Weekly Wrap Up 4.28.12

What a douchetacular week this was!  The Hubs and I had a great time taking on the douches of America.  It made our marriage stronger to fight a common enemy, so I'd like to thank all the douches who made it possible.

Holy crap, this is a long one!  I hope you finish it, because it's got some kick ass comments.

Top Read Posts This Week:

Douchey Dads - Whoa Nelly, this one started some discussion, didn't it?  I haven't seen so many panties in a bunch since the Elf on the Shelf.  I think it's real interesting that I can bash on OAMs, women celebrities, women I see at school or at the store and no one says "boo" to me.  But the MINUTE I talk about a man being a dick, I always get a few jackholes who pull this shit:   "stick to what you know" (little woman).  I always add the little woman part in my head, because it just sounds better.  Or "why don't you write about minivans and elves, because you don't know anything about men."  (Sweetheart.)  Again, just more assholish.

If it's not these dicks telling me to mind my own business, it's their lady folk coming out to defend their men.  They really can cause a fury, can't they?  I'm sorry your husband is a tool and you just figured that out.  It's not my fault that many in this world see him this way and you missed the memo.

When I wasn't being told to shut it, I was accused of being jealous.  Jealous of what, exactly?  Let's see, I work from home, I'm self employed and I can afford a cluuuubb membership.  I could easily be at the club in the middle of the day yukking it up and posing like a big wig with those asswipes closing deals and whatnot - I'm in sales after all.  So I guess I'm not jealous of that.  Oh I know, I must be jealous of their ability to shit without stank.  That is a gift.

Douchey Dad Revisted - I really wanted to be done with all the haters that commented on my post.  I thought that a lot of you guys really put these dickheads in their place (thank you for always stepping up and defending me, it means a lot to me) and I just was over it and ready to move on.

The Hubs was hot, though.  He decided he had something to say and wow, did he say it!

All of the love he received on this post inspired him to start his own Facebook page and I think he's toying with the idea of a blog.  Lord help us if he becomes more popular than me.

Step One of My World Domination Plan - I'm going to be interviewed by Kansas City's NPR station next week and I was ruminating on what exactly I'll say when the interviewer calls my bullshit.  "What makes you different?"  Even with all the kind words and amazing comments, I'm still pretty sure I sound like a 12 year old girl and I'm going to mumble something like, "Umm....uhh....I say 'fuck' a lot.  Oh, crap, can I say that on NPR?"

I think it will be Thursday that I do the interview.  I will let you know on my Facebook page, Twitter and the blog.  If you're local you can hear it on the radio at KCUR or you can listen to the podcast or live on their website.

Me & My Cleaning Lady - Update on Rosa.  She really did move to Omaha.  All of her clients got dumped.  Her husband got a job offer while she was visiting family in Mexico and he couldn't wait for her to get back.  She was aware he was going, so it wasn't like she came home to an empty house or anything.  On Monday she showed up at my door with her daughter, Rosa Jr., and offered to have her clean my house.  It caught me by such surprise that I wasn't sure what to do.  I heard from many of you recommending your cleaning ladies too.  I think I'll start with Rosa's daughter and see how I like her and if I'm not happy I'll start interviewing the list I have.  Thanks for the referrals!

My Favorite Comments of the Week (and My Replies If Necessary):

Ok, so I have been thinking about all these comments, and I do see some of the opposing points. I agree that you can't know any given persons specific situation. This particular guy may or may not have been a DD, this occourance just made it sound that way. Any one given guy out there that does something douchey may not be a DD, BUT that does not change the fact that there are DD's out there. Ok, maybe the yucking and fake tone and douchey 'in the way-ness' and "concern" over the tooth may have all been accidental coincidences, maybe the guy is an on call doc and is hardly ever at that club, does not change the fact that we all know the KIND of person Jenn is talking about and you can picture them and that false tone and the yucking - the GD yucking....and it is f'n funny!!
Adressing the people that say "well at least he is around and involved" - the title is not "Bad, jackass, POS, deadbeat dad", it is Douchey Dad, so I don't think Jenn was trying to address that particular sort of dad at all. (correct me if I am wrong, Jenn).
I admire the people that politely disagree, they say "hm, just didn't get it Jenn, and I don't agree but I will keep reading", as Jenn is, you are also entitled to your oppinion and you make it easy for me to respect your oppinion when you put it respectfully without angrily lashing out with evil rants.
I fear the people that were the most ANGRY about a funny light-hearted jab at a general type of person either KNOW this person, his wife or are a whooooole lot like them.
That is all (for now), Devan on Douchey Dads

