Weekly Wrap Up 1.20.12

This week went by sooo fast!  I can't believe it's already at an end.  

Top read posts this week were:

Rules for Parents of DaughtersThis list wasn't as funny as my boy's list and I got some flack for that.  I feel that boys do a lot more "gross" things than girls do that should be stopped and girls do more self-destructive things and that's not funny.  This one also went viral this week.  Thanks again to those of you who kept sharing it. 

Open Letter to Beyonce & Jay-Z - I was very excited to hear from the Nash Coulon mom who is the NICU mom who inspired me to write this.  Their second baby just got released from the NICU this week so that's why they've been MIA about this story.  Her comment is below.

Rules for Raising BoysThis was in response to a sweet list I saw making the rounds about teaching boys to do laundry and such.  This was just my snarky take on what I thought could have been added to the list.

Little Bags of Crap - I was so relieved to learn this week that I am not the only one raising a little bag lady and that we can all star in "Hoarders" together.

The Doctors at CHOP - I got fired up because a little girl was denied a transplant because of her mental deficiencies.  

The Parents of Storm Stock-Witterick - An article came out yesterday about a family similar to this finally revealing their child's sex and it prompted me to re-post this one.

My favorite comments of the week (and my responses):

I was looking for a DS in my daughters room and found a bag filled with books and a pumpkin. A real pumpkin she must have taken from the front steps. She's 9. on Little Bags of Crap

I'm not sure that some of our kids will every outgrow the bags of crap stage.  Last year I found my own little bag of crap in the front hall.  It was a Target bag and I was sure it was a return I kept forgetting to take back.  After by-passing it for far too long, I finally stopped one day and grabbed it only to find it was REALLY heavy.  I looked inside and there was a moldering pumpkin that I had obviously thrown in there after Thanksgiving thinking I'd chuck it in the garbage and never did.  

People who read blogs and then bitch about the content.  Double punch for people with poor reading comprehension skills who read blogs incorrectly and bitch about imagined content.  Nope.  Triple punch. on Got a Punch?

I could not agree more nor say it better myself.  

Hi.  I want to thank you for this incredibly on point and sensitive post.  I am the mommy of the preemies in question at Lenox Hill.  My husband I WERE in fact kept from seeing our children amongst various other horrible instances that you so accurately accounted above.  It was an absolute nightmare.  One of our twins is still in the NICU, and we  haven't gotten one apology from the Beyonce/Jay Z camp.  The complaints that were "dropped" were not ours and we are still fighting this fight.  And we need more folks like you to continue to stand up for what is right.  Thanks and see you out in the trenches.  Nash-Coulon Mom on Open Letter to Beyonce and Jay-Z

I'm so glad to hear from you and I'm glad you have told your side.  Good luck with the fight.

HA!  You are hysterical, really I do love reading your post.  However, I am one of those overachieving moms that is planning to throw a "Potty Like A Rock Star Party for my just turned 2 year old potty trained son.  I don't plan on inviting many people, just my neighbors kids who have also recently been potty trained.  Albeit it won't be as elaborate and gorgeous as the one on the blog, it will be on a smaller scale.  Some parents bribe their kids with tooth rotting candy, or buy them all sorts of dangerous and non-educational toys, I throw him a party!  I am after all a party planner ;).  I get that it's not for everyone, but there is a market out there for over the top parties, and in this world you have to think outside the box sometimes. 

Please understand I am in no way offended, I love reading your posts, and plan on doing so for a long time. I just thought I'd add a little wrench in and see how many moms are horrified that one of your readers is one of "those moms" LOL. on Potty Parties

I'm glad you have a sense of humor about the potty party and you're not afraid to admit you want to throw one.  Haha.  I think that's terrific.  I saw a lot of comments about how cute the decorations were.  I'm sure there are more potty partiers out there than we know.

I was also glad to see that the women from the Potty Party blog had a sense of humor and could chuckle too (and get some decent traffic on their site.  I know someone will buy a party kit in the next few days).  I was disappointed to read some of the comments left over there though.  I know you guys feel strongly sometimes and I think it's totally fine to rant and rave on my comments section, but I really don't like when another blog gets bombed with a bunch of comments about the way kids look and such.  I just think kids should be left out of it.     

Ah now SOPA really has me mad, I miss your insights more than Wikipedia any day ;) on SOPA and PIPA

Awwww, thanks!

