Weekly Wrap Up 3.04.2012

Time for the weekly wrap up, already?  This has been a wonderful week.  I got to go visit my friend Mary in New Hampshire at the beginning of the week and then I came home just in time to start my new PAYING job at Babble.com.  That's right, I'm finally getting paid for my witty words.  PLEASE do me a favor and go over there and check out Babble. They took a chance on me since I'm not the typical "mommy" blogger and I don't want them to think they made a mistake when no one reads me.  For those of you who like my voice, but hate my potty mouth, Babble might be the place for you to read me.  I will still be ranting and raving over there, but I have to tone it down a bit.  If you like me "salty" then you'll want to read me over here.  Now you have two places to find me.

We have a RIDICULOUS amount of comments this week.  LOVE IT.  I am so glad you guys spoke up and let me know who you are!  I loved reading EACH and EVERY one of those comments and the private emails a lot of you sent as well.  It was great to get a little glimpse of you.  I didn't make a graph or anything, but whoa, there a lot of you out there with 4 kids.  You guys should start a support group or something.

I was also stunned to see how many of you live in New Hampshire.  Who knew?  I knew of one reader for sure, but the rest I had no idea.  It would have been cool if we could have all met for lunch at Me & Ollies and composted together!  Yes, lucky readers who guessed this restaurant.  You are correct.  This is where Mary and I (me?? shit, I still can't remember what the correct word is here) had lunch.  Unfortunately the only prize you get is knowing that you obviously know your fair city well.

All right, let's get to it!

Top Read Posts This Week:

New Zealand La Leche League - Whoa this was a big one!  I had a lot of comments on here and I've listed a bunch below, but there are so many GOOD ones, you should really check them out.  This story got me riled up, because I just hate when good organizations like LLL get off the rails and start demoralizing the women they should be helping.  

Live Free (and Compost) or Die - My friend Mary and her family hosted me in their new city/town/village in New Hampshire.  Mary and I had a great time exploring the local scenery and learning how to compost at Me & Ollies and another restaurant I can't recall the name of.  Do you remember, Mary?  The place where we gorged ourselves on dessert?

My Crazy Appalachian ER Experience - This was a repost that the Hubs decided to helpfully rename for me.  Ugh.  I wish he hadn't, because there was a great deal of confusion as to whether I know where the Appalachians are.  Of course, I know they're not Liberty, MO.  As a helpful reader pointed out though:  "Reading is fundamental."  So, when in doubt, take a second read through and make sure I'm not QUITE as dumb as you think I am. 

Getting to Know You - The Hubs thought I was crazy for posting this.  He told me no one would respond.  I told him to wait and see.  I knew you wouldn't let me down.

Movie Night With Mary - Mary and I always attract drama at the movies and this time was no different.  We did like "The Descendants" even if Mary had to watch it from a reclined position.

Best Comments of the Week (and My Response If Any):

I'm sad that you would lump all La Leche Leaguers in one unfortunate category. Not all LLL members are like that. I, a self proclaimed "lactivist" and LLL member, know that breast feeding isn't for everyone, you have to do what is best for your family. I was the "World's Greatest Mother" until I had kids of my own. Everyday I eat my words and have a huge slice of humble pie. I have two sons, a 2 yr old and a 6 week old, and they have taught me that I can never say never and to not judge other mothers because you don't know their situation. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Motherhood is tough, rewarding but extremely tough and it stinks that I see so many comments on this post of mothers bashing each other. We should be encouraging and supporting one another regardless of how we choose to feed our babies. Kumbahyah and all that jazz. on New Zealand La Leche League

I agree completely.  My experience with LLL actually was a very positive one.  That's why I was so irritated to see how NZ LLL reacted to the ad.  I was not lumping all LLL together, that's why the post is titled New Zealand LLL.

