Weekly Wrap Up 3.16.12

This was my first week back from our Florida vacation. I would normally say that at this point I'm buried under laundry, but since my FABULOUS mother did all our laundry for me I can't even complain about that! (Thank you, Mom!!)

The kids had this week off from school so we did a little "staycation." Ha! I don't know who came up with that word or what it means exactly, but in my house it means lots of TV and a trashed house. At least the weather has been gorgeous so the kids can go outside and get dirty. It's been so warm here I actually caved tonight and turned on the AC. Our house was 80 degrees and we have too many allergies to be open window people.

I've got a few more days of staycation so I better get this wrap up done asap so we can we go to our watergun battle!

Top Read Posts:

The Happiest Place on Earth - I took the kids to Disney last week. You couldn't pay me enough to be a castmember at Disney. I think I would rather dig ditches in Texas in the summer before I'd say, "Have a magical day!"

The Parents Who Left Their Kids Behind at Chuck E. Cheese - Yup. Two families in two weeks left their kids at Chuck E. Cheese. I do not need to worry about getting Worst Parent of the Year Award this year, it seems there will be a tie.

Me - At the Beach - We hit the beach in Florida. I'm not a fan of sand, but my kids enjoyed it. The things I do for my kids!

The Hubs & the United Airlines Guy - The Hubs had "words" with the United Airlines guy about our booster seats. He was pretty kick ass. A lot of people forwarded the post to United Airlines, I'm waiting for their phone call which I'm sure will come shortly.

Seriously, Hubs? - The one time in my life I had to pack for the Hubs for a trip and instead of thanking me we had a fight.

Favorite Comments (and My Responses):

Have you watched the show Dance Moms? I would love to hear your comments on that one... on Contact Me

I have heard a lot about this show. I need to set my DVR so I can see what the hoopla is all about.

For the dentist I have two words Jenkins and LeBlanc. My daugther loves this place after having creepy pediatric dentist. BTW love the blog you keep me laughing all day long! on People Who Work With Children, But Don't Like Them

That's who I'm talking about...

I used to want to be a teacher. Then I realized I did not enjoy children in groups of more than 2... and sometimes that's too many. on People Who Work With Children, But Don't Like Them

I also wanted to be a teacher. The kids were OK, I realized it was the parents I had no desire to deal with.

Maybe they were HOPING someone would take the child off their hands. You know...the child is impossible to potty train, diapers are expensive, kid's an excessive whiner, the list could go on and on. Hell, with 10 kids, just feeding them all would be crazy expensive. At least at CEC, there'd be plenty of food and entertainment for the abandoned child. on The Parents Who Left Their Kids Behind at Chuck E. Cheese

Holy Friggin' Crap! Just found your blog & woke my snoring "hubs" from the recliner, cracking up w/ tears soaking my face. LOVE THIS! on Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies

Who knew anyone was still reading the Elf these days? Welcome!

This is why there should be standardized testing to bring kids home from the hospital. on The Parents Who Left Their Kids Behind at Chuck E. Cheese

Maybe if her parents had given her an elaborate (cough Marie Antoinette cough) themed bday party they would have realized she was missing...maybe... ;) on The Parents Who Left Their Kids Behind at Chuck E. Cheese

I can say many things about the OAMs, but my guess is none of them have ever left the birthday child at a Chuck E. Cheese.

Best rebuttal ever. You are Dean of Students in the School of Blogging. Professor Punch. I continue to learn from you daily. Love and Gratitude. PS - You deserve to be #1...enjoy it. on Weekly Wrap Up 3.12.12

Hmm...now I can't decide which I like better:  The Jeneral or Professor Punch.

I just read through the comments on Frenchie's Pity Party Post (hey--there's one party that costs nothing). One could literally write a sonnet dedicated to Frenchie, using all the fluffy words of encouragement and hand holding that's going on over there. In fact:


"Someone has used you, your motherhood,
your beauty, your creativity,
your Angles first birthday party...."
"The world can be an ugly place...."
"Keep on living and sharing your gift."