Exactly!  This guy was a douche because he came into our space and took over.  We rented the room from the club and we were getting ready for a private event that he was not invited to.  Maybe this is the room he always steps into to take his calls, because usually it's empty, fine.  All I wanted him to do was acknowledge that he was in the way.  All he needed to do was look up from his self-absorbed phone call and say, "Whoops, I didn't realize anyone was in here.  Sorry about that."  Instead, he proceeded to have a private, loud, annoying conversation with his wife and kid and even when he was prompted with, "Excuse me," the guy moved 6 inches.  Six inches, people, and not a bit more.  This is why he's a douche.  

Why are there so many people saying "Give the Dad the benefit of the doubt". This is pathetic. Why is it that when a father does something he SHOULD do, he is appaulded? WTF? Seriously? I know that there are a LOT of so called men out there that don't do the right thing, but this is ludicrous. Why do we allow ourselves to let it slide when "men" don't step up. The reason this Dad is a Douche is because he wasn't sincere. His wife probably gave him the heads up before he answered the phone what Champ was going to call about. Your Damn right he SHOULD have taken the call. What he also should have done is taken the call outside or to a really privite room where people were not clearly working to get an event set up. on Douchey Dads 

Precisely.  Yeah, he talked to his kid, but seriously why should he get props for that?  Why do dads always get bonus points for parenting and mothers only lose points?  No one ever congratulates a mother for taking her kid's call.  He's the kid's dad, of course he should talk to him.  He was not in the middle of a business meeting (believe me, I could hear that whole conversation too and it was not business related in the least) when the kid called.  He stepped out so as not to disturb his buddies and never once thought about the little ladies that were working in the next room.

No one said that success makes you a douche, being a fucking douche makes you a douche, you idiot. on Douchey Dads


Douchery is not a class issue. Jen was just pointing out this particular flavor of douchery in this post. She was not saying that rich fathers are automatically DDs. Good people can belong to country clubs and have money. She was just pointing out just how self-entitled and phony this class of douche is. For me, where he really became the douche was when he was worrying about what his MOMMY thought about the gap in his child's front teeth because it may "ruin" the family photo? If he were a real man and his mother complained about that, he would tell her to piss off. Somehow, I think he is more worried about his inheritance. on Douchey Dads

I deal with a lot of DDs. How do they play golf on Tuesdays? They're salesmen those motherfuckers get paid oodles of cash for taking clients out to "dinner" which ususally involves at least one girl named Montage and one named Cherry. They are usually married to Princess Moms who drive expensive GIGANTIC SUVs while texting their “girls” with one hand and sipping their Venti Decaf Soy five-pump Raspberry No-whip extra Horseshit mocha from Starbucks. The get “push presents” and are probably getting it on with the next door neighbor’s wife or the hot looking Mexican guy that mows the lawn. They annoy the shit out of me by using the word gift as a verb and saying ah-MAY-zing while they discuss how smart their brain damaged progeny are, or how much it costs each year for said offspring to attend private school, at which both will have their first gay experience. They haven’t worked a real job since they first got out of college, know all the best plastic surgeons and drone on endlessly about shoes, bolt-on breasts and cupcakes/macaroons/whatever food fad is going at that day. They don’t how to cook, think the Poors are that way because it’s their own fault and probably go to a church where Jesus is more like Eddie Vedder, including the rock and roll, than a role model on Douchey Dads

And that comment, folks, is from my uncle.  I was raised to rant.  Check him out.  It's a narcissistic week at PIWTPITT.