Agreed. I had twins, 1st pregnancy, & 5 weeks early. once they finally learned to latch, they were not getting enough. I felt horrible that I, their mother, could not nourish them. I was having to give formula until my milk came in and after 2 weeks, I was still only getting about 2 oz a feeing. That was fine for one baby, but not 2. I believe breast is best but like you said, for our family it wasnt on New Zealand La Leche League

Thank you for writing this. You have balls and I'm envious of them. :) on New Zealand La Leche League 

Thanks for that. I sat here reading all the comments and couldn't help but start to feel defensive myself. I always got a mixed reaction to breastfeeding--sometimes it was positive but often I got looks and made people uncomfortable. I understand what you're saying, but I did feel like I needed to speak up to make sure all breastfeeding moms didn't get lumped in with the "Nazis." You're right about the loud minority. on New Zealand La Leche League

Wow, you really riled 'em up this time Jen!! LLL should be picking its battles. I must add that some of the mothers here are saying we should retire "breast is best" slogan or those that are skeptical if breast milk really is better are truly, sadly misinformed. Breastmilk is eons better than formula. You honestly think we should stop telling people that? I can't stop shaking my head. I hope you had SONS! All kids need is love. on New Zealand La Leche League

DISCLAIMER: I'm a member of my local LLL, but hear me out :-) Even as an LLL person, I don't agree with how the New Zealand LLL handled this. It gives people the wrong message about what LLL is really about, which is supporting women who wish to breastfeed to be as successful as possible. My hubby feeds my son pumped milk when I work and I'm glad he can. Not only does it increase their bond but I'm able to help our household financially to keep a roof over our heads. I have a physical condition that literally prevents me from making enough milk, no matter how much mother's milk tea, lactation cookies, fenugreek/blessed thistle, or oatmeal I have. I have found nothing but support from my LLL leaders who have listened to me sob about not being able to do what I feel I should be able to do. The thought that my body is failing me/my children is awful. They know I have to supplement with formula and have supported me through that as well. None of my LLL peeps have uttered a negative on New Zealand La Leche League

Women shouldn't have to argue the point either way. How we feed our babies is nobody's else's f'ing business and I wish I'd stuck up for myself a bit more with my first child when I had both sides chirping in. With my second I told people quite firmly what my decision was and made it clear their opinion wasn't welcome. on New Zealand La Leche League

We should be more GRATEFUL that we live in a time where there are alternatives available! My grandmother had a friend down the road with triplets, and she was not able to keep them all satisfied. So my grandmother, who was nursing her own son at the time, often lent a helping breast. It's a great story now, for my 70+ yr old dad to tell how he used to "share" with those 3 little girls... How blessed we are to have other options to nourish our babies!!! on New Zealand La Leche League

I actually began to cry reading your post and remembering the frustration, fear and exhaustion that came with trying to breast feed my first baby...and that was 13 years ago. The relief that came from watching her drink from the bottle was overwhelming. We all know what we make is better than anything (man :) made, and that breast feeding is the best for a baby. But we all have to do what works for our family, and we are the ONLY ones who know what that is! on New Zealand La Leche League 

I was crying writing it. That's why it's such an angry rant.  I was sooooo remembering all that frustration and craziness.

I think I need to move to New Hampshire-the lack of earth aware people in south jersey is driving me crazy! (I'm pretty sure the face licking done here is not for the benefit of the environment!) on Live Free (and Compost) or Die 

Huh...I never thought of my parenting styles as part of the OAM category...in fact just the opposite...I breastfeed because I'm too lazy and too cheap to mess with formula (of course because of all the health benefits too, LOL), I cloth diaper because I'm too cheap to spend $80 a month on diapers (and because they don't leak), I baby wear because I'm too lazy to hold her with my actual arms (or fight with a stroller), oh, I also co sleep too...again way to lazy to get up in the middle of the night :) So, if all of that qualifies as an OAM I guess I'm guilty..I always just thought of it as cheap and lazy :) I've always been kind of jealous of the over achievers so I'm kind of excited to be put in that group LOL on Live Free (and Compost) or Die

This cracked me up.  

I think I'm like #443 to comment and I know you can't possibly be reading all of these, so what's the catch? Do you have a sponsor sending you a dime for each comment or something? on Getting to Know You

No catch.  If you know of a sponsor that will send me a dime for each comment, please share, I could use the money.  As I've said before, I'm just a simple comment whore and I like to get comments and I love to read them.  They are sometimes more entertaining than the blog post itself.

