People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Weekly Wrap Up 3.24.12


Weekly Wrap Up 3.24.12

It's wrap up time!  This week I turned 40 and I had so many nice birthday wishes and comments.  Thank you to everyone who chimed in.  Also, I'd like to wish a special birthday wish to all of my readers who shared my birthday!  I think I saw at least 2 of you!  Happy Birthday!  

So far 40 has been "Meh."  I did not have a big to-do, although I was hoping the Hubs would throw me a Marie-Antoinette themed 40th birthday in Paris, of course.  I guess he's saving that for my 50th.  

Actually, the whole month of March has been "Meh."  I just read that March can put people in a funk because of the rapid change of light this time of year or something like that.  Well, consider me funked.  I am pissed off at everything right now.

Besides my birthday this week, I also won the Circle of Moms Top 25 Funniest Mom Blogs, so that was pretty kick ass.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for me.  I'm working on their interview questions right now and I'll send you the link once it's up on Circle of Moms.  CofM has been cool, because we gained a lot of new readers from there.  If you're new:  Welcome.  I hope you stick around.  Here's the deal.  I'm usually funny, but there are times that I am angry and pissed off and ranty, so just hang in there, I'll get back to funny soon enough.  

Top Read Posts This Week:

The Big Kids at Playland - I took Gomer and Adolpha to a school fundraiser at Chick-fil-A and I watched some kids wilding in the playland.  It made me wonder how big is too big for the playland?  This post also started a religious debate in the comments section.  WTF?  The post was about chicken and playlands, not Chick-fil-A hates gay people (even though they do).

Lice - (Scratch, scratch)  Lice is everywhere these days, but I've realized that with a once a month bath policy my kids can avoid lice and just be the stinky kid in the classroom instead of the itchy one.

Top 5 Ridiculously Unbelievable Babies - The Hubs wrote this one.  He drives me nuts with all his Youtube shit he's always trying to show me.  I told him to make a list and so he did.  He thought it was a funny list, but he was surprised when the Shakira baby got skewered in the comments.  (Looks like I'm not the only one in a mad mood, because of the light.)  You guys were kind of harsh on that baby and her rack and the junk in her trunk.  Plus, if you're going to make fun of one of those kids, it should totally be the baby who knows Chinese.  That kid isn't having any fun.  At least Shakira baby is shaking her money-maker and loving every minute of it.  That poor Chinese baby just wants to play and her dad is drilling her on bullshit that no baby should know.  I think she's 6 now.  I sure hope she's in college now or else she's a huge disappointment to her parents.

Gomer Wants a Kindle Fire - Gomer has saved his money and would like to buy a Kindle Fire.  I complained that I didn't even have a tablet yet.  Hubs got me a Galaxy Tab for my birthday (insert foot in my mouth).  We've all been playing on it and it's quickly become the "family tab."  I think I'm going to need to get another one.  I can't put the Shades of Grey trilogy on the family tab!  Thanks for all the advice on this one.  I honestly think we'll use the family tab for a while and then in a few months if the novelty hasn't worn off we'll let Gomer "buy" this one from us and get me a new one of my own.

Top Comments of the Week (and my response):

This is awesome. What a great at work time waster. Thank you for posting! on Top 5 Ridiculously Unbelievable Babies

*sigh* Thank you for pointing out the fact that my kid's a slacker (wonder where he got that from lol.) The only impressive video I have of my kids is my son dipping his forehead in a mud puddle, standing up quick and leaning his head back, then licking the mud as it drips down his face. Oh, he can also smear his mouth with liquid soap and blow huge bubbles while making the sound "Mwaaaaaaaaa." I haven't put those up on Youtube because I don't want to make all the other OAB's and their OAM's jealous ;) on Top 5 Ridiculously Unbelievable Babies

Happy Birthday Jen! Today is my birthday as well even if the hubs and offspring forgot to tell me. The youngest daughter is excused bc she isn't 2 yet but the oldest her bday is tomorrow so surely she should have remembered. It is okay I guess since 7 years ago she highjacked by birthday I don't get any older since no one remembers. My Dad at least remembered even put it up on facebook for me. So I will be making the hubs feel extremely guilty and he will be taking me to Hunger Games now for sure! on Is 40 Going to Blow or Rock? 