I call my son, bud all the time. I know his name. I like his name. Really, a post about this? And if you want to be snarky, maybe his son is named Gomer and prefers to be called Champ ;-O. Glass houses. on Douchey Dads 

I'll just let this be my response, you dumbass:

Come on, how can you even compare the two. Gomer is a sophisticated and adult name, while champ is the name of a dog. Also, Adolpha is probably a family name, Jen's great-great grandmother who arrived on a rowboat from the Titanic was probably named Adolpha. I'm sure you could have gathered as much if you read more than the titles of a couple posts. And granted, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but they also have a great view of the douchiness around them. on Douchey Dads 

I just have a quick question, and I am sure I will be flamed, but I honestly do want to know. When "Gomer" is 12-13 and bullies, what will you say? When he tells you he is just being funny at someone's expense, will that make it ok? What if he is not calling anyone out by name, but just making fun of a group, maybe the kids in band. Is that okay? I read your blog for the first time with the elf like probably everyone here. I thought it was funny even though I do think of funny things to do with ours. I have stopped by a few times since then, and many of the posts are just mean. It isn't the wit and laugh at yourself type stuff. It is attacking someone's parenting in this instance. I think you can call it what you want, but there is a big problem with bullying in schools and if the parents are teaching it and condoning it, it will only make it worse. You can blow this off, which I am sure people will, but there are real kids who are breaking because they are made fun of on Douchey Dad Revisited

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't consider what I write bullying.  I'm not a bully.  I am sick and tired of people who share this planet with me who don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves.  We all live here together and every time I turn around I find that people are becoming ruder and ruder and I'm sick of it and I'm not going to let people get away with it.  This post was not about his parenting.  I could give a fuck what he calls his kid and how great the tooth fairy event is in his home, what I care about is how inconsiderate he was of the people surrounding him.  How self-absorbed he was when he was on the phone and how oblivious he was to those around him.  

My other "mean" rants or "bullying" posts are about the unnecessary pressures that society and the media and each other put on us to be "perfect" parents or "perfect" wives and I'm fed up with all that shit too.  I'm fed up with hearing about how I'm not a worthwhile person, because I didn't make my Elf ice skate on a frozen toilet or make Bento box lunches for my children from the free-range organically fed chickens that we raised in our backyard or wear the coolest brand of skinny jeans or whatever the fuck is popular right now.  I don't write these posts to be mean, I write these with the hopes that maybe someone who behaves like this will get a reality check, but more importantly, I write these posts for the people who are made to feel worthless, because they can't keep up with all of this shit.  I let them know that it's OK to laugh and say, Who cares?  

On the flip side, I've been called "ugly" and told "God don't love you" and I've been told that my son will grow up to be a rapist, because of the way I'm raising him.  Is that bullying?  Or am I just getting what's coming to me, because I put my opinion out there and someone didn't care for it?  I don't cry "bully."  I'm a judgmental person and I know I'm judgmental.  We're all judgmental, I just happen to be someone who readily admits it and knows that when I judge I'll be judged back.  

In answer to your question, I will not condone my children bullying anyone.  I expect they will have senses of humor and my guess is they'll both be a bit sarcastic.  Every kid teases another kid or a group of kids and I am positive that at some point, my children will too.  A bully doesn't tease or poke fun at someone.  Are we not allowed to even poke fun at anyone anymore?  This is not bullying.  A bully systematically assaults someone either physically or emotionally.  A bully harms and intimates a weaker person.  My kids won't do that.  

I do hope that Gomer and Adolpha are both bullshit callers.  I plan to raise them to be independent thinkers as much as I can.  I want them to realize how much better it is to be themselves and to be their own person, rather than worrying about what everyone else is wearing, driving or doing.  My greatest fear is that they become sheeple and go along with the herd - bullies are sheeple.  If anything, they will most likely be the ones who will be bullied, because if I am successful in raising them the way I want, they will not be popular and they will be outspoken and opinionated and probably a target themselves.  