Wait, that's not a sonnet. Oh well. Just out me as an underachiever. on Weekly Wrap Up 3.12.12

Okay..I have to admit I was about to quit reading you because honestly I was tired of all the negative crap. And I do have a little problem that you pretty much blog anonymously but I get it..it gives you a little more freedom to say what you want without someone trying to burn down your house (see Marie Antoinette trailer trash over the top birthday party giver)
And you hate the beach..BUT when you said you were a "bullshit caller" whoa..gotta keep reading because that is what you do and calling out the bs'rs can be negative. You do make me laugh but I guarantee that every once in awhile even though we already know this we can take a few words about how awesome your kids are and some more positive stuff..balances out everything else..giving you tons of credit for being real and honest. So rare these days. I am here for the duration! on Weekly Wrap Up 3.12.12

I appreciate your honesty and I'm glad you decided to stick around.  I am such a narcissist that I'd love to plaster my name all over this blog and go on "Today" and tell everyone who I am.  Unfortunately, I can really rile people up and they can get a bit cr-A-zy about my opinions so I prefer to stay as anonymous as I can so that my kids are protected.  It's also good to know that you wouldn't mind a little nice stuff here and there.  To be honest, sometimes I have pretty terrific days and it's tough not to share them with you all.

I agree. It's sad to read some poor writing from a sweat pant woman who tries way too hard to be funny but at the same time goes out of her way to "whore herself out" for a stupid minivan... Get ourself real dreams and ideals! I'm outta here too. on I'm This Much Closer to a MinivanSee ya and don't let my automatic slidey doors hit you on your way out.   I always love to see where people will draw the line with me.  Sometimes it's over politics and sometimes it's the hate of Mobile Command Centers.

You've wanted to punch me when I was the blonde cheerleader in high school, when I was top in the class in college (and your boyfriend left you for me). And now that Im the Over Achieving Mom its the same feeling. Im used to this treatment and reaction, its nothing new to me and guess what? You'll never be me....and thats why you want to punch me in the throat. 

And this is why I love, love, love my readers.  I didn't need to even respond to this one, because Meredith was all over it.  Here is Meredith's kick ass response:

"OR...she wants to punch you because you're annoying and high on yourself. It's one thing to be confident, it's quite another to awaken every day believing you're so awesome that everyone aspires to be you. That's called delusional. And, did I mention it's also annoying?"

I will add, are you 23?  Why are all of your examples from 20 years ago?  Have you not accomplished anything worth bragging about since then?  

PS. Would you mind voting for me again?  Please and Thank you.  Only three more days! 


Unknown said...

I teach grade 2. My kids are... well.... kids. However, I do suspect some of their moms may be related to Elphaba. Am tempted to throw some water on a couple at our next conference.

pam said...

I don't really agree that you are anonymous... I know that your name is Jen, your husband is Asian, you're both realtors in Kansas and you have two kids. All of this has been stated on your blog. I don't need to know your last name or the town you live in. I think you've given us just enough info for us to have an idea of you, without sacrificing too much of your privacy!

Jaimee said...

You are getting big! A friend on facebook just posted your CEC post, linked from Huff Post. I don't think she has ever seen your blog before. Nice work, superstar!

Just Another Day said...

4215 votes! Way to go Jen!

dpowers92 said...

ROTFL!! I have some parents like that, too!

Stephanie M Weber said...

OMG, I almost spit out my coffee all over my computer... "I will add, are you 23? Why are all of your examples from 20 years ago? Have you not accomplished anything worth bragging about since then? " is the BEST. RESPONSE. EVER.

Sarah said...

Once again Jen, I love your posts! Thanks for making me laugh everyday!

Is it sad that I feel special for having one of my comments mentioned in the wrap up?

Krysti said...

You REALLY do have to watch Dance Moms, you'd have a field day with it! HOWEVER, I make this disclaimer: there are a lot of dance moms out there who are NOTHING like that (of course). My mother was one of those non-psychos and spends every episode of DM going "These can't be real dance mothers. Right? ...right?!"

