Wrap Up 1.27.12

This week the most popular posts were:

Things I Could do Before I had Children - A nice little jaunt down memory lane when I could pee in privacy and not in my pants every time I sneeze.
Rules for Parents of Daughters - This list is still going strong.
People Who Don't Speak Up for the Innocent - This was a post I wrote about Joe Paterno.  I had a lot of people who were highly offended and probably are no longer followers of the blog, but you know what?  I barely miss them.  I'm sorry they left, but I still stand by what I said.  I had a lot more supporters than detractors and I received a lot of supportive emails from readers - thank you!  I also received a link to this diary entry.  After reading what this woman had to say about her abuse experience I realized abuse is even more horrible than I could imagine.  
Gabrielle What's Her Name -  This is a post about the former owner of my house who is living large and avoiding the bills.  
Me - For Wanting a Minivan - My deep, dark secret.

My Favorite Comments This Week (and my responses if necessary):

So many great comments.  Where do I start...I'm pretty good with 'fuck you very much'! on Things I Could do Before I had Children. 
This and "douche canoe" will be my claims to fame someday.

Nice one, Jenn!  My fave saving from when my kids were little:  "Mommy drinks because you cry."  xoxo HK on Things I Could Do Before I had Children.
I remember you drinking before you had kids, HK.  I don't think you can blame it on the kids. 

I will let my kids throw up on me if I means I won't have to change their sheets in the middle night! on Things I Could Before I had Children.
I'm with you on this one!

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! no really.....I laugh my ass off every time I read an entry....stay strong and true,
sista...and I have no doubt you love your kids to the moon and back. You are REAL!!! Those who don't get it are living on another planet. on Things I Could do Before I had Children.
Thank you!!

Okay, so the other morning my husband and I had a little extra time before the kids got up for school so we started fooling around. It was dark and quiet in our room, the fan was making just enough noise in the hallway to keep the kids sleeping and our door was shut. my husband and I were actually having sex when he said..."Jacob...?" And out of the corner of my eye I saw the silluette (sp?) of our 8 year old sit upright on the floor. He had come into our room in the middle of the night because of a bad dream. I quicky covered myself with what was available - 2 pillows - and told him he needed to leave and he quickly complied. I went into his room after getting dressed and told him that if hes going to come in our room, he needs to tell one of us that he's there. I went back in our room and my husband asked me if I called him a cock-blocker!! Not so much. :-/ on Things I Could do Before I had Children.
You should start saving now for his therapy bills.  

I have no children, and this list and comments have scared the living piss out of me enough to keep putting it off... on Things I Could do Before I had Children.
This is the best form of birth control.  It should be mandatory reading for anyone before they have kids - especially high school students.

Yes! and as I sit on the toilet reading this my daughter shouts from outside, "MOM are you done YET? I don't hear any ploppers." on Things I Could do Before I had Children. 
Teeheehee.  'Ploppers.'

Keep the faith, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Being empty nesters my wife and I are now free to do all those things you say you can't do anymore. All except the sex on the kitchen floor. By the time you are an empty nester age has taken a certain toll on your body. If we were to get down on the kitchen floor, we'd have to call fire and rescue to come help us up. on Things I Could do Before I had Children.
Can't wait.  And then I'll complain that my kids never come to visit me.

My additions:  If all your friends and family hate your boyfriend - it's not because they don't understand him, it's because he's a GIANT PIECE OF SHIT.  Listen to them - they can see it way before you will. on Rules for Parents of Daughters.

Teach your daughters how to use inflection. If every sentence out of there mouth? sounds like it's a question? they just sound stupid? And that it's even more annoying when they do the "Broken Headed Barbie" (wide eyes, big smile, and head tilted to the side.)with it. Completely impossible to credit her with any intelligence whatsoever. on Rules for Parents of Daughters.
O. M. G.  I totally know what you're talking about?  We should totally do that!?  

Your blog was sent to me by my best friend in HS's father who I have not seen in 25 years but whom follows my blog. I instantly fell in love with your blog. I blog about punk rock and special needs parenting and so much more. on Blog Love - Not a Punch.
I needed a flow chart to figure out how you got my blog.  I love that you still speak to your best friend's dad after 25 years.  Gotta love the Internet!  I can't wait to read your blog, it sounds like a trip.  

This is in fact what is wrong with our country today and Gabrielle is just one of the few living this way. She and others like her make me puke. We are basically rewarding those that continually make bad financial decisions anymore. Sick, sick, sick. on Gabrielle What's Her Name.

You have Gabrielle, I have James! I get calls all the time for him. I know exactly where he works, who is wife is...and I know that his ex-wife is PISSED that she isn't getting her child support payments because her lawyer called me last month. I'm too invested in this family to change my number now...on Gabrielle What's Her Name.

Why dont you just change the house phone line number? on Gabrielle What's Her Name.
I've said this before, but it's worth repeating here.  I don't have Gabrielle's number.  It was my own number.  The creditors follow an address and call all the numbers associated with the address.  I don't want to change the number, because they'd find me anyway.  Also, I'm just curious to see what Gabrielle is up to.

