Some Minis For Today

1.  Ultra Skinny Bitches Who Complain They CAN'T GainWeight.  I am so sick of reading articles about models and actresses who are the size of a pin complaining about how they TRY to gain weight, but they just can't.  Wah.  It's especially annoying when you have Skeletors like this chick, the new TopShop model:

I could wrap my entire hand around that waist!  It must be a British thing, because Kate is looking waifish these days too.  I think her hair weighs as much as the rest of her body!

2.  Lindsey Lohan.  I know.  She makes the list every time, but the girl just won't shut up.  Now she's pissed because she wasn't cast in Black Swan.  Natalie Portman won an Oscar for that movie.  Lindsey doesn't even watch Oscar winning movies - too much plot for her to follow.  Dumb whore.  She is looking like a meth head now and she needs to just go away. 

3.  Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.  Also reruns.  They dressed alike for the ESPYs.  How Prom Date of them.  They're so cute!  I want to vomit.    

4.  Katie Holmes. Apparently she takes fashion advice from 5 year old Suri.  She's quoted as saying, "If she likes something of mine, I know it's good."  Come on, Katie, stop trying to put the focus ANYWHERE else, but where it should be.  After all, this is a child who wears heels to the beach and likes to wear ballet costumes everywhere she goes.  I hardly doubt you're getting fashion advice from her.  Let it go.  It's time to tell the world that Tom paid you millions to have a child with him so that he could stay closeted just a little longer and try for a few more blockbusters before he hits 50.  You can give up the crazy Scientology crap and take Suri and run far away from Mr. Looney Tunes.    

5.  Anyone Who Is Sending Casey Anthony Money.  I just read she's received over $200 in the mail from "supporters."  I realize that's not much money, but even a nickel is too much for her.  Stop sending this baby killer money, you psychos!

6.  Kat Von D.  What a weirdo.  I still can't believe Jesse left Sandra for this piece of trash.

7.  Kate Hudson.  Not to be outdone by the rest of the Hollywood Ultra Competitive Namers she's come up with a doozy for her bouncing baby boy:  Bingham or "Bing" as they'll call him.  Wacko.  

8.  ALL the assholes in Washington arguing over the debt ceiling.  Raise the debt ceiling.  And while you're at it, raise the taxes on the top 2% earners in the nation and a lot of this trouble would be solved.  They WANT to be taxed.  Get this fixed.  Stop dicking around and do your jobs.  Quit worrying about how it will go for you at the polls and do what we elected you to do.  If I fucked around this much at my job I would no longer have a job.


BNM said...

Hahaha I couldnt agree with you more. && seriously people are sending Casey Anthony money.. thats pathetic that bitch needs to burn in hell!

Anonymous said...

#1...Oh, ITA! STFU Skinny Bitches! However, I don't think it's a British thing. I'm part British, and I'm all too familiar w/the pudgy face and roundness of my body (not matter how thin). I'll call it 'voluptuous'. LOL I think it's a royal/rich thing. If I had my own personal chef and it was part of my daily routine to work out, let's just say I'd be in better condition. Then again, look at the issues Princess Di had. And consider the torture that Sarah, Duchess of 'Pork'/York endured bc of her weight. I think Kate is blessed, genetically, and it's just easier for some to maintain a slim physique.

#6...Kat Von D is a weirdo, yes!!! Actually, though, IIRC, Jesse left Sandra for Michele somebody. As soon as I saw her pix, I thought she was a Kat Von D duplicate. And Jesse eventually wound up w/Kat Von D ('soulmates' HA!), so a lot of ppl think that's who he left Sandra for. Whatevs! If you ask me, I think Jesse and Kat Von D are quite the match. They're both equally disgusting.

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