Anon 11:01 AM - Seriously hit the nail on the head so I'm reposting it for all the people that can't seem to grasp the objective of this blog: Anonymous Apr 27, 2012 11:01 AM "Jen is not "bullying" this guy, or "poking fun of him", just calling it like she see's it. Pretty positive she was just calling a spade a spade. If she had cut on his nerdiness looks, or fat, then that may be bullying, but she wasn't. I believe Gomer will grow up knowing the difference between bullying & being shocked enough by someone else's behavior that he can laugh about it like his mother. Have you never talked about the rudeness of strangers? Bitched about the guy who cut you off while driving? laughed at the purely asinine things some people do? Pretty sure we all have, and that's why we enjoy Jen's rants so much, she puts it out there, and we can laugh together." THIS EXACTLY. on Douchey Dad Revisited 

The comments are almost as funny as the blog! on Douchey Dad Revisited

Every week!

Seriously, Douchey Dads and OAM's just roll with it, Jen just calls it like it is, that is why we all love her. I, myself, am a crunchy granola type mom. Jen recently punched me and guess what, I laughed! She hit it right on, I annoy myself sometimes with my recycling and "being green". If you can't laugh at yourself then maybe should punch yourself in the throat. on Douchey Dad Revisited

The Hubs, if you ever get tired of Jen and her online tirades......will you marry me? (of course we'll have to find a way to get rid of my Hubs but why let a little homicide get in the way of love?!) :-) on Douchey Dad Revisited

FIRST the title of your blog peaked my interest...I havent even made it past todays post to learn more about you or your family and I am in LOVE! Actually, I may just be in love with your husband! (kidding!...sort of) today's post is SOOOOO funny! I am a new follower!! Now excuse me while I go read all your previous posts. on Douchey Dad Revisited

Easy killers.  The Hubs is receiving a few too many indecent proposals for my liking.  It's time to make him unattractive.  Have I told you about his ability to fart and burp on command?  Have I mentioned his wonky chest hair?  Yes, I said "hair."  He only has one.  Back off ladies, this funny Romeo is all mine.

OK Jen, don't feel bad, but I think I enjoyed this even more than the other Douchey post. *ducks flying wine glass!* Sorry I hope he doesn't get a big head...I know my husband would. (thank God you've been playing along w/ the drinking game or that glass might have actually hit it's mark! Feeling a little sloshed myself) on Douchey Dad Revisited

Wow, using "douche" in a post 31 times is absolutely douchetacular.I couldn't make it into a drinking game, however, because I'd be plastered before the first paragraph ended. Sir, I salute you and your douchetastic vocabulary.LOL on Douchey Dad Revisited

if you don't like the opinions and point of views expressed in PIWTPITT or any blog for that matter, DONT READ IT! For some of us, reading these rants make us physically laugh out loud, and for that I am truly grateful. Punch On! on Douchey Dad Revisited

I cannot believe you are taking time to write a blog post during the day instead of being with your kids! At least those guys were networking with real people, you are talking to cyberspace and trying to feed your wife's ego. Btw...I'm a mom. Not a country club mom, just a mom....who thinks you are both douches. on Douchey Dad Revisited

Bully!  Right?  She called me a name.  I'm being bullied, aren't I?  OK, maybe not.  So, my question is when should he write it?  During dinner with the kids?  The kids were at school when he wrote this.  You Madame are a Douchette!

Do you or your husband not work during the day?  You must be trust fund kids who just spend all day making special memories for your kids and homeschooling them so you can never be apart.  That's sweet.  The Hubs and I don't have that luxury.  We work during the day while our kids are at school and even (gasp) when they are home since we don't send them to daycare after school (double gasp).  FYI, don't worry, I'm writing this at 8 o'clock at night after my kids are safely tucked into bed.    

I love that you think it's OK to be away from your kids to "network with real people", but writing a blog and feeding my ego is not worth being away from my kids.  Thank you for setting us straight.  Next time the Hubs is ready to guest blog, I'll be sure to send him to the bar with his buddies so they can yuk it up and network while he writes and leaves me home with the kids.  

