Stay At Home Dads Aren't Real Men?

So The Hubs wrote a guest post the other day called 7 Complaints of a Stay at Home Dad. I shared it on Facebook, because I'm a good wife who likes to support my sad sack of a husband. At least that's what this chick Molly would say. She read the Hubs' post and then got her panties in a twist and left this message for me:

Of course my awesome readers attacked because the blog is called People I Want to Punch in the Throat, not fucking Unicorns and Rainbows. My people are ragers and Molly pushed their buttons. So then she came back with:

Oh FFS, Molly. You need to get a grip! Come on and take off your apron, turn off the vacuum cleaner, let the pot roast burn, and come out of 1950 and enter 2015 with the rest of us.

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kelsey said...

Just... ugh... I can't even respond properly I'm so disguisted!what an idiot.

Unknown said...

I wonder what this bitch would say about those of us men that are on disability.

Unknown said...

She does not understand that "the Hubs" is working from home and bringing home the bacon while Jen also brings home the bacon, or maybe she buys the eggs, that's not the point. The point is, it's not a situation where he's choosing not to earn any money, the way she says women should work by choice, if they want to.
She sure is defensive though, making sure to point out repeatedly that she's laughing at us.
Yeah, whatever Bitch. Next time don't read blogs. You don't have time to read blogs anyway with all the cooking and cleaning you gotta do.

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