Wrap Up 8.10.12

This wrap up is going to be quick and dirty like _______________ (insert all the filthy jokes you want).

I arrived home from BlogHer '12 exhausted and starved.  Apparently water is very expensive at the Hilton, because we were rarely offered any, but booze is cheap (I was given so many drink tickets that I came home with unused tickets - maybe they'll use the same color next year and I can sell them to the lushes).  We were also served heavy appetizers for dinner every night.  Lucky for me, I have fat stores to rely on, but I'm not sure how those skinny minnie girls survived it - I think some of my gluten-free friends actually died of starvation.

The best thing about BlogHer was meeting several of you readers.  It was always nice to hear, "You don't look as angry as I thought you would."  I keep saying it, but no one hears:  I'm not always angry.

The second best thing about BlogHer was that Quilted Northern was a sponsor.  Because of this, they changed out all the crappy, cheap hotel toilet paper in the bathrooms with QN.  Ahhh....  It was so nice to have quality TP even though I was severely dehydrated and rarely used the facilities.

Top Read Posts for the Last 2 Weeks:

Open Letter to Sadist Teachers - This was a repost from last summer.  I did not write this open letter, but I wish I had.  I thought it was hysterical.

Annoying Renters - I love most of my renters.  Luckily the one I hate moved out.

Both of these posts got a bit tense in the comments section.  Everyone, take a deep breath and laugh.  These are funny rants that are supposed to make you chuckle and say, "Oh shit, I do that too."  That's all.

The Unicorn and the Douchebag - I wrote about the guy who punched the unicorn cake at BlogHer and I heard from many people that I've got my story wrong.  Apparently it is "tradition" to destroy the cake.  Silly me.  When I see cake I think eat it, not destroy it.  If this is indeed tradition, I would not be the one to get in the way of it.  Punch away.

However, I think it's a stupid tradition.  I think drunk people attacking cakes is pretty ridiculous.  I also stand by my opinion that it's not funny at all for the people who have to clean that shit up.  It was 1:30 in the morning and the Hilton staff surely wanted to get out of there and suddenly they had a huge mess to clean up.

There was some debate in the comments of this post about whether men should be allowed at BlogHer. I could give a rat's ass about men at BlogHer.  I only met one guy.  He was very nice and when I asked him what he hoped to gain from the conference his answer made sense.  Men aren't the problem.

Maybe I'm the problem.

I can't stand people who are disrespectful and destructive.  These are grown adults at a conference that is supposed to be for enrichment and instead they're getting loaded and punching cakes.  It's just very odd to me and I don't find it hysterical.  

I do and say many things that LOTS and LOTS of people do not find funny (read all of my comments some day when you're bored and you'll find loads of people who do not find me hilarious) and I tell them to get a sense of humor.  So I will just say:   Let's agree to disagree.  The organizers and the tradition-keepers of this event find this act ah-may-zingly funny.  Fine.  I do not.  Whatever.  I just hope BlogHer left a big tip and I won't be attending Sparklecorn again.  My panties are now unbunched.

Ryan Lochte and His Mom - He's a slut and his mom said so.  I've heard that he's changing his story about what "one night stand" means.  I haven't bothered to look into it, because frankly, I'm not a journalist and nothing can change my opinion of him.

Overachieving Elf on the Shelf - Whoa.  It's August, right?

There were tons of comments this week and I read all of them.  They come through on my phone so I can keep up.  However, I just haven't had the time to dig through and find the gems this week.  I can tell you, there are many good ones (especially on the Lochte post) so check them out.


Marcella said...

What do you and Chik-fil-a have in common? You both have a bunch of new haters following you. People...Frankie say RELAX.

Notes From ABroad said...

I guess I missed the stuff that causes hate.
Although these days, I save my hate for those who really deserve it, child molesters, animal abusers, you know, that sort of thing.
The great thing I find about having a blog is ... it is MY blog. I can say anything I want. No one has to agree, like or even read it.
So I guess I just don't get the people who spend their ( apparently limitless time) going around "hating" blogs/bloggers.
I am not a person who will willingly go to any sort of meeting, get together, reunion or huge event such as a convention .. truthfully, I never went to one and at my advanced age, it is safe to say, I'm not gonna go to one. I will remain here in my room on my computer, liking things and ignoring the ones I don't like.
But I sure as hell don't get those people who have to go to the trouble of letting the world and certain people know that they don't like them. I guess my response would be, Grow up.
Thank you for letting me vent.
It is a rainy day and the anniversary of a sad event in my life, I am gonna be nasty all day.