You totally described my clients, as a travel agent, we deal w/ a group of investment bankers. That is exactly what they do, their wives are all jr league types, their kids go to private school, and are named after cheese (Colby and Brie), or furniture, yes I have a client named after a piece of furniture. They go to the Caribbean for spring break, own homes on exclusive islands along the east coast, and wouldn't dream of putting a foot in Disney World. Still, they pay us the bucks to do it, and are very nice to us, but they have their moments. Not all of them are like this, but quite a few are. Great blog, tell the haters to suck it. on Douchey Dads

I can't find it, but there was a classic comment response to this one about naming your kid "Velveeta."  Loved it.  All of these names will appear in posts at some point.

Umm, hello. I thought the title Douchey Dads implied judgement. This entire blog is about judging people, it's the bread and butter of her work. Punching people in the throat would be nearly impossible without making judgments. on Douchey Dads

Please tell me you at least whispered something Jen...please tell me you didnt let this one go without a word...He deserved a "oh honey dont worry about his missing tooth...your missing soul on the other hand could be an issue." on Douchey Dads

Isn't it always the way that half an hour later you think of a great zinger like that?  I never think of them until it's too late!

I think you are wonderful Jen and I rank you up there with the bloggers you mentioned in your list. You say it like it is and call out the BS with a bullhorn. I love it! Keep up the good work! Need to do coffee again soon! on Step One of My World Domination Plan

Yes, please!

I want to say a really, really BIG THANK YOU to you Jen, for giving those of us who have felt so overwhelmed to the point of absurdity...and honestly to the point of inferiority & even sadness & guilt in a world the seemed to be marketed & dominated by the OAM's. I am not a domestic goddess, I can barely boil water, my yard lacks even an inch of "curb appeal", the list could go on forever. But I am creative, yet for a long time I described myself as someone who "used to be" creative. Why? Instead of finding joy in the things I COULD do, I was overwhelmed by what I couldn't do...The easiest way I can explain this is thru an example- like many people I could make homemade cards/invitations for my kids parties...BUT I would get so caught up in what was lacking (painstakingly detailed cutout 3-D pieces, hand written quirky little poems about my kids, you name it..) that I would end up going to the store at the very last minute buying whatever I could grab before the store closed & sending on Step One of My World Domination Plan

What makes you different? How many people have said, "you're my long lost twin" or "I think we share a brain" since you have started this blog? You're real. You identify with the everyday mom out there and that sets you apart from so many. You say what most of us are thinking in our heads. I read a couple different blogs but yours is the only one I read religiously and laugh out loud at most days. And you're the first person I think I could seriously stalk....in a good way though. Good thing you kept your trip to NH under wraps till you were on your way out! LOL on Step One of My World Domination Plan

And this is why I don't consider myself a bully.  Thank you for these comments.

WHEN you drive your swager-wagon to the Big Girl Party.... don't you DARE worry what they think!! Keep on being you!! They're all worried what YOU think!! on Step One of My World Domination Plan


Anonymous said...

"Independent thinkers" That is EXACTLY how my momma raised me and how I am encouraging my son to be as well. I agree about rudeness in our society...suddenly it's all about whatever you can get away with and entitlement...I LOVE calling people on their B.S. It's a talent that I have :) That's probably why I like this blog so much! I can relate to what you say.

Christie said...

I would suggest settling this fight over The Hubs with a girl-on-girl wresting match in either jello or mud......but that would make The Hubs waaaaay too happy and nothing is attractive about a guy sitting in the corner pleasuring himself.

Jennifer said...

Jen, Jen here. My kids ... 17 and 15, are your kids grown up. We make fun of people all the time, and we live in the south, so there are a LOT of people to make fun of. But we don't bully them. We make fun of the stereotype. And we LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH!!! And in case anyone is concerned, I am not ignoring my kids to write this... one is at work, and one should be cleaning the bathroom. And I STILL want to be you when I grow up!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the comments from the people calling you a bully. How is stating your opinion being a bully? Are we now supposed to accept rude behavior for fear that we might be bullying?

Anonymous said...

