Weekly Wrap Up 10.13.12

Another week over and all I have to show for it is one trashed house.  Seriously.  I know I complain a lot about how messy my house can get, but this week is ridiculous.  I had 200 books delivered to my house in 5 boxes (so those are still sitting in the hallway), I had 100 bubble wrap mailers delivered - another box and our weather has been anything from 80 degrees to 50 degrees this week so I have an assortment of jackets, coats, hats, flip flops, rain boots and tennis shoes strewn through out the house.

I've ignored all of this so I could focus on what's important:  perfecting my signature so I can sign some books!  Needless to say, it's still not perfected.  I apologize to those of you who will receive a book that looks like my signature says "Mary."  I got a little carried away and decided my "M"s are so much better looking than my "J"s.

If you ordered a signed copy through PayPal, then start checking your mail.  I finished them all and I will be dropping them off at the post office today.  

Top Read Posts This Week:

Open Letter to Bra Manufacturers - Wowza.  I say one little thing about how I'd like to have a sports bra that I can actually play sports in and I get 145 responses.  Looks like I'm not alone!  I actually tweeted this post to Jockey and Maidenform and told them I had a product survey for them if they'd just read the comments.  They both tweeted me back.  Jockey has offered to send me a bra, but it won't be ready until Spring 2013.  Looks like I'll have to jiggle a bit longer.  In the meantime, I'm going to check out bras from Title Nine, Enell, and Moving Comfort.  There were lots of recommendations, but these three came up the most so I'll start with them.  Thanks so much for the advice!  If you need a sports bra, check out the comments, ladies!

The Most Epic Bridezilla Ever - I think that we can all agree that if nothing else this bride needs to figure out the difference between "your" and "you're."  Oh, and stop being such a bitch.

Sexy Halloween Costumes - I'm working on my sexy bag lady costume.  I'm going to make a fortune!  It will be a nude body suit with Target and Wal Mart bags glued to strategic places.

Make Them Laugh Gomer - Gomer is afraid to make people laugh.

A Little Update - Nook is killing me, but your reviews are making me happy!  If you've read the book and you want to help me, please leave a review on Amazon.  Thanks!

The winners of the Lightbringer series has been chosen!  K.D. McEntire has offered to give away not ONE, but TWO copies of each book!  I have contacted the winners via email and/or Twitter.

My Favorite Comments (and My Replies if Necessary):

Jen, When you get rich and famous (anonymously of course) will you retain your proper perspective on the world? Good luck on the book and I love your BLOG. on A Little Update

Give me a chance to get rich and famous first and then I'll let you know.  I think I could still bitch quite a bit from a beach in Maui.  

Just need to know before I spring for the book: Is there any mention of hard limits or inner goddesses? on A Little Update

Of course there are!  My hard limits include cookie exchanges and annual family pictures. 

Great to hear! Just want to make sure that you are using your new "Bic for Women" pens to sign your autographed copies... on A Little Update

It feels so right in my hand.  It's like I never knew how to write properly before!

Too funny! I was taking my daughters through the Halloween store and had to not only try to steer them away from the slutty girl costumes but the couples costume set of a plug (guy - guess where it was?) and eletrical outlet(girl- guess where?) and the guy genie costume that said "rub here". Seriously?!?!? They should at least put a sign up saying "adult section". Nothing like a 10 year old asking "why does it say rub there?" on Sexy Halloween Costumes

OK, that plug and socket costume is so stupid.  Many years ago when Gomer was still a baby my MOM'S group hosted a family Halloween party.  They do it every year and it's just a bunch of families with kids up to age 12 or so.  Some woman and her husband showed up as the plug and socket.  WTF? Who wears that to a family-friendly party?  It was so weird and awkward to talk to them.  

I think if they saw the picture of my big 'ol gut hanging out of that watermelon, they'd stop selling this shit. on Sexy Halloween Costumes

Uh, the Unicorn probably has another meaning.....in the 'lifestyle' world of sex and swingers, a unicorn is a single hot chick that likes threesomes (rare like a unicorn). I shit you not. on Sexy Halloween Costumes

Whoa.  You learn something new every day, don't you?  I am so fucking sheltered.

Just purchased it thru Paypal... Can't wait to get it!!!!! You're a true inspiration Jen! I Love PIWTPITT!!!! on Buy My Book

Thank you for your purchase!  Your book is on its way!

Gomer: I believe in realistic advice, so here's mine. School is tough. School is waaaay tougher than being a grown-up sometimes. Because those people who laugh at you make up your whole world, and you can't just leave when you feel like it. But those people who laugh at you... guess what? You laugh louder than them. Turn it around on them. Because if you can laugh at yourself, then they have no power over you. I let what other people thought of me rule over my days at school. And you know what? I missed out on a lot of fun because of it. Now that I'm a grown-up, I do a lot of silly, goofy stuff just because I can. Don't be like me. Do the silly, goofy stuff now! Don't wait! Be who you feel like being. Not who everyone else wants you to be. on Make Them Laugh, Gomer

Go Gomer! Never ever hide your gift of making people laugh. Sometimes, life can be hard and there are plenty of sad things in this world. We all need people like you and your mom who have the ability to tell an amazing story and brighten up our day. on Make Them Laugh, Gomer

12 years after my wedding, I still apologize to my bridesmaids for the killer shoes, (as in they killed their feet, while I made sure I wore flats for comfort) and a backless dress that required a paste-on bra. This letter made me feel like the nicest bride in the entire world. Thank you psycho beast bride. It appears I may actually be normal after all! on The Most Epic Bridezilla Ever

This wedding is a sh*t show...with that loon as the star! I kind of want to go. on The Most Epic Bridezilla Ever

I *almost* understand the bit about making them commit to every event- almost. I had four bridesmaids. Two of them flaked on the bachelorette last minute (I mean they called me an hour into the party). One had to clean her room, and one couldn't come because another guest at the party was prettier than her. Seriously. Guess which ones I'm still in contact with 7 years later... on The Most Epic Bridezilla Ever

Just downloaded your book from Amazon, Jen. I had to start reading right away and I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! I wouldn't be able to hang with those OAMs with 101 things to do with the Elf on a Shelf. I don't even know who the hell that guy is! I must have living under a rock since I've got a kindergartener boy, a 4 year old girl, and a 2 month old. OR I'm too damn busy keeping the peace at home on my fours hours of sleep a night. They can be the only kids who grow up without the Elf phenomena. Great read - I'm sharing with my friends! :) on My Book is Ready for Purchase!!


Anonymous said...

How do I get a book if I want to pay with a money order?


Jen Piwtpitt said...

Email me, Stephanie, and let's figure it out. sweetsadiecreations@gmail.com

Jen Piwtpitt said...

You can do this, Stephanie. https://www.moneypak.com/PayPal/Index.aspx

dailone said...

MY wife'm a D and the best front opening sports bra for me is Moving Comfort Maia. You can get them for a great price at Amazon. It really keeps "the girls" in place, even during a marathon.

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