This story seems incredulous. Phones don't transfer with home ownership. It's okay if it's a fake story cuz it was entertaining anyway, but come on. There's no way you had the same phone # as the previous occupant. Plus the rest of the story is highly controversial. Jet planes? I don't know...but it's those phone calls that raised an eyebrow with me. on Gabrielle What's Her Name.
See the above response to see why they creditors have my number.  Private jet travel is not as uncommon as you might think.  I know several people who travel by private jet - but they pay their bills or actually own the jet themselves.

I finally gave in and got one. I have 3 kids and with all of their crap, it was a necessity. It's black with slidey doors and stow and go seating so I can hide my chocolate stash. The most important thing is that I NEVER refer to it as a mini-van. It's my "Mobile Command Center." on Me - For Wanting a Minivan.
If I got one, I'd want "MCC" on my license plate.

I love my 'God'essey. It was a stuggle in the beginning not to park far away from my destination to avoid being seen in my mini-van. But I'm used to it now and call it my mobile purse. There really is a compartment for EVERYTHING. on Me - For Wanting a Minivan.
I changed my mind.  My license plate would say "God SC."

So did you punch yourself yet and knock some sense into your head? Don't do it! on Me - For Wanting a Minivan. The hubs offered to take me to the dealership twice this week and both times I was too busy. I'm still interested, but it's not on the top of my list this week.

I just blogged about this the other day! My truck was in the shop and we had to get a rental. I was thinking it was going to be something along the lines of a Ford Focus or something. Nope, it was a tricked out Chrysler Town and Country. For the love of all things holy! I am not a minivan driver. Can't do it. Won't do it. Despite all the bells and whistles -- dual slidey doors, dual DVD players, hands free tailgate, "leathah" interior and so forth -- it held no appeal. I was SO glad to turn that suckah back in to Enterprise. My daughter on the other hand? While there weren't any tears, she did have a few quiet moments stroking the back bumper as she said her good-byes, I shit you not. on Me - For Wanting a Minivan.

We traded in a Cadillac Escalade for a Toyota Sienna and I EFFING love it! My hubs was completely against the idea for all the above stated reasons. I had to work on him for about 3 months and finally convinced him based on gas mileage :) Now HE loves it too. He drives that sucker with pride. I only wish we would have waited until these newest models were out. I about have a you know what when I see the brand new Siennas or Odysseys. Good luck on your quest sister! on Me - For Wanting a Minivan.

My ex-huaband's dream car was a minivan. He also wore a helmet as a child...no judgment, just saying. on Me - For Wanting a Minivan.

I can't stand when people say "Just saying."  Just sayin'.  ;)

Thanks for all the comments this week!  I look forward to reading the comments every week so keep 'em coming!


Lilliana said...

"If all your friends and family hate your boyfriend - it's not because they don't understand him, it's because he's a GIANT PIECE OF SHIT. Listen to them - they can see it way before you will."


Virginia Mom of Three said...

I also can't stand people who say "Just saying"...what do they mean, really?!?! I'd love for you to write a piece on this one, please!

Ali said...

I clicked on the link (I also received a link to this diary entry. After reading what this woman had to say about her abuse experience I realized abuse is even more horrible than I could imagine.) And it literally brought my to tears and made me want to throw up at the same time. I don't know if I'm sorry I read it or not, how horrific. And I agree with your initial punch. Football is a fucking game, who give a shit what JoPa did for college fucking football. These are CHILDREN'S lives we're talking about. Anderson Cooper's daytime show did an expose about the "Penn State Scandal" shortly after it broke and one survivor of abuse (not Jerry Sandusky's) said, imagine you're that little boy being raped in the shower when the asst. coach walked in, and all you feel is relief because you think someone is here to save you. it's going to stop now because someone is here to save you. and NO ONE ever does. it just keeps going and going. what's worse, the abuse? or the disappointment that someone SAW what happened, and no help ever came.

Virginia Mom of Three said...


Jessica said...

Also hate when people say, "Not gonna lie, but..." Like otherwise, you would have lied? Is that particular statement going to be extra-truthy, but everything else out of your mouth is riddled with falsehoods? I find that the only believable thing in that situation is that I want to punch the offender directly in the throat.

imbogus1 said...

Thanks for the kudos. I love this blog. Just sayin'...oops (fmvm).

marie said...

This has nothing to do with your you weekly rap up, but I would love to know what you think on this. I witnessed a 16 yr old girl tell her coach, "if you respect me I will respect you." The kid wasnt getting her way on something, and has a huge attitude problem. She was also outside screaming at her father about when the fuck he was going to pick her up. I know I was taught to respect my elders, teachers etc. Thoughts? I know I wanted to punch her but its illegal...oh and her father then came and screamed at the coach too...

Julie said...

Love the "I shit you not" on the end of one of the minivan comments. Forgot what a wonderful phrase that is - I think I'll start using it again today.

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