I would think the majority of the readers as well as Jen would side with the douchey dads as far as not wanting to spend anytime with your kids. The overwhelming majority of posts on this site are from parents who don't want to plan birthday parties, forget to give their children money from the tooth fairy, forget to Christmas shop until the last minute, etc.

mrskdawley said...

Anytime someone doesn't like and/or agree with someone's comment on a topic or type of person s/he is automatically labelled a "bully" ummmmm.....oh, I get it they are "entitled" to never be laughed at, poked fun of or put in their place....and when this is done they feel the need to throw a temper tantrum and call ppl names ("bully"), so who's the bully now, HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!
Have I mentioned how much I love you lately Jen?!

Karen said...

Read that Jen? I guess all that time playing Doggie-Do and conversing with your children in the car doesn't count. You have to be an OEM, stat! :p

Karen said...

OAM, that is.

Tiffanie Fry said...

"Douchey Dads".. I try to read alot of the comments as they are quite good most days, however there were so many on this post that I could not read them all, so if this topic was addressed I apologize in advance. Was I the only one that caught on to Dad was hanging with friends at the County Club, (and we all know they knock back thousands of drinks no matter what time of day it is) and he stated that he would go pick up Champ and take him to dinner! Hello!!!! Drunk douche driving around with his kid. If this post was about an OAM having a lucheon with friends having wine, then leaving to pick up said kid from Mother's Day out, you guys would have been blasting her, and calling children's services! But, hey, at least the drunk douche is involved right?

Sarah said...

This is why I love Jen, and this blog. I’m so tired of people acting like total asshats and getting away with it because people are to afraid to say anything. There are so many times I am out in the world and people’s behavior totally appalls me. Most of the time I bite my tongue and avoid confrontation but there has been a time or two that I have totally blown a gasket on strangers in public. My best example is on New Years Day a few years ago I was shopping at Macy’s with a friend (I had a gift card otherwise my ass would have been at Target) and I was standing in line waiting to cash out and I was watching a man buying ladies lingerie arguing with the cashier about a coupon that was expired. He proceeded coupon would be expired. I felt bad for the poor sales girl as she politely explained that it was expired and was trying to find a way to give him another discount on his ladies panties. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and blew up on him. I called him a fucking dick and asked him why he thought he could treat people that way. I don’t remember exactly remember how I said it but I made some sort of reference to the silk in his ladies panties not being able to hold his huge pair of balls.

Sarah said...

I meant he "Proceeded to argue that his coupon couldn't be expired because that was ridiculous."

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Hubs has almost 1900 followers! Also I love the word douchette!

Derpina Derp said...

Yeah, and I'm pretty sure it's because those horrid, underachievers are too busy making the small, everyday moments count. Yeah, I forget the tooth fairy and that damn elf stayed in the same spot 3 days in a row, but I take the time to KNOW my kids. I don't spend every waking hour planning and executing ridiculous over the top shit that they don't really care about anyway. I I sit and LISTEN to them. I TfEACH them. I take every moment I can to learn who they are and what matters to THEM. I haven't built this fairy tale version of life that exists only in my head. I'm REAL. And so is Jen. And so are her readers. We GET IT. It's YOU, my dear, that has missed the boat and I just hope you realize it before your over-indulged, selfish brats who think life is nothing but a series of never ending trips to the circus grow up and realize they have no bloody idea how to function in the real world.

TNMom said...

I love that the hubs has a fb page!! And the comment that said that Velveeta would be a good stripper name. LOL!!
And of course the comments are just as funny as the blog....the single most funny (funniest?? WHY can't I ever get that down?) thing 100 people have to say is gonna be way more funny (funnier) than 100 things one funny person has to say. Man that sounds like a train wreck but you get my point. I always read ALL the comments cause they are gold!!

Karen said...

The fuck is a bento box? I'm a shit mom.

Marcella said...

I think I love your uncle and I don't care how creepy that makes me sound.

Marta said...

I don't understand the big outcry of support for all these douchy dads. Are all those people just douches themselves and see the similarities and resent the douchy title? Because that's what I'm thinking.

Sandy said...

