Weekly Update 11.10.12

Top Read Posts This Week:

Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies - And so it begins.  This post has been lighting up Pinterest this week and has easily claimed the number one spot for the week.  I doubt it will have as big a run as it had last year (over 1.2 million reads), but wouldn't that be cool if it did??

Who is the HUBS? - It's been a while since the Hubs guest posted and it looks like he's been missed.  Did you guys know he has his own blog now too?  You can read it here.  I'm ashamed to say that he's taught all of our family to pee in the shower.

The First Time Gomer Pitched a Fit -  Gomer turned 8 this weekend and it made get all nostalgic for the baby days and then I remembered the fateful "Old Navy Incident."  

Week 7 of My Transformation - The Dirty 30 - This was a tough day at the gym.  I've been told that there is something called the Filthy 50.  Kill.  Me.  Now.  The last status update you'll ever see from me will be, "Kris says today is the day for the Filthy 50.  Goodbye, cruel world."

Book Update:

Last week someone pointed out that if they read this blog in a reader they still don't know the name of my book.  See?  I suck at marketing.  Reader people, the book is called SPENDING THE HOLIDAYS WITH PEOPLE I WANT TO PUNCH IN THE THROAT.  It's still only available at Amazon - UNLESS you want a signed copy.  Those have to be ordered through the blog here.  Nook is still taking its sweet time.  I'm beginning to think they might be up and ready for Christmas 2013.  

In the meantime, here is a review I received on Amazon:

"This was such a fun read! I love to read Jen's blog: People I Want to Punch in the Throat and as soon as her book was released, I knew I had to read it. I love Jen's blog for her humor and snarky writing. She often says exactly what I'm thinking, and she's not afraid to speak her mind on anything. That's a trait I really admire!

Jen's book is about the holidays (obviously). I think that the inspiration for her book came from her hilarious blog post about the Elf on the Shelf (read that post here). In fact, if you like Jen's Elf on the Shelf post, you'll love her book. Her book is full of essays about the holidays, some of them satirical, all of them hilarious. She covers topics like cookie exchanges and the annual holiday letters (which are actually opportunities to brag about everything your perfect family has done over the past year). I love Jen's open, honest writing and I love her perspective on things. It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way about many parts of the holidays!
I'm really glad I read this book and really enjoyed it. My one complaint is that it was quite short for the price. I wanted more: more laughs, more rants, more from Jen. I'm definitely going to be reading and buying her next book!" 

UPDATE:  I chose this comment randomly because I thought it summed up the book perfectly.  Come to find out, Kelli, the writer of this comment is a book reviewer (makes sense, huh?) and she's written a review on her site.  Check it out here.  If you've written a review on your blow, please let me know.

My Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Replies if Necessary):

Your just an ignorant fool. I have a dog and she is my world. I post everything about her on social media. I tell everyone if you don't like it unfriend me. Remember not everyone can have kids... To each its own but you shouldnt try to put people down not cool. Oh and by the way dogs lick there ball and kids eat there boogers... on People Who Treat Their Dogs Like Children

I love when people who can't spell call me ignorant.  I also love when people say stuff like "if you don't like it unfriend me" uhhh . . . the feeling is mutual.  No one asked you to read.  There is no need to come here if you think I'm so ignorant.

i knew it. there is a special menu that the white people don't see!! i live in Malaysia and the locals all ways order better food, that i cant find on the menu !!! on Who is The HUBS??

I knew it, when I asked about jellyfish they gave me a crazy look at the Chinese restaurant around the way. I had it at my husband's co-workers house and it was so good. on Who is The HUBS??

The last one had me guffawing. But as much as I can use logic and reason to agree with you, Hubs, my mister will not be reading this post because if it's in OUR shower, then it's gross. :) on Who is The HUBS??

My husband is a Great Clips guy though now we are in a small town he is actually a WalMart guy. He would try to walk-in to the get his hair cut at the salon's here and couldn't get in -- which made him want to punch them in the throat. So now he heads up to WalMart on his schedule and actually comes home with a decent cut. And as someone who cleaned showers at a water park for a summer job. Peeing in public showers is not natural. Neither is pooping. But it didn't stop people from doing it. on Who is The HUBS??

OMG! I am laughing my ass off at this post! My husband has always pee'd in the shower and it totally grosses me out! Then he taught our son to do it!! They are huge water savers, because if it is not time for a shower they pee of our back porch (we live out in the country)! Double GROSS!! I do have to admit it has caused me to have VERY clean showers/tubs because I sterilize at LEAST 3 times a week!! on Who is The HUBS??

