Weekly Wrap Up 4.7.12

Another week gone!  I don't know about you, but this week went by in a flash!  I got lots of great comments and even a few nasty ones, so let's get to it!


Inside MY Closet - This one is my new favorite I think.  I actually cracked up while I was writing it and I never do that.  I'm a little surprised I haven't heard from her yet telling me off.  I guess I flatter myself to think I have any Tory Burch-wearing JoCo moms with the guts to send it to her with a little note saying, "Saw this and thought it was hysterical - any publicity is good publicity, right?  BTW, you looked ah-MAY-zing!  So jealous of how skinny you looked!  xoxo"

The Angriest Asian Man - The Hubs pissed me off (again) and I documented it for everyone to see the madness that I live in.  I challenged the Hubs to start a blog.  He tried.  For a day and experienced writer's block.  I gave him a button on my blog where I could feature him.  He felt the pressure of the fans waiting for his words of wisdom.  He caved.  He has now retreated back to behind the scenes (where he is wonderful) and admitted out loud that I am the better writer and he doesn't know how I do it.  Ahhh....bliss.  Couples therapy could not have achieved this sort of balance in our marriage.

My Blogging Advice - Pretty much what it says.  I realize this post didn't appeal to the masses, but I know I have a lot of fellow bloggers who read this blog and I wanted to get this info to them.  

My Rules for Playdates -  Playdate rules, PIWTPITT style. 


I find it hilarious that your comment in another post about giving someone permission to spank your child went untouched, but mention you wear Crocs and you recieve lots of feedback! Love the blog, hate crocs, but to each thier own... on Inside MY Closet

I did get a lot of shit for my Crocs, but I'm not gonna change.  (Actually, summer is coming.  I'll switch out to flip flops pretty soon.)  I think the fact that I could say "spank my child" and no one says anything, but I say "I wear Crocs" and it blows up the comments is a good indicator of how funny my readers are.  They GET sarcasm and they understand the difference between when I'm telling the truth and when I'm being sarcastic.  Yay!!
Are you fucking kidding me? This makes me sick! I just read the article you are referring to, and she needs to take a knee and punch herself in the face repeatedly. First off, her shirt looks like my grandmother's upholstered couch in Florida. It hurts my eyes. Second, her pride in the fact she switch all her hangers to "slimline" is ridiculous. It is definitely something I am sure I would over her a group of OAMs discuss during their afternoon lunch. WHO CARES?! It just baffles me the length some people go to get attention. But hey, to each their own. Maybe I am just jealous I don't have an amazingly beautiful closet to fill. Just like you, Jen, I am glad my closet has a door! It's a mess. Then again, I do share it with my husband... on Inside MY Closet

Why is it so honorable to be a mom who doesn't take time to care about her appearance? Why do you think this person is vapid just because she likes and apparently has the money to buy expensive items? I thought the post was hilarious and I know this is a humor site, but some of the comments judging this person so harshly are sad. Obviously this isn't the forum for women supporting women, but geez... I am a successful, working mom of two who also loves fashion, uses Slimline hangers, would gladly save up for a pair of designer shoes and envy this women who has a closet full of them! And, I absolutely wish I could GTL. Good for her, but not bad for the moms who don't choose that, good for them too. Yeah Team... :) on Inside MY Closet

OK, let me be clear.  I don't think any of us would say that we don't take ANY time to care about our appearance.  What I'm saying is that I don't base my entire existence around what fucking "piece" I should wear today to make the right "wardrobe statement" at the PTO meeting.  I have the money to buy "pieces," but I would never spend that kind of money on clothes.  It just isn't my style.  I think this is what is wrong with a lot of people who live around me.  They are intent upon making people "envious" of their lifestyle.  You admitted yourself that you're envious.  Please, don't be envious of her.  That's exactly what people like her feed on.  If magazines like this did profile "real" stay at home moms they wouldn't sell, because no one is envious of a G,T,L that includes take out the Garbage, Toddler luncheons and Laundry everywhere.  

Wait.....she's a retired physical therapist? Really retired? Or stopped working to stay at home? Don't you usually put in 25-30 years for it to be considered retired? on Inside MY Closet

Jen, Jen, Jen--love you but admitting you have crocs? You have crossed the line. ;) on Inside MY Closet

I could have written the wardrobe description too: black, khaki, tan and brown. Being a fan of Target I'm surprised you don't own any Merona tShirts or Champion yoga pants! $20 vs $100 for that Lulu crap is a big difference. Thanks for blogging, I've been reading since that OAM Elf story. Too funny. on Inside MY Closet

I hope Target reads this.  I HATE anything Merona.  I don't know if it's me or what, but that stuff falls apart.

