another in July, get the laundry under control--did it!
4. Lose weight--Ahh crap, I gained 20 lbs. instead. That means I've set myself up for success in 2013 right???

Wendy Wainwright said...

My resolution was to have a baby so I could send out photo Christmas cards. I had the baby in October...still working on birth announcements. The photo card is getting moved to the 2013 list.

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