That said, it's a great stress reliever ;)

Marcella said...

"See ya and don't let my automatic slidey doors hit you on your way out. I always love to see where people will draw the line with me. Sometimes it's over politics and sometimes it's the hate of Mobile Command Centers."

LOL! This, exactly, is one of the reasons I love you so much.

Steelerfan said...

Yes please watch Dance Moms. I live about 20 min from where it takes place and it is crazy how popular it is! I would love to read your reaction.

greenly said...

I just read every few days and laugh...I do NOT understand people without a sense of humor, regardless of where you stand on any issue. Living in the deep south and being a vegan (it just happened by my palette changing...I used to eat rare meat), and being a humanist i.e. normal human being, (my friends are gay/bi/straight), I feel like a fish out of water most times. I'm a mom of an almost 3 yr. old. I haven't even thrown her a birthday party yet! I'll never be an OAM at this rate!
She and my dad have the same bday, so we're happy to spend time with one another.
My one OAM desire with a mutual friend who gardens, is to dress her up as a garden gnome (she loves Gnomeo and Juliet)...a garden party would be fun for the kids but it will probably consist of the three of us and a small bottle of wine...mom of the year!

-G- said...

you crack my shit up! i just voted, too. yay! also, i'm all for your quasi-anonymity. people CAN be kuh-RAZE-ee. can't be too careful. :)

Tandi said...

Add my vote to Stephanie's. Best. Response. Ever.

TNMom said...

One of my comments got into one once and I loved it! :)

TNMom said...

I saw the cutest little gnome outfit at Halloween last year. I bought it and put my 2 year old in it. Cutest thing ever! (I figure you have to dress them in embarrassing stuff before they can complain too much about it). We were at my friends for a Halloween party - I stuck my little gnome in his front landscaping and had a picture taking field day - got tons of super cute shots!! Seems OAM, but it was like $12.99 and I didn't have to think...just put it on - insta-cute! I say go for it! :)

TNMom said...

Wait....what? Your mom did all your laundry? I gotta go, I gotta call my mom and clue her into this trend....

Natalie said...

Props to you for turning the negative comments into humor. It cant be easy reading people's asshole opinions, but unfortunately thats one of the prices of success. You did move them enough to leave comments, so that in itself is another success for Jen!

butterflytatus said...

I just read the comment that called you a "sweat pant Mom". Ouch! As a professional writer (as in someone who has a degree in the field, professional training, continued coursework, and has held down a career that depends on my ability to be both interesting, convincing, and factual) I can tell you that the rude comment was probably written by someone who has all of the above credentials and is struggling to make it.

Writing is HARD, especially when you have to do it every day in order to pay the bills; so when you see someone who was blogging for fun suddenly make it big, your reaction can go one of two ways: honestly happy and congratulatory, or extremely jealous and hurtful. Count me among the honestly happy!

Nancy K said...

Add my vote too! There is a reason you'll be winning the funniest mom of 2012!

Unknown said...

Not gonna lie, I'm SUPER excited that my comment made it into Weekly Wrap Up! :D

Oh, and I love the responses to the "You've wanted to punch me..." comment:

"OR...she wants to punch you because you're annoying and high on yourself."
"Why are all of your examples from 20 years ago?"

For reals!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! It is extremely rare that anyone has something worthy of bragging about from 20 years in their past...and certainly NOTHING that was accomplished in high school! Pathetic! I bet she still practices her high kicks and splits just to show off at parties!! ROFL

The NotsoSuperMom said...

Draw the line with you?? Sayonara, bitches! I want to BE YOU. But not in a creepy, Jennifer Jason Leigh, single white female kinda way. More like a bazillion hits on my blog way. I just can't seem to convince my husband that sitting down to seriously write everyday is worth my time, even if it buys me some sanity.

Write on sista, write on.....

Not-so-super-mom.blospot.com (shameless plug......)

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