People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Actresses from the Jennifer Love Hewitt School of Acting


Actresses from the Jennifer Love Hewitt School of Acting

 2.  Actresses from the Jennifer Love Hewitt School of Acting.  These are young to youngish women in Hollywood who all fall into one category in my mind.  They're all usually dark haired, small build and slightly anemic looking.  Think Jennifer Love Hewitt (of course), Neve Campbell, Rachel McAdams and now Kristen Stewart.  Kristen has been studying heavily with JLH and is graduating with honors and single handedly ruining the entire Twilight series.  JLH really perfected this acting style back in her Party of Five days and she's inspired a whole new group.  It's really the only legacy she's got so I guess she's got to milk it for what it's worth.

The whole trick is to make sure the hands are always covered by some fitted sweater or shirt that has ridiculously over-long sleeves so that only the finger tips emerge.  There's a lot of talking with the hands bunched up inside these sleeves and the girl just looks SO vulnerable and petite with these enormous sleeves, the men just can't help but scoop them up and save them.  The real hard part though is to always squint the eyes and look confused.  They're always going "But....but....but....I just don't understand.  I mean, how could you do that to me?  Y' us?"

There are tons of talented actresses out there losing perfectly good roles to these wastes of space.


elseesea said...

I think you should add a new feature to your blog: Take suggestions of who to punch!

You can likely start that by asking for suggestions for at the end of each post.


Dayna said...

I call it migraine acting. Imagine you have the worst migraine, raising your voice to an audible level kills your head, too much light will cause blindness, so squint, and any noticeable motion will completely throw you into vertigo. ACTION!

Abbie Mcgeek said...

I am NOT a fan of JLH... However.. she is on my HUsbands "Celebs id leave my wife for" list... im not sure if this should sicken me or anger me...

Kristen said...

It's the gaping mouth about to catch flies that drives me nutty. Kristen Stewart looks the same in every character she plays so seeing her in the cast is a great sign that I won't be seeing the movie.