Rep. Peter King (NY)

5.  Representative Peter King (R-NY) is mounting a witch-hunt against Muslim-Americans.  It's like McCarthy all over again.  This is a man who is so afraid of his own shadow that anyone who looks differently, speaks differently or dresses differently from him and his narrow minded buddies MUST be a terrorist.

He is conducting hearings on "The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community's Response."  King is so intent on rooting out homegrown Muslim terrorists that he's investigating Muslim-Americans who have no ties to any terrorist organization because they're not doing enough to stop the threat.

Are you f-ing kidding me??  Since when do we treat our citizens like this?  I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat - we all uphold The Constitution and we all live in this country so this kind of B.S. doesn't happen.

Freedom of religion is a constitutionally guaranteed right to all Americans (unless you're Muslim, I guess).  I realize King isn't trying to make these people renounce Islam (yet), but he's definitely marginalizing their religion and causing a lot of anti-Islam sentiment.

Why is it that you're allowed to say things about Islam (and those who practice it) that you'd never be able to say about Christianity or even Judaism?  King actually said, "There are too many mosques in this country."  What???  Who says that kind of stuff?  Ignorant, racist, fear-mongering people do.  Can you imagine what would happen if King said: "There are too many churches in this town."?  No one would stand for that.  Those idiots at the Westboro Baptist Church would probably take a break from picketing funerals of fallen soldiers and take a hit out on King.  Hmmm....could solve two problems actually....but I digress.

King is using these hearings to supposedly find corrupt Muslims who are supporting the radicals who want to blow us up.  If he wants to find a terrorist supporter, he needs to look no further than the mirror.  King has openly admitted that he supports the IRA - a group that the US and Britain DO believe is a terrorist organization.  The man has balls to stand there and be confronted with his own terrorist-assisting past while he denounces current would-be terrorist supporters.  He sees a distinct difference between the IRA and Muslim extremists because the IRA "never attacked the U.S."  Oh sure, yeah, that makes sense.  Thanks for clearing that up, Pete.  You meathead.

Does anyone study history anymore?  I realize we're all very busy figuring out the new IPad 2's two cameras (Why the hell do you need 2 cameras??  Can't you just turn the frigging thing around to take a picture??  Are we that lazy??) and catching up on my blog and FB status updates (Costco run!  Got 30 rolls of toilet paper and a vat of peanut butter!).  But, does anyone remember what we do to people who don't look like us or act like us or worship like us?

Does anyone remember Japanese internment camps?  Or even worse:  Auschwitz?

We are a country of immigrants.  We are the original melting pot or salad bowl or whatever analogy we teach the kids these days.  We can't start falling for this racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic propaganda that is put out there by the people who yell the loudest.

Peter King is one of those people.  He wraps himself in the flag and attacks Americans.  He deserves a punch in the throat.


Barbara said...

I totally agree! I love your blog!

lorihokie said...

agree - except for the part about not being able to say "there's too many churches in this town." I know that totally wasn't your point in this post, but I do feel like to a certain extent people are bending over backwards to be PC toward non-christian beliefs that it's become popular to bash Christianity. I'm the last person to post Jesus-related stuff on FB or to go on a crusade for christ - I have my own beliefs and that's enough for me - but I do see so much out there that seems to actively attempt to take Christ out of our lives. (and yes, I've spent all day reading your blog backwards so I'm just now getting to your months-old topics)

Beth said...

I started from post #1 today. This country was founded because our forefathers were being persecuted for their religion. As you stated, it is a country of immigrants. One of the basic rights is freedom of speech. I don't understand why our government thinks it has the right to try to take any of these things away. Thank you for starting this blog. Your honesty and straightforwardness (ha! new word!) is admirable and ballsy!

woman said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa-Men! Thats all! :)

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