Do You Like YA Books? Then Enter This Giveaway

I don't usually do giveaways unless it's Bic lady pens that I've bought with my own money, but I recently had the chance to meet K.D. McEntire, the author of the awesome Lightbringer series.  She reads the blog and once she saw my various book threads on here she just knew that I had to read her books.  She was right.  When I told her how much I enjoyed them, she offered to give away some copies of her books to you guys.  How could I deny you that opportunity?

I know that a lot of you are very similar to me when it comes to our taste in books.  If that's the case, then you will love Lightbringer and the second installment Reaper.

These books are YA paranormal stories that suck you in and are different than anything I've ever read before (and I've read a lot of YA paranormal).  K.D. has imagined a world that coexists with ours, where some people can go back and forth between the two.  Her heroine, Wendy, is one of those people.  Wendy is a human that can send lost souls into the light.  Without her help, the Lost are doomed to roam the Never.  Because Wendy is human, every time she sends a soul into the light, it takes a toll on her.  Not to mention that she has to battle against darker forces who feed on the Lost.  In the meantime, Wendy meets a guardian of the Lost - Piotr and starts to fall for him, even though she might have to send him into the light eventually.  (Relationships are never easy in these types of books, are they?)

Unlike most YA novels, Wendy doesn't just wake up one and discover she's different and freaks out and needs a teenage boy to guide her or teach her or protect her.  (Blech.)  Instead, she's a strong, kick ass girl who knows exactly what to do with her powers and she's not afraid of them or hesitant to use them.  She's a great role model for young girls.

I also liked the fact that K.D. doesn't sugar coat her characters.  This is a book about teenagers who are moody and angst-ridden (and the angst is not all unrequited love).  They're not perfect and they don't pretend to be.  They also swear sometimes.  Hallelujah.  I'm so tired of reading YA books that say stuff like "she swore an oath under her breath."

There is a lot of fast-paced action to keep the story moving and K.D. does a great job of making the story interesting.  There are so many twists and turns and backstories that these books keep you guessing until the very end and begging for more.

You won't be disappointed.

If these books sound like your cup of tea and you'd like to win a copy signed by K.D., then please leave a comment with your email address or twitter handle and we'll have a random drawing at the end of the week.  Enter now before I change my mind and keep them for myself. 


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Anonymous said...

On a YA kick for the last few months, so the more the merrier! Thanks for offering up the contest and making me laugh every day!

[email protected]

Melinda said...

[email protected]

Oh, and it's my birthday on Thursday, just so you know...:)

Anonymous said...

[email protected] :)

Rachel said...

I am [email protected]

This series sounds awesome!

Unknown said...

on crutches. can't get drunk, so must read instead.

[email protected]

Rainey said...

I am glad that I am not the only one that loves YA fiction! [email protected]

Jenny Brown said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I love to read - and I absolutely LOVE anything these book are 'all me' -
oh, and I love your blog and I think you're hysterical, by the way!
[email protected]

Cait said...

I can't get enough of YA fiction, especially fantasy!
[email protected]

Angel said...

LOL. I just went to my 6th & 7gth grader's book fair. I MIGHT have spent slightly more time looking for myself, than looking for them. I was busted when my 6th grade kiddo complained LOUDLY that this was about THEM getting them books. Ingrate. [email protected]

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and the laughs you provide. Pick me... I love YA books almost as much as your blog :-)
[email protected]


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my cup of awesomeness!
[email protected]

Erika said...

My daughter and I would love these books! [email protected]

Anonymous said...

Me, please. Pretty Please.
[email protected]

Kerry said...

If it's not too late ... [email protected] Thanks!!

Pamela said...

Would like these books!
[email protected]

Anonymous said...

Think I'd love it!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win these!

[email protected]

Anonymous said...

Still time to enter? [email protected]

Heather said...

i'm always in the mood for a good ya series especially if they are vampire/fae based. btw i love your blog. always keeps me laughing. thanks.

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