Lindsay Lohan

4.  Lindsay Lohan.  Aren't her 15 minutes up yet?  Ugh.  I am so sick of hearing about this girl.  She seemed like such a sweet girl back in the day when she did Parent Trap and she's unrecognizable.  And why is she headline news??  What was the last movie she made that anyone remembers?  Did it make any money??

Instead she is famous for her messed up life.  We all know she's been in and out of rehab and court so many times I've lost count.  We all know she allegedly stole a necklace when she's got tons of money in the bank.   We know that sometimes she's straight, sometimes she's a lesbian, sometimes she's blond, sometimes she's a redhead, sometimes she has boobs and sometimes she doesn't (anyone else notice that?  What can I say?  I read a lot of People and they love to put pics of her in a swim suit.).

She's ill, people.  She'll obviously do anything to keep herself on the number one spot of what's trending on Yahoo.  She needs help.  She needs her mother to stop going on the Today Show to give the inside scoop on what's going on with Lindsay and instead turning the entire interview around and making it about herself.  She always manages to let America know she was once a Rockette.  No offense to the Rockettes, but why is that important to know?  Lindsay needs her dad to man up and stop being such a dillweed.  He needs to stay out of jail and stop punching random people (I know, I know - but I only WRITE about punching people.  I've actually never done it.)

Her parents are fame whores and they've raised her to be the same.  It's truly sad.  I saw her dad is going on "Celebrity Rehab".  Really?  HE'S the celebrity?  Do you even know his name?  I just Google'd him.  I had to Google:  Lindsay Lohan's Dad because I didn't know his name.  BTW, it's Michael.

I've decided I'm going to change this post from Lindsay to her and her pathetic excuses for parents.  She shouldn't have to take the punch alone - they created that monster, they need to be punished too.

Don't forget to help Japan.


TC said...

I agree, I think its disturbing when anyone becomes famous or keeps their fame alive from having their very messy personal lives public.

LilyPetals said...

I HAVE to comment because I heard on the radio that LL has been chosen to portray ELIZABETH TAYLOR in an upcoming Lifetime Bio. Are you freaking kidding me? If that is even a LITTLE bit true then someone needs to punch a producer in the throat a LOT! The mere suggestion that slutsmo could begin to compare to the beauty that was Liz is ... oh it's just too disgusting to contemplate.

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