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It's like deja vu! A few months ago I wrote about the "adorable" New Jersey girl, Rachel Canning, who sued her parents for tuition. It's happening AGAIN in New Jersey! This time it's a 21 year old spoiled brat who hasn't spoken to her parents in two years who wants them to cough up money for her to attend a private university. A judge ruled in her favor!

Source: Maura McGarvey
That's right! Only the story gets better. So, Caitlyn Ricci (the new girl) has been raised by her divorced parents. Until two years ago when she was thrown out (or moved out -- even that's up for debate with these people) of her mom's house for being rebellious. She moved in with her paternal grandparents. Since that time she hasn't spoken to either of her parents and then the grandparents started paying her legal fees so that she could sue her parents to pay her college tuition. Did you follow all of that?

This girl sounds like a total nightmare. I always love to read these kinds of articles where they call the kid a "typical" rebellious teenager and then in the next paragraph describe her as a "sweet" kid. Yeah, she sounds absolutely delightful.

All I can say is WTF, New Jersey?

What is going on over there? Stop already with these bratty kids.

Rachel and Caitlyn are the exactly the type of kid I'm terrified of raising! Two entitled, spoiled, little assholes who treat their parents like shit and then sue them. And the parents are the type of parents I despise. You just KNOW they were passive parents who rewarded Caitlyn for hanging up her coat properly.

Once again, I have no idea who to root for or who to believe in this situation. Caitlyn sounds like a bitch, the parents raised her, so I don't have much sympathy for them and then there's the grandparents. What gives with them? How much have they spent on legal fees? Imagine if they'd given that to Caitlyn to put towards her education? Those grandparents need to step back and stop helping a 21 year old woman sue her parents. That's the other thing that bugs me about this. Caitlyn is 21!! She's not an 18 year old kid who just graduated in May. She's a grown ass adult.

I get wanting to go to college. I understand that. I went to college. But what I don't get or understand is this attitude that if you don't pay for me to go, then I'm going to SUE you. Who does that? Assholes, that's who.

There are things called student loans, scholarships, grants, and jobs. Maybe Caitlyn should look into those.

I'm kind of mad, because I didn't know I could sue my parents for this kind of stuff. Luckily, Caitlyn has taught me something. I'm currently on hold with my attorney, because I've decided to sue my parents to pay for my mortgage. Don't they want me to have a place to live? Do they want me to be homeless? Sure, I'm 42 years old, but I'm still their child. I'm their responsibility. I'm not even rebellious. I'm the good one. They owe me. Oops! Lawyer picked up. Gotta go! I'll keep you posted on my lawsuit.

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Melissa said...

Since when are parents obligated to pay for college tuition? I didn't realize it was a law! WTF New Jersey?!?!

SnarkfestBlog said...

Deese peeple er giving Jersey a bad name.

Holly @ Cat Hair and Glitter said...

Damn! Is it too late to get my college paid for? I may never get my student loans paid off.

Gretchen said...

Man, not only did my parents not pay for college, they made me pay room and board while I was in high school. I feel so cheated.
As far as applying for federal aid goes, you can certainly go to college without using any. I earned my undergrad and graduate degrees (from good schools) while working full time. Took longer than the traditional route, but I had absolutely no debt when I was done.

JuniperSunshine said...

They made you pay room and board while you were in high school? You do realize that they were legally required to give you room and board while you were a minor child, right? That's called neglect, not tough love. Unless they were just barely scraping by and needed the money for essentials, that is just plain wrong IMO.

JuniperSunshine said...

1) I would never sue my parents. Let me make that clear.
However, I find it really perplexing that the same people who want everyone to be generous to homeless strangers in your last post are now bragging that they are not generous to their own young adult children. I value helping out my family over my personal independence. It's how I was raised, and while my parents very generously helped me through college, they will also never see the inside of a nursing home. I hate this idea that middle class parents not helping their kids out is refreshingly old fashioned or somehow for their own good. My ancestors were very poor, but still managed to share whatever they had with their kids and aging parents.

Sharon said...

"...and she was given what she wanted when she was growing up," her father, Michael Ricci, told WPVI."
I think I see part of the problem in this statement by the dad. She was given what she WANTED growing up but apparently not what she NEEDED. There is a massive difference dad.

Sharon said...

The difference is this kid isn't asking for food to keep from dying of hunger. She isn't needy or in danger she's demanding something from a position of safety and comfort (and as an adult) that her parents aren't required to give her and for once they said no. They are all obviously petty but the situation cannot be equated with caring for the homeless.

k.mala gutierrez said...

entitlement isn't a NJ problem. it's an america problem.

Gretchen said...

Yeeah, they were never really in the running for "parents of the year."

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