Weekly Wrap Up 11.3.12

This week has been a lot to handle with Sandy.  I'm in sunny, dry, warmish Kansas, but I have many friends on the east coast who are still suffering almost a week later.  Hang in there!  

Top Read Posts This Week:

When I Realized I Wasn't Tough Enough for NYC - Part 1 - This was the first part of my two part story about my worst day ever.  There was a lot of talk of me punching the guy in his nuts.  I didn't want to touch his dirty penis and the guy was crazy enough to stick his bare penis in my face on a public train - I was not about to get into a fight with that guy.  He'd probably kill me.

Halloween is Over - I complained a bit about some tweens we came into contact with on Halloween and I got a little grief about picking on the big kids.  I just want to be clear - I don't mind the tweens coming to my door as long as they're polite (don't threaten to roll my kids for the remaining candy in the bowl) and they're in a costume (punky ass kid costume doesn't count).

When I Realized I Wasn't Tough Enough for NYC - Part 2 - My day was so crappy I couldn't fit it all into one post.

Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies - He's moving up the list. 

Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Marathon - When I wrote this Bloomberg wanted to go ahead with the marathon this week.  By the end of the day he chose to cancel it.  Good move, Mayor.  

Book Update:

This week I decided that I've done a shitty job promoting my book.  Someone mentioned the book on the Facebook page and at least three people chimed in that they didn't even know I had a book.  Ack!!  I am terrible at self-promotion and getting the word out.  If anyone feels like tooting my horn, please feel free to toot, because I suck at it.

Nook is a bastard and still hasn't published the book yet.  A few Nook readers told me they went ahead and downloaded the Kindle app for their smart phones and tablets and went that route since Nook is so slow.  

I mailed out several signed copies this week that will be someone's Christmas present . . . shhhh.  I won't tell who is getting PIWTPITT for XMAS.  If you'd like to order signed copies for Christmas presents be sure to order early so that I can ensure they will reach you in plenty of time. 

My Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Replies if Necessary):

New York is an amazing place but I'm only half kidding when I say that every time I go there I spend half my time looking at the locals and mentally saying 'why do you do it?' I want to grab the women and put them in sweat pants and ponytails and say 'Have you been to my town? It's really nice! It's easier, I promise!' on When I Realized I Wasn't Tough Enough for NYC - Pt. 1

I don't think I ever left my apartment in sweat pants when I lived there and now I barely put on real pants.

so now that you're all safe and not living a loop of that godawful day, i can say honestly that i laughed my ass off when you told the guy that you wanted to go home to Kansas because how could anyone NOT think you were doing some weird Wizard of Oz performance piece... on When I Realized I Wasn't Tough Enough for NYC - Pt. 2

We have actually had parents DRIVING these older kids around the neighborhood at the close of trick or treating. No costumes. They'd jump out of the car as it came to a screeching halt at the corner of our block. Like a greedy mob, tell us we should give them the remainder of our bowls because trick or treating was over now anyway. on Halloween is Over

Oh hell no.  I would not give candy to anyone who jumped out of a car.  

I too must be the minority here...I don't mind the older kids, (as long as they don't push the littles and DON'T take all the candy). They are going house to house, putting a little effort in it, working for their $15 worth of candy; candy that they easily could have just gone out and bought. What makes me laugh is the parent pushing the 3 to 9 month old baby, going trick or treating for them...REALLY? that candy is for the baby. WTF? Are you saving it for the next couple years for them? on Halloween is Over

When my kids were babies they LOVED Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and luckily the neighbors were very generous with them.  ;)

I have to admit, I let my 14-yr-old daughter go trick-or-treating last night. She went with a group of her friends, but before going another mother and I gave them a debriefing. We told them, "Look, you guys are really too old to be doing this, the only way to make it work is to be very friendly and polite. Make sure to make eye contact, say "Trick-or-Treat" and smile while saying "Thank you". If she wants to go next year, I'll make her take her little brother. He got way more candy than her anyway, even though he went to less houses. I have to admit, I always give the teens less and the cute little kids more! on Halloween is Over

I'm from Joplin, MO, and I cannot fathom how an event of pretty much any kind could be held only six days after a natural disaster of this caliber. Six days after the Joplin tornado, search teams were still looking for bodies in the piles of bricks and splinters of wood that used to be the center of our town. Find another time to host a marathon. Rebuilding lives is more important than a race. on Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Marathon

I am a runner so I understand all that goes into preparing to run a marathon but holding this event is a terrible idea - the death toll is still rising, for goodness sake. Postponement may not be possible b/c of the winter weather on the horizon, so cancelling seems like a rational decision at this point. I feel badly for the runners, but I feel worse for the people of NYC. Sorry marathoners, I'm on their side! on Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Marathon

I agree as well, but I won't be donating to the Red Cross ever. on Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Marathon

I don't care if you donate to Red Cross or not, it's just the easiest one.  Just please donate.

I thought I'd read all your posts, but oh man. I just happened to see this one and I'm dying. You can brighten anyone's day, I'm sure of it! on Me - At Zen Massage

This is actually one of my favorites.  I'm glad you found it!

I just finished reading your book Spending the Holidays with People I Want to Punch in the Throat and I loved it! It's hilarious and I've been telling all my friends about it! Can't wait to read your next book DagrĂșn from Iceland:) on When I Realized I Wasn't Tough Enough for NYC - Pt. 1

Thanks so much!  Would you please leave me a review on Amazon?  It's a HUGE help for me.  Thanks!

Not ALL kids get to have birthday parties and holiday parties. so GUESS WHAT?!!! Im having a potty party for my kid. So what are you gonna do? Geez grow up and let people have fun. Instead of judging people how bout the next time you go to church if you even go you actually listen to the whole not judging someone maybe then your children wont turn out like you on Potty Parties

When I read a comment like this it reminds me to pray every day that my kids turn out exactly like me.  


Allison said...

Whoa, Judgy Mc Judgerson up there really doesn't provide a good advertisement for going to church. Isn't it ironic how people are *JUDGING* you by leaving a comment on how judgmental you are?! They are really spreading that "good message" huh? Just another reason I'm an atheist.

Mary Novaria said...

Brava, Jen. Write on...

Anonymous said...

I receive your blog in my google reader, and it is mostly text - the sidebars don't display. As a result, because your blurb about not promoting your book didn't mention the name of your book, you still haven't promoted it to those of us who use readers! I see upon click-through that it is a graphic in the right column on the web page.

Anonymous said...

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