I Hate the Family Who Abandoned Their Child in Kohl's

I woke up in THE crappiest mood today. I was feeling a lot more irritated than usual. I thought maybe I'd check my email and see if someone had sent me a cat video that would cheer me up. Instead I saw a headline that caught my eye: No Relatives Show Up to Claim 5-Year-Old Left at Kohl's After Attempted Theft.

What the actual fuck???

I read the article and I immediately wanted to burn something down. Starting with the home of the fuckwit grandmother who abandoned this child after she got caught stealing shit from Kohl's.

In case you didn't read past the headline, let me just sum up this fucking piece of shit family. So the paternal grandma is raising the little boy (let's call him Bobby). Bobby's mom had no idea where grandma's deadbeat son (i.e., Bobby's daddy) was, but in 2011 she was moving, so she had Grandma take Bobby from Colorado to Kansas. Then, according to Bobby's mom, Grandma took Bobby to Kansas and was never heard of again. Poof. So Bobby's mom, Tiffani (yeah, that's her real name), is now in Texas and she says she's been looking for Bobby ever since. UNTIL Bobby's mom "heard from relatives" that Grandma fled from a Kohl's after getting caught shoplifting and now Bobby was in protective custody in Wichita. BUT this mother missed her child soooooo much that she couldn't haul sad sack ass up to Kansas to to show up in court for her son.

I'm twitching so hard right now and I can't go any further until I point something out. Let's get this straight: Tiffani says Grandma took Bobby in 2011 and she's been looking for him ever since. But then relatives call her and say, "Oh hey, you know that kid you're looking for? Yeah, he's in Wichita." That's when Tiffani says, Oh. Yeah, I knew that. "I figured if he was supposed to come back, he'd come back."

I FIGURED IF HE WAS SUPPOSED TO COME BACK, HE'D COME BACK. Yeah, that's the part that makes me stabby and arsonist-like.

He's FIVE, you stupid cocksucker. He's in Kansas and you're in Texas. How was he supposed to "come back" to you???

I hate this woman so much right now. Maybe even more than Grandma. I can't decide. Yes, I can. I hate the mother more. But Grandma is a twat too.

OK, so back to the story. Grandma takes Bobby shopping at Kohl's. She gets caught shoplifting and makes a run for it and Bobby is taken into protective custody and NO ONE shows up to claim this little boy. Not his asshole grandma who is still on the run from the law, not his lying sack of shit mother who is down in Texas, not one aunt or uncle or cousin who might want to take responsibility for this little boy. Where are these relatives who called to blab the news to Tiffani that her son was in trouble? Where are they? Fuckers.

This story breaks my heart in so many ways. I am so sad for this little boy. I can't imagine how scared and lonely and heartbroken he must feel right now. To know that there is not one single adult in his life that he can count on must be devastating to him.

And I'm so fucking pissed at the system. This system is trying to get Bobby back with this awful family. They shouldn't be allowed to raise a fucking fish, let alone a child. Why does anyone think it's a good idea to put this little boy back into the house of a thief who would rather save her own skin than stick around and make sure her grandson was taken care of? Why does anyone think it's a good idea to try and reunite him with a mother who walked away from him years ago and never looked back? And don't get me started about the sperm donor (I refuse to call that scumbag a father).

Why do we constantly give people like this second (and third and fourth) chances? There are so many good and loving people out there who want to adopt children and instead of taking this boy from a situation that is obviously dangerous and detrimental to him and giving him to a loving family, we keep trying to put him back in the hell hole he was originally trapped in.

I just don't get it. I don't get families who abandon the people who need them the most. Our children are our responsibility and so many people just cast them to the side and don't even try to raise them.

Stories like these make me angry and sad and then angry again. I want to believe that people are good, but then I hear about this family and I want to neuter them and throw them in a hole somewhere. I just don't get it. I don't get how awful we can be to one another. And this isn't a stranger they're treating so badly. This is their child. This is their grandchild. Who behaves this way?

I shared this news story on my personal Facebook page and of course many, many people chimed in with how sad and angry they were, but one woman commented that this was very similar to her life story. She told us she was abandoned in a pharmacy when her mother was arrested and "long story short" she "vowed to break the cycle" and she has. She never saw her mother again and she's successful in life and so are her kids.

I was feeling absolutely homicidal before I read her comment, but her comment gave me hope that this little boy can also break the cycle and find a better life out there.

I'm rooting for him!

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Unknown said...

Stupid shit like this is why you should be required to pass some kind of test to be a parent.

Jasmine said...

I was just as angry, and stabby when I read the story. I wanted to run to Wichita and take the boy home with me, and make sure he never feels lonely, unloved, or unwanted again.

Unknown said...

I'll never understand the Social Services System. If someone does, please fill me in. Who makes these laws?? Why do they consider it always best if they can get the child back with a member of his own family? Maybe, just maybe, that is the worst thing that could happen to some of these children who are thrown away like this one. Grrrrrrr!!!!!

Brandy E. said...

Okay, I'm going to play devil's advocate here. Grandma deserves a throat punch without a doubt. But...
I was reading this story on a news outlet and they reported that mom had asked grandma to watch the boy during the move and then grandma refused to relinquish him. She went to the police but was told there was no court order so it was "a civil matter over which they had no jurisdiction". Now, I think that's BS because if grandma didn't have a court order then the police should have picked the kid up. Bottom line, Tifani may be dumb as a post (likely) and seriously lacking the money and support system she needs to right this (almost certainly) but I'm not sure she's a horrible mother.

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