The ONE Thing the Hubs Does Better Than I

I've told you before that the Hubs is a cheap-o, right? I think I've mentioned it once or twice or eighty times. Anyway, he's cheap. In so many ways. For instance, I work mainly by sunlight (light bulbs are expensive!), I only eat out when he has a buy one-get-one coupon, and we wear layers all winter long, because we're not billionaires, so the thermostat has no business going higher than 67 degrees. Rarely do the Hubs and I buy one another gifts. At Christmas time we usually buy something "big" for our house. Like this year, we've bought a new dishwasher for each other.

The Hubs is cheap in so many ways, except one: greeting cards.

That's right. My Christmas gift this year is a dishwasher we bought in September, but at least I'll get some really nice, mushy, meaningful card to open. The Hubs spares no expense on cards. It takes him probably an hour to find just the right one that says exactly what he wants to say. It doesn't matter if it's a birthday card for me or a Mother's Day card for his mother, he takes his time and finds just the right one.

I am not good at that. Meaning, I am not good at expressing my innermost heart-felt feelings in person (or on paper). At least not to his (awake) face. Late at night when the Hubs is sound asleep I will whisper in his ear, "You might be a cheap bastard who drives me crazy when you insist on unplugging my treadmill every day because it sucks electricity when it's plugged in, but you're MY cheap bastard and you're my everything. I'm glad you're mine." I can't buy a mushy I-love-you-this-much-you're-my-amazing-soulmate-for-life-and-let's-grow-old-together-and-die-minutes-apart-in-a-loving-embrace card. I just can't.

Instead, I find myself at the card store looking for a special card and I end up gravitating toward the Shoebox section. Because these are cards that are more my style: funny, snarky cards that let the Hubs know just how much he means to me.

Like this one:

Source: Shoebox
While, I love the Cheap Ass card a lot, it isn't my favorite. If I had to pick, I think this one would make my Top 10 Cards to Give the Hubs:

Source: Shoebox
Because who doesn't like a joke about your in-laws having sex?? No one. That's who.

Working with Shoebox this year has made me realize that I need to do a better job sending cards to friends and family. I think I'd do better if there were some more categories for me to choose from. Sure, there's always a need for a great birthday card, but what about those other important milestones in our lives?

I'd like to see a card for some of the following:

Sorry You're Pregnant at 49.

Congratulations on Your Vasectomy

Deepest Regrets on Your Botched Nose Job

Congrats on the Clean Colonoscopy!

Congratulations on Your Promotion to Lower Middle Management

Thanks for Giving Me Herpes

I Was Saddened to Hear Your Grown Son Moved Back In

You Seem Normal, Let's Be Friends

Various volunteer appreciation day cards. (PTO President, Soccer Coach, Bake Sale Head, Book Fair Coordinator)

Valentines for pets to give to other pets.

Last time you guys did a great job with the photo caption contest. Let's try another fun contest. Tell me what kind of cards don't exist that you'd like to give out (or receive). Best comment on the blog, Twittermy Facebook wall, or PIWTPITT's Facebook wall wins three (3) Shoebox cards, so dazzle me before Sunday, October 25th.

Thanks to #Shoebox for sponsoring this post. As always, these ideas and opinions are mine.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on getting that promotion, instead of me.

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