Wish I could have a bye bye thumb sucking party...after cake and ice cream mommy's gonna cut your thumb off.  LOL on Potty Parties

I am so with you!  Maybe the potty party girls can come up with something for us.  THAT is a party I would throw.  I am so sick of the thumb sucking!!


Spirit of Hope and Kindness Awards said...

Another brilliant week. The gift of being able to make so many people laugh and brighten their day, is truly a gift to be cherished. Thanks for all that you bring to this world. xo

Unknown said...

My aunt told me (when I was four years old) that if I continued to suck my thumb it would grow warts and worms would wiggle out of them. I pretty much stopped sucking my thumb right then and there but almost 31 years later I am still terrified of worms. Um, thanks?

kristle said...

I have to admit that I have read "Little Bags of Crap" at least four times. So so true!!! ... and I'm guilty.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write.

Derpina Derp said...

Nash-Coulon Mom,

KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT!! As a mom who has lived the NICU nightmare (and may soon be living it again), please keep striving to get the word out there. The reprehensible behavior of these selfish divas needs to be addressed so that no parent EVER has to go through something like this again!! The "normal" NICU rules and regulations are hard enough on a parent of a sick infant. The mere idea of a private party being allowed to add to the burden just because they are rich and famous is disgusting! EVERY parent should be outraged on your behalf. I know I am! Prayers and good thoughts to you and your tiny ones. Hopefully, both will soon be hike with you where they belong.

Auntie Bea said...

I have 4 little hoarders. I just house trained my youngest, and believe me if ANYBODY gets a party it should be ME. Was a NICU mom, and mother to THREE daughters that I hope to raise into healthy, happy, well-adjusted young women. I have high hopes for my almost teenaged son and since my reading comprehension skills are above a 5th grade level I thought all of your posts were fantastic. I wish I were a better writer, but since I'm not I'll enjoy your daily punches. Keep them coming!

Derpina Derp said...

*home with you

Kris said...

You said your post about rules for parents with daughters was not as funny as that for sons. I disagree. I think that post was one of the most inspired. Coming from the daughter's perspective, one can really cherish having parents who had the foresight to teach me many of the things you wrote about. The post was inspired and hilarious because I could relate to it and I feel like those rules are a bit funny and 'quirky', for lack of a better word, but they do make a difference. Thanks for the list! It's one of my favorites and I gladly shared it with those that I know.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being you and not afraid to show us. While some might not agree, I agree that the kids should NEVER be brought into any comment. It is not their fault what their parents do or how they behave. They are only a product of their environment (aka parents). Please know that I have shared several of your stories, especially the "Elf" story. Whenever I need a pick me up, I go back and read that story over again and I feel better instantly. Please continue to be you.


Abby said...

So I've been reading your blog for a while, and I was wondering if you'd mind if I shared the link to one of your posts on my blog? I just really love your style of writing and just crack up whenever I read them (which gets interesting when it's during computer class at school...) ;)

AmyD said...

Thanks to you I now rate my day on how many people I want to punch in the throat. If its less than 5, its a good day. Keep up the great work! Love it!

mindy starr cone said...

i just wanted to say thanks for those follow up comments on our potty party - i think those were the only comments that made me sad - the ones about the kids. all the others i could laugh at :)

i am a new fan of yours - i like your sense of humor. i can take a jab for a good laugh! and you are right - it did inc traffic. feel free to punch me any time!

- mindy from CREATIVE JUICE

Jen Piwtpitt said...

Mindy, People email me every week to punch them, haha. I'm glad you could take a joke. You gained a fan too.

Jen Piwtpitt said...

I insist you share anything you'd like. Please share!!

CL said...

I am so glad you got a response from a parent at Lenox Hill. I may not be a patent, but I am a teacher and if I see someone messes with my students, I become a mama badger on their asses. I can only image what I would do as a parent with a baby in the NICU. I'd probably be in jail and several people would be decapitated or without
genetailia. Jay Z and Beyonce should be ashamed. I also would LOVE to see that post go viral. I think douche bags such as then should be up to scrunity by the public. Especially because they named the baby Blue Ivy which is another name for marijuana. Brilliant! Probably named after the reason they got pregnant in the first place (perhaps the reason why Mariah and Nick add their baby Moriccan?)

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