JUST found your blog via a friend 3 days ago, and I'm hooked! The name alone hooked me, actually. Your posts are absolutely hilarious! I am 42, 2 kids ages 6 and almost 8, work from home, hubby works from home too so we try not to get in each other's way. We live in Roswell, GA. My friend told me about your Elf on the Shelf story, so I looked it up - made me laugh so hard coffee almost came out of my nose! on Getting to Know You

I can't believe the Elf on the Shelf is still getting me readers at the end of February.  That Elf deserves a treat.

To answer your question, NO, these organic scraps will not just compost in the landfill (sorry to disappoint). Compost needs air to breath and do its thing. In a landfill, things are compressed and buried so there is no airflow. Also, in a landfill, all the bacteria necessary to properly compost/decompose the organic material is killed off by all the toxic chemicals and what not. on Live Free (and Compost) or Die

Damn it.  I knew you were going to say that.  Off to research composting...

Good fences do make good neighbors. Electric fences make better ones. ;-) on Life

Tee hee hee.

Although I can't imagine you are reading comment #431, I can't resist. 38-yr-old mother of 3: Moo (10), Slim (7), and surprise baby Geel (9 mos). More at not-so-super-mom.blogspot :) on Getting to Know You 

Read it!

My Current Legal Spouse works from home now, and one of the best things about that is I occasionally convince him to play hooky during the week and we see an early afternoon movie. Hardly anyone there- HEAVEN, I tell you. Then eeevery once in a while.. I'm feeling generous and we have a "nooner" afterwards. Bom chicka wa wow!! on Movie Night With Mary 

I love the way you write and I love reading your blog, but it pains me to point out a huge grammatical error on your part. You wrote: "It's never a dull night (or afternoon) for Mary and I at the movie theater." It should read, "Mary and me" since you're not the subject in the sentence. Other than that, you're a great writer! --Ashlyn (the Grammar Police) on Movie Night With Mary

Several readers wanted me to smoke you and tell you to stop correcting me, but I refrained.  I am usually a jerk about your and you're and their, there and they're so I appreciate your corrections.  I have a hell of a time remembering when to use me or I so I think I will just refer to myself in the third person from here on out so we won't have this problem in the future.  "...for Mary and Jen at the movie theater."  Yes, Jen thinks that's a great idea!  P.S. - Jen can't believe you only found issue with this sentence.  All of Jen's posts need editing.  Will you edit all of Jen's posts in the future? 

I have to at least plug this: In Austin, there is this chain of theatres called the Alamo Drafthouse that actually kick people out for talking or disturbing their neighbors. They also serve food and alcoholic beverages and have an age limit. The place rocks! Check out this for the angry voicemail of a girl who got kicked out (and they play that video before R rated movies!): http://cf.drafthouse.com/she_texted_we_kicked_her_out2.html on Movie Night With Mary (make sure your speakers are turned down)

This is really funny, but make sure your speakers are turned down if you're at work or have kids around.  

AND, I bet you NEVER THOUGHT you would get s so many responses did you??? I would LOVE TO BE YOUR FB FRIEND...I can only imagine your status updates :) on Getting to Know You

My FB status updates are crap.  Lots of weather reports and griping about laundry.

Arky full of Malarky . . . that means I'm from Arkansas and love word play. Hooked on Scrabble and Words with Friends to prevent the onset of early Alzheimer's. Am also a forty-something homeschooling and public schooling mom with 3 kids and one dog. You make me laugh even though or maybe because you curse like a salty dog of a pirate. on Getting to Know You 

"Salty dog of a pirate."  Hilarious.

13 year old girl from Kansas (probably not the typical reader...) who found your blog because my mom sent me your rules for daughters.. Now reading it is one of the few things I do every day. You're posts crack me up and sometimes I wonder if I'll turn out with a sense of humor like yours.. People tell me I'm funny now but your sarcasm and snarky comments never fail to make me laugh. As for favorite things I love to read, color: definitely purple, iced tea (but not sweet.. Nasty), and living life to the fullest. Over and out.. Off to do homework.. Thanks for the laughs! on Getting to Know You

I guess if your mom introduced you to the blog, I don't need to worry that I'm too "mature" for you to read, right?  Your mom knows you're still reading?  (This goes for the other 13 year old I heard from.)  I was a sarcastic, angry, snarky 13 year old, so there's a good chance you could grow up to be a sarcastic, angry, snarky 39 year old.  The good news is you don't have homework anymore, just a house to maintain, a husband to please, kids to raise, a job to do....hmmm, let's change places.