YOU, my dear, are fucking hilarious! I laughed out loud at forgetting Christmas presents in closet cubbies for two years, I am guilty of this. I also have a rather large collection of blavk v-neck t-shirts in varyng degrees of fadedness (I make up words when it helps get my point across. I wear black not because of my huge boobs, I have the opposite problem, but because black usually goes with everything and every pair of pants I own is either khaki or black so I don't have to make a half assed attempt at trying to coordinate some horrendous outfit that looked decent in my dimmly lit closet. Thank you for blogging about your life and feelings, I cannot tell you how many times I have read a post and yelled "EXACTLY!" at my computer. Keep up the good work! on Inside MY Closet

I'm addicted to your blog and I'm pretty sure that if my job knew just how addicted I am, they'd can me. If your blog somehow became a sitcom, you can bet your cargo pants I'd watch. on Inside MY Closet

You hear that, NBC?  That's ONE person who would watch my sitcom.  Surely, that's enough for us to shoot a pilot, right?  I think Rachel Dratsch would be perfect to play me.  I just read that she's looking for work.  

I'm jealous that you live so close to Target... My husband actually told me the other day that I should start dressing like an adult. Be more professional. He thinks I should be shopping and Chico and Coldwater Creek. I'll be 29 in 10 days... plus I'm 220lbs. and pregnant... Apparently yoga pants and t-shirts aren't appropriate for an almost-30-year-old pregnant SAHM. That already has 2 kids. LMAO! onInside MY Closet

OK, good news first, you don't ever need to worry that your husband could be gay.  A gay man would never send you to Coldwater Creek.  Bad news, your husband has a thing for the "old lady" look.  Haha.  I thought this was the funniest comment of the week.  

OK, wait, um, OK, I'm done barfing after reading that article. Are you like an outcast there? Are they all like that there? OMG, you poor thing to live in that area. When my kids were little, sweats and sneakers were the norm. The color? Whatever looked good with spit-up. on Inside MY Closet

I am not an outcast.  I'm not queen of the ball either.  I have a nice group of regular women and OAMs with senses of humor who I hang out with.  We laugh at ourselves, each other and those around us.  

OMG, the more I read your blog, the more I fall in love with you! I"m going to start stalking you Tina Fey style!! You rock, I laugh my ass off every time I read your blog! Keep up the great work! on Inside MY Closet

Ha! Love it! Glad to have found you & to read the "sometimes you're gonna suck" part - sometimes I'll put something up there that I know sucks - and I've got nothing better because even though I've stared at the computer for a week - I've got nuttin :) Have a great day & thank you!! on My Blogging Advice

Solid advice, Jen. I think the one area where I fail is writing posts that are topical and deal with current events. The rest I'm not too bad at. I just need to find my people!! :) on My Blogging Advice

I don't usually get religious on here, but finding your "people" is like a gift from God.  No lie.  I love my people and I am thankful everyday that they found me and/or I found them.  Keep at it!

Thanks, Jen. I like you because you don't care if I like you. I need to worry less about satisfying my readers. on My Blogging Advice

And I should probably worry a little more, but I just can't.

Nope. I don't care what you say. I ain't doing it. My skin's too thin, and you're fan-f'ing-tastic at it. Plus it sounds like too much work. I'd rather read your blog and hammer down my second (who's she kiddin' -- third glass of wine) while reading your blog. Keep it up, you are truth and nothing but. Atta girl! on My Blogging Advice

Wow. I feel even more humbled that you left a comment on my blog's little Disney story about the hawk, baby ducklings and pool of death! I like your tips, but mostly I just like your voice. And I think that's why people keep coming back. Good for you, and thanks for encouraging all us wee bloggers out there. onMy Blogging Advice

Funniest Disney story I've ever read.  I even read that one out loud to the Hubs (a rarity since he has no patience for me reading out loud).  I'm too lazy to Google it, but please post the link in the comments so everyone can enjoy the horrors that can occur at Disney.

Great advice, thanks! I started my blog at the end of December and have 11 followers! Woo hoo! And I got my first 2 official negative comments from complete strangers, so I think I might be on to something. Remember, all press is press, good or bad :) One more thing: write about what you are passionate about. When I was planning my blog, a friend asked me, "aren't you afraid you are going to run out of things to write about?" I laughed out loud and said, "when have I ever run out of things to talk about?" She knew I was right. on My Blogging Advice

Once you start getting negative comments, you know you're onto something.  You can't please everyone - and you shouldn't.  

