MotherFreakingHood! Who's With Me?

There are several things I love about blogging. One is the friendships I make with YOU (my fabulous and wonderful readers) and another is the friendships I make with my fellow writers. We've got quite a nice community going, don't you think? I love laughing and commiserating with all of my "Internet friends" about things that make me want to punch someone in the throat. A topic that never gets old is vaginas. Wait. That's wrong. It's MOTHERHOOD.

Or as my amazeballs Internet friend, Julie Dunlap, calls it: MotherFreakingHood.

Julie has some serious humor skills. This girl doesn't just post a listicle and watch it light up the Internet. This girl wrote a MUSICAL. Like a full-length musical with people singing funny shit about MotherFreakingHood. It's called (can you guess?): MotherFreakingHood! (Maternal Discretion Advised).

Last year, I had the privilege to see the production and it KILLED me, you guys. I am a super duper musical lover, but I'm also a super duper musical snob, because you see, I grew up watching musicals on Broadway (said with a snooty accent). I loved Annie and Peter Pan and Rent and Phantom and Les Miserables. Adolpha and I watch The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof every year on the big screen, because we're musical nerds (who can't carry a tune). Julie's musical? It is right up there! I'm telling you, it could be on Broadway. The musical numbers were great AND hilarious AND heartwarming (not gonna lie, I teared up at the end). Every mother out there can relate to this show.

Now Julie is bringing her production to KANSAS CITY and I get to GIVE AWAY FREE TICKETS. (I feel like Oprah right now. YOU get a ticket to MotherFreakingHood! and YOU get a ticket to MotherFreakingHood!)

That's right. If you live in the Kansas City metro area OR you are willing to travel and get yourself a hotel room, you can enter to win FREE TICKETS to opening weekend.

All you have to do is leave me a comment here on the blog or on any of my Facebook pages (PIWTPITT, IJWPTA, or Jen Mann) or tweet me at @throat_punch (using the hashtag #punchkc) and tell me your personal MotherFreakingHood lament that should be the title to a song.

A few examples of what's already in the show:

"Birthing Wars"
"Ballad of the Post Partum"
"Has Anyone Seen My Baby? A Lullabye" and then the follow up...
"Has Anyone Seen My Baby? No, Really!"
"Prayer for a Late Bloomer"
"Teenage Driver Hell Zone"
"Prom Night"

I think they need something like "Ow! I Stepped on a Lego" or "Everyone in the ER Knows Our Name" (set to the tune of Cheers) or "Go Easy on the Body Spray, Junior."

THREE (3) LUCKY winners will be chosen at random and will receive two (2) tickets to a show of your choice during the weekend of May 29-31 in Kansas City for the 8 PM show or the 3 PM matinee.

I know what you're thinking right now: "I never win anything, Jen!" Well, guess what? I have a consolation prize for YOU. Moonshine Variety Company will give EVERYONE here 20% off tickets for May 29-31. That is the biggest discount anyone is getting. You'll be super special! All you have to do is click this link to Moonshine and purchase tickets for any show during May 29-31 and use the code: PUNCHKC to get your discount.

OH!! I forgot to mention the coolest part. Julie and her writing partner will get the winning entries and they will work up a song inspired by YOUR words. They'll make a video inspired by YOU and I'll share it on my Facebook pages. Can you imagine??? Your words set to music? I can't. I'm going to enter too, even though I'm not allowed to. OK, I'm not, but I'd love to see "I just want to pee alone" sung as a round. (Hint, hint, Julie.)

So, what are you waiting for? Tell me your song title and try to win!

All the details in a nutshell:

I have been compensated for this post, but believe me, these opinions are my own -- this show is ridiculously good. Six total tickets will be awarded to three individual winners for any May 29-31 performance of MotherFreakingHood! in Kansas City. This show is recommended for adults only due to the language and mature subject matter. Contest runs from May 12-16 at midnight. Winners will be chosen at random and notified by Moonshine Variety Company. No purchase necessary. 

Any reader using the discount code PUNCHKC will receive 20% off of  tickets purchased for any May 29-31 show. 


Emily Kerstein said...

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Craps His Pants.

Emidea said...

I Pee a Little Every Time I Sneeze

Unknown said...

Moms just wanna have... (sung to the tune of Girls just wanna have fun and finished with potentials such as sleep, quiet, dinner cooked, laundry folded... the list goes on and on)

Anonymous said...

Perfect song title; for that mom whose facial expression is set to automatic eye-roll: "Get out - You're 25"

Stacey Hatton said...

It's 3:00pm. Have you showered yet?

Unknown said...

I will I will rock you ... All night long

Alipet813 said...

Did they already pick winners? I put my song title on facebook.

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