Tazi Kat said...

To answer your grammar question (me or I?), here's a tip from one writer to another: Say the question with the personal pronoun only - whichever sounds right is the correct way of writing it. Example: Me went to lunch at McDonald's or I went to lunch at McDonald's. Obviously "I" is the correct choice, so the sentence would read "Mary and I went to lunch...".

Jen Piwtpitt said...

I said Mary and I went..., but the said it should say Mary and me because I'M not the subject of the sentence.

Anonymous said...

Me needs to get out of bed and go feed the kids. But i had to read this first. ;)

Jessa said...

"It's never a dull night (or afternoon) for Mary and I at the movie theater." but would you say "It's never a dull night for I at the theatre?"
it does work!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tazi-Kat.

Marcella said...

oh snap! haha :)

Spirit of Hope and Kindness Awards said...

One of the greatest tragedies of my life will be that I was out of town while you were in my state of NH. I want to punch Murphy, of Murphy's Law in his effing Adam's Apple. Please come back so I can meet you at Me & Ollie's...I loved that place when I lived in Portsmouth. xo DG

Cyndi said...

I think I need to start commenting more often. Every week I rush to this post when it appears on my Facebook feed, and every week I am overwhelmed by the dissapointment of my comments not making the Weekly Wrap Up. Maybe I'll have to start commenting multiple times on each post - that way, I'm more likely to be noticed, and you "comment whoriness" may be extra fulfilled!

The Mighty V said...

This is a one of those "you F'ing liar" stories. My Aunt breastfed her son, whom they considered their "miracle baby" because she was 43, until he was 4. Yes, 4. This kid was unbuttoning her shirt for her. He called it his "nurse". What is grosser than gross? A child that can "ask" for your boob. And I can confirm, it did not make him any smarter. :-) The local LLL wanted her to join and push the adgenda. crazy!

Born Again Mommy said...

Actually their are a lot more women than you think who do that, dear!

Sarah said...

Ok, I'm playing catch up for the week, and once again Jen you've cracked me the hell up. Since I'm late, on the getting to know you post I will fill you in, I'm a 30(soon to be 31) year old single girl from Ohio, I work full time and go to school part time.I don't have any kids but I think your posts are preparing me for the joys/horrors of parenthood someday. You read my blog and are my one and only commenter( http://sarahmerrill81.blogspot.com/ ) , and I have two cats and feel I am well on my way to become a crazy cat lady someday...(hence the name of the blog!) Thanks for making me laugh every week!

Karyn S. said...

Hey "Born Again Mommy"....did you purposely misuse "their" to piss Jen off? LMAO

Monkey's Mama said...

That's how I always do it too Tazi-Kat - and I have to do it a lot :)

Jen, if you had put "went" in there the "I" would be correct

oh my, I almost put "to" instead of "too" - serves me right for commenting on a grammar thread!

Marian said...

Mary and I went to lunch. (I went to lunch.)
It's never a dull night for Mary and me.
(It's never a dull night for me.)
Tazi-Kat is correct. (This is from an English major.)

Maura B said...

If only I had fulfilled my dream of being an English major and writer, I could speak with authority when invoking "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White, Elementary Rules of Usage, rule #10. Being a mere tax consultant, I try to follow a golden rule on correcting the grammar of others: I don't, because I think it's bad manners. Check out this post by Miss Conduct, one of our local etiquette afficionados in the Boston area:

Jen Piwtpitt said...

I think I am getting it now. Keep me on my toes!

Adrianne said...

I live in Austin as well and LOVE the Alamo Drafthouse. The best part is they only allow age 18+ unless accompanied by a parent, so that means no annoying teenagers! They are expanding to other cities soon.

TNMom said...

I love commenting on the "comments" blog, I think it's ironic and silly (probably isn't). Anyways, I still have not gotten my info to post on "getting to know you" (I don't think, either that or it has posted roughly 8 times and I still can't see it). I think I will email you, that will be great fun! :)

Kristen said...

Yup - that's exactly what I was going to suggest. Take the other person and "and" out and you've got it. It cracks me up when people write stuff like, "my husband and I's house" and I wonder if they really use the word "I's" in any other context.

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