Annnnd...the decision to be single for life is validated. Thank you! on The Angriest Asian Man

This could be your funniest blog yet - while I always LOL, I have tears streaming down my face. Thank you for reminding me why I should remain single. No cranky pants in my house! on The Angriest Asian Man

I heard a new one the other day and thought it was hilarious....He isn't "cheap" he is a "cost-sensitive American." I got nothing for him being an ass..an asshole is an asshole no matter how you slice it. onThe Angriest Asian Man

Why does it make me feel so good I'm not alone? I love that I'm not the only one who deals with this man shit too. on The Angriest Asian Man

Ya, the problem in my house is that my hubs "cycle" seems to have synced up with mine. So now we're both super bitchy....this is a good combo for sure. on The Angriest Asian Man

Throw him a bang. That should help. on The Angriest Asian Man

He's gotta earn it and that sort of attitude doesn't work around here.

Wow - or teach your kids to not be judgmental asshats. Skanks. Wow. Maybe *you* should grow up and not take your own negative self-image baggage out on your offspring? I don't think you'll have any luck teaching anyone how to be funny (or a decent writer) and it's kinda sad to see so many "adults" take so much delight in tearing a woman to shreds because of an outfit. You people are gross. Let me pose a question - If you judge a young woman for wearing a revealing outfit to get attention as a crappy person - would that same logic apply to a snarky blog writer who took a bunch of cheap shots to get hits? on Rules for Raising a Boy - 18 (Because 25 Was Too Hard To Come Up With) Rules for Mothers of Sons

I have a negative self-image, because I think that when a girl (and her mother) submit a slutty (yes, it's slutty) looking picture of her to her HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK that makes her a skank?!  OK, doctor, I guess I have a negative self-image.  Wait a minute, fuck you, I don't.  Here's the thing.  That kid is an attention whore who has been raised by an idiot.  No parent in their right mind would consider that picture appropriate for anything let a lone a high school yearbook.  If that's a "cheap shot" then fine, I'll take it - every single time.  

Want to hear my assessment of YOU?  I think you're a passive parent who lets your kids call all the shots.  I think you think it's perfectly OK for your daughter to dress like that, because she's "expressing" her individuality or some dumb shit like that.  Be a parent.  Tell your child NO.  Tell your child that when she dresses like that, people will never give a shit about anything she has to say. 

I'll preface this with saying I though most of the "rules" were fairly amusing. I'm a single mother raising three sons aged 10-14, and I'm doing it without any male role models in the picture, so I'm always looking for tips. That being said: I'm disgusted by your number 1 rule. With all the young girls out there committing suicide because they're being called sluts, whores, skanks, etc, how can you post something so irresponsible? In this day and age, slut-shaming is reprehensible and is a seriously degrading way to live your life. Teaching our sons to look at the way a woman dresses in order to judge whether or not she'd be a good life partner is sexist, misogynist, and vile. I hope you don't actually have sons, because they're likely to grow up abusive rapists. on Rules for Raising a Boy - 18 (Because 25 Was Too Hard To Come Up With) Rules for Mothers of Sons

Wow, this post is getting some play again this week, huh?  It must have been posted on a message board somewhere for Women Who Take Themselves Way Too Seriously and Have an Overwhelming Need to Tell About It.

OK.  First of all, thanks for the backhanded compliment with "fairly amusing."  I got your passive aggressive loud and clear.  I would argue that most of the girls who are committing suicide were actually NOT sluts and did not even act or look like one (I'm thinking of Phoebe Prince in particular here).  You can read above about why I called this girl a skank and why I stand by it.

As for YOU calling my son a future "abusive rapist."  Fuck you and your mother.  Holy cow.  You just called me out for calling a girl a skank and called ME irresponsible and then YOU turn around and called my son a future rapist?  My head is spinning.  Truly.  You think my son will be a rapist because I told a girl she dresses like a skank and so I must be raising a rapist?  Your logic is astounding to me.  You have some serious issues, lady.  I am cracking jokes and you're calling a little boy a future rapist.        

People ask me all the time, "Would you really punch someone in the throat?" and I always reply, "Of course not."  Today I would like to change my answer.  If you were standing here and you said that to me to my face (which you would never do, you piece of chicken shit) I would punch you in the throat.  Definitely.  Get off my blog and don't come back.

What I find quit disturbing is the person who shared this fantastic article on Facebook (and those who commented on the post) are parents of children whom we have banned from our homes for the exact reasons listed AND more! They shouldn't be too surprised if and when I punch them in the throat. on My Rules for Playdates

I'd like to give Facebook a nice punch, because I cannot find your page ANYWHERE. I've been feeling so left behind lately. on Got a Punch?

What??!  That needs to be fixed ASAP.  You can join my page through the blog - see the button that says LIKE US ON FACEBOOK - big blue button on the top right hand column.  Or just click here.


