Millionaires Who Don't Feel Rich (Wah!)

Last week Fidelity Investments released it's annual "Millionaire's Outlook."  The Millionaire's Outlook surveys around 1,000 families with at least $1 million in INVESTABLE assets (this doesn't include real estate and/or retirement accounts).

The Fidelity report found that 42% of millionaires don't "feel wealthy."  In order to feel wealthy, they'd need at least $7.5 million in the bank.  Keep in mind, the average U.S. family in 2007 had a net worth of around $120,000 (and that number includes real estate, people!).

I'm not surprised these people feel poor (these MFers always want more don't they?), but I am surprised they have the balls to tell the rest of us that they feel poor (that just shows you how out of touch with reality they really are).  Wah, go to your beach house to cry, would ya?

Who do these Richie Riches think they are?  They sit and whine during $500 dinners about how damn poor they are and then go home and pay their nannies/gardeners/housekeepers/drivers 5 bucks an hour plus last years' used Prada bag that "Madame" thinks is out of style now and then complain about how much the help is making for not doing much.  You're right.  Taking care of your snot nosed, spoiled brats or cleaning up your pee-stained toilet and skid-marked undies or mowing your 2 acre lot with a push mower because you like how it looks when it's done that way is sooooo much easier than whatever it is you do to make your money (I'm guessing your job has something to do with a pyramid scheme designed to launder money and bilk old people out of their savings.)

Do these people have any idea how the rest of the U.S. lives?  Do they know that more than 20 million U.S. children receive free or reduced-price school lunches?  Lunch costs 2 bucks.  There are families out there who can't pull together $2 a day to feed their kid and these people are bitching that they don't feel rich?  I want to drop the F bomb so much, but I will restrain myself.

But here's what you'll hear from these people:  "I worked hard for my money."  Yes, I'm sure some of you did, but I bet that for every one of you who did, there are 4 who are crooked.  "I give a lot to charity."  I used to work for super wealthy people and I know what charities they give to - asinine ones.   The Republican Party (duh, they're not going to crap where they eat), no-kill dog shelters (I'm not going to bag on puppies, but I'll choose to help a human being any day over an animal.), obscure political organizations (usually right-wing, of course) and anything to benefit a golf course and/or polo field. So many times requests for money would come across my desk and I'd send them for approval.  Republican Party:  $10K, Puppies:  $5K, Golf Course Renovation:  $10K, Shelter for Women and Children:  NO - SHRED.

20 million kids.  I'm sure these people can imagine what 20 million DOLLARS looks like (they dream about it every night apparently), but can they imagine 20 million hungry kids?  Not the kids you see late at night on TV in far away countries, but kids here in our country - in their town, maybe even at their kid's school. Imagine those families and how little they must have compared to these wealthy complainers.  Try living in those (Payless) shoes for a day and maybe learn a little about feeling poor.

Eh, I don't know why I even bother trying to tell them about these kids, because I'm sure their response would be:  "Let them eat cake."  Which is why my response is: "Off with their heads."  And, of course, a punch in the throat.


Jamie said...


Anonymous said...

Do you consider yourself rich? Are you in the top 20% of US earners? top 2% in the world?

Viking Jones said...

I totally agree with you. But, as (a grown up version of) one of those kids who couldn't afford school lunches, I must correct you on one thing. We never could have afforded Payless. Payless was too rich for us. WalMart was more our speed. Discounted, couponed WalMart. I still wear shoes until they have holes in them. People that sit on their ass and make millions sicken me.

Love your blog, by the way! You think like me. I'm only commenting so late on this one because I'm reading through your whole shebang. :)

SK said...

I too am starting from the beginning and trying to read every blog post....Im at work, so not sure how many I will get through today...BUT, I am loving every minute of it.
And on this one, Not only is there a huge population of people that actually can't afford the $2 school lunch, but there are millions of people who can afford it, but work thier asses off and never get anywhere. My husband and I both have jobs, we both make 'decent' salaries, and then we spend every dime paying for daycare, paying for our house, our cars, our bills, we never have enough to put into savings (and if we finaly get to that point, the f'ing car usually breaks down or needs tires or something like that to completely wipe us out again), and god forbid we have enough to put something into a college fund for my kids....the CEO of my company is one of those people (although not mega-rich, he has a few million in the bank), he seriously doesnt understand how people who have a job can struggle financially or be living paycheck to paycheck. He REALLY belives (I have had conversations with him about this) that people like me (living in a decent house driving an 06 mini-van that I bought used and havent payed off) MUST live outside of our means if we can't pay our bills....he is seriously dillusional (sp?) and Im sure that you get further and further from understanding the reality of how the majority of people live the more money you make....

Beth said...

Spot on! And, Jen, if I have to comment on every awesome post, I'll be here for DAYS!

Unknown said...

Well, you said you're at work reading this blog. That explains why you're not making it. Don't you realize someone is paying you and you're ripping them off? No wonder you're poor.

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