People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Goodbye "30 Rock" It's Been Fun Chatting


Goodbye "30 Rock" It's Been Fun Chatting

Did you watch the end of "30 Rock" last night? You know I did.

I'm sure this is a bittersweet moment for my BFF Tina. I'm sure she's happy to move on and try new things, but I'm guessing she's a little sad, because she can no longer talk to me through her TV show. See, since she never picked up the phone and took me up on my offer for a hoagie sandwich lunch, she's been communicating with me through her show "30 Rock."

Sure, it's a bit subtle, but I see the messages that are there for me. Last night she gave me one last acknowledgment. When Kenneth the Page and Liz Lemon were having a conversation about the possibility of Liz starting a new show based on her life, Kenneth showed her his list of Kenneth's TV No-No Words and he pointed to - OK in the vicinity of - one in particular: BLOG.

So, let's break this down. Last February I wrote Tina a letter telling her that I'd like to be her friend, grab a bite together, maybe a massage, but I promise I'm not a creeper. No response. But wait! A few months later, "30 Rock" airs with some pretty bold messages for me indicating that Tina and I share the same fashion sense and the love of "A" names for our children. And then finally, last night as a final send off, Tina sent me one last message that was basically: "Jen, you are my favorite BLOG to read, but I'm just too shy to call you."

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  1. I voted, but not because I want you to shut up forever!! :) And LOL--that is TOTALLY a secret message. It's obvious she wants you guys to move to be closer to her and her fam.

  2. I'm not afraid to admit that I cried while Jenna was singing "Rural Juror." Oh, and if i ever audition for American Idol, that's the song I'm singing. For realz.

  3. I've had an insane lady-crush on Tina for YEARS, but I would totally wear her as a coat. Granted, she wouldn't fit very well, as I have these stupid hips that would get in the way with her slender frame...

    I laughed SO hard when you called yourself The Jeneral because that's what I call me. It really is a good nick-name for a Jen, even if I'm the only one who uses it.

  4. Don't be sad-- You and I can start our own wacky sitcom. I'll be your Poehler to cry on.

  5. She is going to be in the next MUPPETS MOVIE.
    Is it odd that I am super pumped about that?!

  6. I knew it was a PIWTPINT reference the second it happened. Clear as day to you.

  7. I voted for you, but then again I vote everyday for you!!