Nicole Marie said...

Glad to see my comment made the Wrap up! The lady who wrote about how mean spirited some of the comments were on the Inside MY Closet post needs to understand that this women featured in the article has put herself out there to be glorified for her closet... Really? I wouldn't expect anything less than having some poke jabs at me for that. This blog is a haven for people to joke and vent about silly things like this. If the women highlighted in the article reads the post, I hope she understands this as well, and can laugh at herself. I would!

My main issue is the whole concept of the column is to make other women envious. And THAT'S what makes me sick.

aubrey said...

All these women worked up over you calling a girl dressed slutty a skank. Geesh! If the shoe fits people. Has nothing to do with how great their personality is. Our society makes the first judgment on looks. Ever hear "you never get a seond chance to make a first impression"? Dress slutty, my first impression is ho-bag. Dress geeky, my first impresion is computer nerd. Have a diaper bag on ur shoulder, my first impression is mother. Dress in a business suit with a briefcase, my first impression is banker. Welcome to life. The ho-bag may be a fantastic person on the inside but then she should have enough respect for herself to dress appropriately so that the rest of us may want to get to see her personality.

Christine said...

to the lady who said her son is an abusive rapist...here is a punch in the throat from me to you!

Derpina Derp said...

I was just ranting to my sis the other day about women who wear tops that throw their boobs out there like eggs on a plate, and then bitch about how men stare at them or treat them disrespectfully. What the crap did you expect?! No, men shouldn't be pigs, but come on! If you're gonna throw your goodies out there, people are gonna look. If you want the attention, more power to you, but if not, put 'em away for damn sake!

Sarah said...

Glad to see my comment made the wrap-up, but I still can't find you on Facebook. I've tried looking via my fiance's as well and can't find you.

Sarah said...

When I hit the link and button, it just takes me to my news feed. I have a feeling it has to do with that crap called timeline.

Jen Piwtpitt said...

That's weird. I just clicked the link on the word HERE and it took me right to the page. When you go to the blog's website on a computer (not a phone), do you see a button on the top right hand corner that says Like us on Facebook?

tammi said...

Hey Jen, I have been a reader for quite awhile. Love the blog and your sense of humor. I have never left you a comment only because I am too lazy (sorry, I know you love comments) However I have to high five you, toast a glass of wine, scream "hell yeah" or whatever to your response to the queen bitch that called your son a future rapist. When I read her comment this week, I seriously hoped that you someday would have the chance to literally punch her in the throat. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get too! Love your sense of humor and love it even more when you call the asshats out!

Marian said...

Sarah, I'm wondering if you accidently hid her. If you go to the bottom of your FB page (scroll all the way to the bottom) on the bottom right is a link called "edit options". If you click on that, you will see it says "hide posts from". If PIWTPITT is in that list you can remove it and she'll start showing up for you again. I hope that might help you out. Good luck!

Marian said...

I'm surprised you tamed yourself so well in responding to the woman who called your son a "future rapist".

bools76 said...

OMG, I just read that blog about Disney, the ducks and the pool of death! I'm pretty sure I peed myself laughing so damn hard. My kids thought I was crying, absolutely hysterical!

Kat1e said...

I would like to say, AMEN! to your response to the person who said your son was going to be a future rapist. WTF!!!

Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom said...

It's me with Jen's "Funniest Disney story I've ever heard" So honored that even the hubs had to listen. Check it out here:

You rock, Jen!

Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom said...

Awww, I'm so thankful Jen pointed you in my blog's direction and you had a good laugh!!

Jen Piwtpitt said...

I just read it again. I needed another laugh.

Sarah said...

OMG... I read at work too and I think I'd get fired if they found out. But I LOVE your blog and will keep reading.

I am also a crock mom but I buy the cheap off brand ones. I don't have the money for the real ones.

Jessica said...

Good God! This stupid chicken shit lady is exactly what is wrong with the world!! I mean come the hell on!!!!! She obviously is not balanced and is off of her medication. HER son probably likes girls that dress like whores because they remind him of his mother...

JXT's Mom said...

That woman who said that about your son is going to end up with a house full of her boys and their children when their slutty, skanky, ho-bag wives leave them because they can't stand their bitchy, inappropriate, overbearing, chicken shit mother-in-law. What a fucking bitch.

TNMom said...

I read it...laughed hysterically! Awesome!

TNMom said...

The two comments preceding mine are awesome! DITTO what they said!

Anonymous said...

pool of death...i'm laughing all over again!

Marcella said...

"And the irony was that the circle of life happened in the most artificial place on earth..."

OMG so funny! lol

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