This Is Fifty With Lil said...

Where's the "like" button for this comment.

Delfin Joaquin Paris III said...

I cannot tell you how unhappy I am that you did not seek me out to meet at BlogHer.


Do better next time.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got rid of the eco-chafe toilet paper. Nothing worse.

BreeBree said...

Your blog is great, I love it! I created my own now so I can not be such an anonymous stalker!


Jen Piwtpitt said...

I assumed the one guy I saw was going to be you. Who knew so many guys go to BlogHer? I didn't see you standing in the middle of the Hilton yelling "Punchy, where are you?" Next time we will both do better.

Notes From ABroad said...

Awww, thank you L Carilo ! I like that :)

I also want to say that I have been quite sheltered from some of the ( in my opinion) more demented pastimes of certain people ... who the **** would have a party to smash a cake ? I mean, really ... are they 12 ?

~*~MizTink~*~ said...

L Carilo, I was going to ask the same thing!!! I love this comment!!

NotesFromAbroad, I'm sorry today is the anniversary of a sad event for you AND that it has to be a rainy day as well. I hope that you can make it through today with limited sadness, but I enjoy nasty ;) I will definitely be hopping on over to check out your blog :)

~*~MizTink~*~ said...

Not sure how I missed your cake punching rant!! I am going to have to check that out! Punching cakes....WoW!! I always assumed you were supposed to eat them. That just seems like such an asinine way to WASTE perfectly good CAKE!!

Linda Roy said...

I was so stoked at the prospect of hearIng you read at Voices Of the Year. I had to pee the whole time, but did not get up, so great was my need to hear and see the elusive PIWTPITT!! Alas, your need to remain anonymous outweighed my need and I can totally get behind that. But I hope I get a chance next time to tell you in person how much I enjoy your sense of humor. And I agree with you on the cake issue. Violence against pastry is NEVER the answer.

SarahJoy said...

I have to say - every time I read your blog I smile! This week it was the Sadist Teacher that got me smiling!

I am a teacher, however I teach Music, so I have no supply lists needed, since we don't do that kind of "artsy" stuff in my class.

Last year I decided to MAKE INSTRUMENTS with my 4th graders - OMG!! I was pulling my hair out with the items I received from parents.

I asked for parents to donate (if they could) used pencils, construction paper, masking tape or duct tape and tissue paper.

I received painters tape (which doesn't stick for anything!!), packing tape (which was wasted because it kept sticking to itself causing a HUGE mess), and one parent sent in 16 boxes of tissues!

Needless to say, I still have all of my hair, but I will NO LONGER do art projects in the music room - especially since many parents did not read the list!

I love your blog - and I am looking forward to reading your entries daily to put a smile on my face after a long day in the classroom!

Kathy V. said...

Hmm. In the light of tradition, I don't think I have a problem with punching the cake ... so long as the punchers are the ones who clean it up. And they should still leave an enormous tip for the staff. Still, I think it would be a better tradition to eat the cake. I'd love to come home from a big conference to my loving husband and child, and say, "Hi Honey! Guess what I did! I ate a unicorn's ass!"

lorihokie said...

Ha! I am totally going to take credit for the Elf on the Shelf revival (even if it's just my fantasy that so many people read my blog and then clicked on the link to yours). :-)
Truly it was an inspired post!

lorihokie said...

16 boxes of tissues? hahahahaha, seriously, some people need to review the reading comprehension part of the SAT

SarahJoy said...

LOL Lori! :)

Me said...

I'm loving your blog so damn hilarious thanks for the laughs!

TNMom said...

I would totally be pissed if I were at a party with cake and someone punched the cake! Pointless and wasteful. Often, eating cake is the best part of the party.
Yeah the teachers and anti-teachers (?) got all riled up didn't they?
Glad you didn't die from starvation, or any other reason. :)

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