Love it! Next time I see the Hubs at an event I'm gonna think "That man pee's in the shower." on Who is The HUBS??

I pulled a boob in my sleep once. No really, I did! I was 3 weeks post implant and reached across to turn off my alarm clock and pulled something in my newly awesome boob! I broke it! After 4 months of pain it decided to try to exit the building! Ended up with a hole in my tata, had to have it removed and was lopsided for 9 months while it healed. Sleep injuries are no joke!! on Week 7 of My Transformation - The Dirty 30

Awesome job, Jen! I love doing workouts like The Dirty 30 b/c they are such a challenge and I'm very stubborn. Plus it's a nice change from the same old routine. The other great thing is that when you do it again in the future, you are going to OWN the Dirty 30. Great job and congrats on the attitude shift. That is 2/3rd's of the battle! :) on Week 7 of My Transformation - The Dirty 30

This story just made my morning. Sorry you had to go through that but I've been there. I am only laughing because my boys are now 19 and 13 and those days seem easy in comparison to what our older one has put us through in his teens. I love your response to the grandma and teenager in line. You Rock!!! on The First Time Gomer Pitched a Fit

This.Is.Awesome. Not that he threw a fit - but how clearly you remember it so many years later. Isn't it weird how much one event makes such a strong memory..... My spawn are awesome fit throwers...and I'm not one to give in. We're both as stubborn as a nail. Makes for some fun times....fun times.... on The First Time Gomer Pitched a Fit

Every time we drive by that Old Navy store, both of my kids shudder a bit and say in a hushed voice, "THAT'S where Gomer threw a fit over a ball."

After taking away Gomer's toys, I'd take away The Hubs' too!!! Can't handle his own kids for an hour--on home turf?? I remember before I had kids how annoyed I'd be when I heard kids throwing fits, but karma has sufficiently bit me in the ass with my two kiddos. We've all been there--you did great, Jenn! on The First Time Gomer Pitched a Fit

oh jen. thank you for being honest! so many moms i know act as if they don't get mad at their kids when they act like this. my son who is so like your gomer, did this to me in the waiting room at the doctor's office the other day. i had to sit there and endure the out of nowhere fit for 25 minutes. i ignored, then whispered threats and then started crying. it's so hard to take when they're usually so good. hope your babies have happy birthday celebrations this weekend!! on The First Time Gomer Pitched a Fit

Jen- I've been reading your blog on and off for about a year. Although I'm smart enough to know that we can't share a brain and couldn't possibly have been separated at birth, I definitely identify with your sense of humor. If I didn't have my snarky outlook towards life I would basically cease to exist. I have a blog and am sincerely jealous of how yours took off. You certainly have a knack for keeping your readers interested and entertained. Other than kissing your ass in this post, the main reason I wanted to write to you is because I am a gay man, who has a gay sister (my mother is so lucky- no really). I admire the things you've posted regarding being open and being bold about it. Allies like you don't come around so often, especially the ones who stand up and make it public. So, on behalf of me and my gay family, I just wanted to say thank you! And, happy birthday to your kiddos. on PIWTPITT Message Boards

Wow.  This comment made my year.  Thank you.

LOVE THIS!!! I've just learned of your blog, and I'm already hooked. No wonder you went viral with this post! It's fucking brilliant! We don't have an EOTS. My niece has tried to pull me on that bandwagon many times. Not happening. I'm too busy for that shit. For crying out loud, I can barely keep up with Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy! on Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies


Nat said...

I pulled up your blog today and was so excited to see my review of your book featured! I also have it posted on my book review site: I'd So Rather Be Reading, www.idsoratherbereading.com

Thank you for making my day!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that in a catalogue that came in the mail last week I saw the Elf and now there's a girl one, too. (So glad my kids are 16 & 19.)

Kim at Let Me Start By Saying said...

The Elf is in Target and the little skirt can be purchased separately, in case you want the cross-dressing version. How merry!

Jessika said...

I just found your blog while searching for some elf on the shelf I have been reading about over and over on facebook. I gotta say after reading for a little you are a crazy ass bitch! I love it!!! You made me lol, which is hard to do at 6am after being up with a fussy baby all night long. :)

TNMom said...

I posted your elf bit on facebook this morning...I saw some people asking about it... :) Go, elf, GO! Devan

Overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies

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