My birthday falls right between my parents' birthdays.  Dad is the 19th, I'm the 22nd and Mom is the 24th.  It used to always be during Spring Break.  Once we were on SB with another family and THEY remembered my birthday before my parents did.  That year I got all sorts of crap from the hotel gift shop as my "gifts."  I've never let them forget.  You've got to milk this for as long as you can.
Happy happy birthday hot stuff!! on Is 40 Going to Blow or Rock? 

Anyone who calls me "hot stuff" makes the best comments list.

Forty can totally long as there is time for a nap every now and then and plenty of ibuprofen for those aches you mentioned. I celebrated 40 last April in Vegas, while carrying around a 6 month pregnant belly and...wait for it...a mouth full of braces. Not quite how I pictured it, but pretty amazing none the less. Happy Birthday! on Is 40 Going to Blow or Rock?

I love the relief in your voice as you proudly proclaim your son's hair is not attractive to lice. Awesome. And I'm proud of myself for NOT scratching during that whole post! I did some mind-over-matter ninja tricks and still feel fine! on Lice

my husband taught at a grade school that couldn't afford a nurse, so hubba had to check all of his students for lice. HORRIFIC. on Lice


  1. My wife won't shut up about your blog, so I stopped by just to get her to leave me alone, which incidentally is the motivation behind about 90% of what I do. Anyway, she keeps telling me that your blog is similar to mine, and from what I have read, she seems to be right. The biggest difference between your blog is that mine has a penis, which means it's less intelligent and a bit angrier. So upon reading, there is a possibility that you and I are soul mates. The bad news for you is that I probably could be a stalker. The good news is that I lack both the focus and attention span to actually commit to it. So you should be OK. Anyway, good stuff. Carry on...

    1. Oh. My. God. Arrogant SOB - you just earned another follower! You pretty much are PIWTPITT with a penis. I was hooked just with the birthday article. I read it to my husband and probably got him hooked too. The best part about the two of you (SOB and PIWTPITT) is that you say all the things I usually think, but never dare to say out loud! I get to live vicariously through you!! Thanks!! :)

    2. Welcome to the party. Bar is to the left...

    3. Alright, SOB, you got me with "bar"...I'm gonna check you out....

  2. Also upon further review, my birthday is one day after yours. So maybe there is something to the whole astrological sign nonsense after all...

  3. Arrogant SOB, your blog is now added to PIWTPITT on my list of daily reads. You guys rock.

  4. Arrogant SOB...I too checked out your blog. Thought for a moment my husband started blogging without telling me. Hubby?!? is that you? Did you add the stuff about twins just to build your cover??
    Either way, hilarious stuff. I think you and Jen should set out for blogging world domination.

  5. Xayton09:46

    Having nothing to do with Any of this..... Jen I know you must've gone to see the hunger games. Am dying to hear your review of it!!! I loved it! Well not as much as the book of course but thought it did a good job. Could've done without the 600 preteens with side braids in the theater who were cheering through the kissing scenes but otherwise was happy with it..... What did you think!

  6. Jenny09:55

    Happy belated birthday! It was my youngest son's birthday on the 22nd as well! He just turned 2 :-)

  7. "I think she's 6 now. I sure hope she's in college now or else she's a huge disappointment to her parents."

    I think i laughed so hard i peed a little.

  8. Congrats on Circle of Moms! And Happy Belated Birthday! In case your Hubs does plan a Paris trip for you, make sure you get the royal treatment and he takes you to Versailles as well:)

  9. Jen I can't explain how excited I was that I made it on your blog. You made my birthday weekend complete (yes, my life is not that exciting). I can only imagine that I am feeling some of the same excitement that you will feel when Tina comes to her senses and befriends you. Hope you had an equally fabulous birthday. Also, the guilt trip worked the hubs took me to watch Hunger Games today!!!!

  10. Hi Jen, I'm new to your blog - new, actually, to mommy blogging. Already found you are all such a wonderful and welcoming community of seriously awesome women.

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on the win. From what I've read so far, it's well-earned. Can't wait to read more!

  11. He put you on his blog roll Jen, and there are not many on there. :)