That's all well and dandy but if your kids dont have the opportunity to learn about the tooth fairy because you couldn't take fifteen minutes out of your day to put a damn dollar under their pillow I wouldn't say they are having the greatest childhood. I have one child and I do go over the top for her birthday, we haven't ever been to the circus however. I don't see anything wrong with being a hands on mom that takes their child to story time at the library and mommy and me dance class. Why does the way you raise your child make you such a better parent than me because I do it differently?

Cyndi said...

Thanks for the laugh. Best thing I have read all day!

Anonymous said...

True confessions...my son in law is a douchey dad...i wish i could say more but i cant! Tongue...hurts...biting...too...hard...

spymay said...

Holy crap! It's supposed to take 15 minutes to put money under your kid's pillow?I'm doing something wrong because I just kind of throw the money in the general direction(20 seconds tops).Note to self: Next time, try the 15 minute approach.I can dress up like a ninja and be all stealthy.Also, don't forget to pick up Legos before bedtime.Stepping on those things will make me scream out "MOTHERFUCKER!!"...and there's really nowhere to go with your child being rudely awakened by a ninja tooth fairy(dressed in head to toe black with wings and tooth fairy ninja stars) except to a therapist's office.

Question:Why don't you go to the circus?Was that just a point of interest or are you like allergic to clowns?They are kind of creepy...like ninja tooth fairies.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the circus thing really stood out to me, too. Please explain bc I'm intrigued. Maybe that's my problem...I skipped mommy and me dance classes to go to the circus once.

Unknown said...

I find it hilarious that so many people jumped on the bandwagon when you called mothers out on their crap...but when it comes to fathers, it seems the standards change. You called crappy dads out on their crap. Dear me, not the fathers! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that when reading this post in my gmail inbox, there is an ad for Vinegar Douches by summerseve! Target marketing.

spymay said...

See..even Target wants to get in on the doucheawesomeness.Jen, I think you're starting a trend.LOL

Julia said...

Jen, I started reading your blog because you are amusing. I keep reading because you are geniune, thoughtful,and willing to put yourself out there. Thank you!
(The Starbucks description made me laugh out loud. That's another reason I read. You are so fucking funny.)

imbogus1 said...

anonymous vs. anonymASS
Can you please help us ?

Anonymous said...

A suggestion for a post: Check out this puketastic OAM article: http://gizmodo.com/5906382/mom-of-the-year-makes-her-sons-lunch-look-like-awesome-art

7th Grade Language Arts - Mrs. Clark said...

I was thinking about dd's today when I had recess duty at the rural public school where I teach. What I thought was that douchey-ness doesn't have to be found at the country club over some scotch on the rocks or heinies.....it can also be found among the toothless, uneducated, pabst blue ribbon swilling, sent their kids to school reeking of smoke set...in short, douchey-ness crosses socio-economic lines, believe me, I've seen it first hand.

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin said...

Re: hate comments. People (for some reason) take a lot of pleasure in leaving hate comments. They take time, they savor their words, and they say stuff that is supposed to be hurtful and demeaning. Those people are worthless. It amazes me that they actually take time to read and write. I guess the Internet gives freedom to do it, and people abuse it.

Anonymous said...

General rule of thumb: do NOT make fun of people for things they can't control, for example handicaps, mental illness, etc. Jen is not doing any of those things. She is verbalizing what so many people internalize. I say "Way to go! And keep it coming!". You are amusing and REAL... We need more of that in this world.

TNMom said...

MY GOD! That is the most Ridiculous thing I have ever seen! I wonder how many hours she lost spending time with her kid making this shit!

Anonymous said...

The circus is germy and gross, I get it!

Anonymous said...

whats the problem? they are cute! I remember when my mom used to make things like this (well close enough lol) and I always loved it! knock the moms who play beer pong on their daughters 6th bday (true story) not the moms who give their kid a healthy lunch.

Kiky said...

Thank you for continuing to write and share your daily observations. I applaud your thick skin - someone's got to do it!

Anonymous said...

Which came first - "A Poke in the Eye" or "People I Want to Punch in the Throat"?

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